Start Crushing Social Media with 5,000+ Evergreen Captions that Will Save You Time, Eliminate Uncertainty, and Amplify Influence.

Even if you don’t have time, expertise,
or energy to create social media content.

Hey this is Charlie Patel coming to you from Ampfluence HQ. I’ve spent decades mastering the social media landscape and hear to help you get unstuck. 


You need to be on social media 24 hours a day to build a strong presence.


There are hidden secrets to cracking the social algorithm.


Every business should hire an in-house social media manager.


You did everything the gurus said but your results still suck.

I’ve been there and know it gets even deeper.

Stop struggling with social media.
It's a friendly place.

Managing a proper social media presence may seem time-consuming and overwhelming.
It doesn't have to be.


You have an idea


You create an image


You write a caption


You Post Content

Everybody knows the steps, it's simple.
You can literally do this while you're half asleep

But posting every day on all social media platforms is not easy… and doing it over and over again can be exhausting.

  • You don’t always have time to create captivating content.
  • You really don’t know how to do hashtag research and don’t care to learn.
  • You don’t have fancy photos or know how to use Photoshop.
  • You can’t afford to pay someone to do it for you.

Get instant access to   

Captions Catalog by Ampfluence is THE GOAT aka
(The Henry Ford of Social Captions)

We’re challenging the idea of unscalable social media by giving you the literal keys to the kingdom. This means:

You don’t need to be a social media expert to post great content.

You don’t need to waste time finding the right hashtags

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a copywriter/content creator

You simply need an assembly line of custom created social media captions, hashtags, and content.

Guess What? We Did It For You.

Content Craft Captions Catalog is the ‘no-fail’ solution to your social media content problem.

See What's Inside?

5,000+ captions for over 20 different categories.


5000+ Hashtag Sets
(That’s a hashtag set for EVERY CAPTION)

The hashtags have been researched and hand-picked to help you connect with the RIGHT community and INCREASE your reach.


5000+ Suggested Images for Each Caption

We literally scoured the web for royalty-free images that correspond to each caption so that you don’t need to waste time, money, or fall into the dark web. How long would it take you to curate 5000 select images?


The Captions Catalog provide plenty of ammunition and ideas so you’ll never be left asking,
“What should I post today?”

The best social media content investment I’ve ever made.

- Susan Mcnealy

What makes Caption Catalog different?


By Social Media Managers


The Largest Database of Captions


Every Captions is Evergreen


Extremely Easy & Ready-to-Use


Hashtag Suggestions Included for Every Caption


Royalty-free Image Suggestions Included for Every Caption


Future Updates Included

With 5000+ Ready-to-Use Captions, Hashtag Sets, and Images. This is an offer you really can’t afford to miss. And if you don’t act now, don’t be surprised if it costs 2x or 3x more in the near future.

Here’s a Sneak Peek Inside Our Massive Catalog.

Play Video

Plus, we’re including these valuable bonuses.

Because you can’t master your content craft without bonuses, right?

BONUS 1: 100 Empathy Building Questions

Easily develop a personal bond with your audience and get more engagement.

BONUS 2: 46+
Call-To-Action (CTA) SnippetsTemplates

Instantly add a strategic flair to your captions with our CTA snippets.

BONUS 3: 52+ Conversation Starters

These questions will get your audience to leave more comments and engage with your posts more frequently.

BONUS 4: 158+ Quote Captions

Motivate your audience with a set of inspirational quotes.

BONUS 5: 200+
Captions for Specific Days of The Week

Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays quote.

I was struggling with what to post everyday. Content Craft’s Caption Catalog has not only made it easy copying and pasting great captions and hashtags for my account, but also helped give me better content ideas.

- Karen Ross


Why Should You Trust Me?


As you know I’m writing this from
Ampfluence HQ. What you might not know is:

  • I own over 10+ SaaS companies and online services.
  • I’ve spent over 20 years in the digital marketing and social media industry.
  • Have managed million-dollar social campaigns for the world’s biggest brands.
  • Hired and trained hundreds of online marketers.

In short, I know what works and why it works. I’m not sharing this to brag, in fact, I don’t enjoy being the center of attention which is likely why you’ve never heard of me before. However, it’s important for you to know that I myself run over 10+ online businesses on a daily basis. This means I had to quickly become an expert at building systems and optimizing operations. As a serial entrepreneur, my team and I all constantly suffered from the common and exhausting road block of knowing what to post. That’s what triggered us to create the Caption Catalog.

caption catalog testimonial


“I have 3 go-to “tools” for my social media management and Content Craft’s Caption Catalog is one of them.”

-Daymian Gibbs


“I have 3 go-to “tools” for my social media management and Content Craft’s Caption Catalog is one of them.”

-Daymian Gibbs

caption catalog testimonial

“Caption Catalog is the quickest shortcut ever. It’s really helpful when managing client content.”

-Rebecca Anderson

How do you know if Content Craft Captions Catalog is for you?

Content Craft Captions Catalog is for you if…

Content Craft Captions Catalog not is for you if…

You’re frustrated and overwhelmed with brainstorming creative and engaging captions.


You enjoy being frustrated and overwhelmedx by social media.

Don’t have time or money to hire someone to consistently post to your social accounts.


Want to waste thousands of dollars to hire someone (who may not even be qualified)

You want to focus on running your business not on growing your followers.


Lose valuable time on social media instead of managing your business and its customer.

There is always a risk when investing in a digital product. “Luckily, we’ve made the Caption Catalog affordable.”. No one wants to just give away their hard-earned money until the assurances like:

    Is this what I need?

    Will Captions Catalog save me time, money, and effort?

    Is this product worth my small investment?

The answer to all those question is ABSOLUTELY YES!

That’s why we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t fully satisfied with the Caption Catalog, we will refund your money - no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any business that needs to post content on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook. Caption Catalog currently has over 20+ niches (see list above).

Content Craft™ – Caption Catalog is different because

It includes researched hashtag sets that are relevant to the specific captions provided.
It includes recommended stock free images so that you or your team can quickly produce creative.
Each caption is paired with a relevant prompt so that you our your team can compose a strategic feed vs. random content.
It serves over 20+ niches vs. generic social media content.

Yes, after checkout you will receive a link to immediately access Content Craft™ Caption Catalog.

Custom post creation is not included in Caption Catalog. However, you can take a look at Ampfluence’s Social Media Posts service for custom post creation. 

Get INSTANT Access to the Content Craft Captions Catalog Now

caption catalog testimonial

“I have 3 go-to “tools” for my social media management and Content Craft’s Caption Catalog is one of them.”

-Daymian Gibbs

“Caption Catalog is the quickest shortcut ever. It’s really helpful when managing client content.”

-Rebecca Anderson

We don’t know how long we can keep this low price. Lock it in today!

$57 is less than 3 large pizzas! It’s a small price to pay to eliminate stress, save time, and build an authentic social media audience.

Click the, “Give me my captions now!” to grab Content Craft™ Caption Catalog for just $57.

Get INSTANT Access to the Content Craft Captions Catalog Now

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