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Our content calendar includes done for you holiday posts, over 600+ copy and paste captions plus much more.

Let us HELP you conquer your 2020 social media calendar. With 366 days of planned content.

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Don't Get Stuck Planning

Have you ever wondered how big box brands, businesses, and marketers manage to get so much social done despite the gargantuan task of being everywhere at all times? Their secret to social media success is actually planning social media content out in advance. You can now harness the same power with our complete 2020 social media calendar.

Ampfluence’s 2020 Social Media Calendar helps you plan every single day of social for the next 366 days. Plus its 100% free. This free download is essentially a social action plan for the entire year. We’ve created it so that you won’t have to think about what hashtags to use, what holidays need to be planned for, or even what social media days you can leverage. It’s all baked into this easy to use calendar.

Take a sneak peak at what's inside

This single download will save you thousands of dollars (and it’s 100% free)


Content ideas are populated in an easy to use Google sheet calendar. When available hashtag examples are linked to similar content you can use as a starting point to craft high ranking posts.


Custom designed holiday images so that your calendar is already populated with common holiday celebrations.


Over 600+ copy and paste captions for major niches include fashion, travel, business, success, food, and more.

But we didn't stop at just content ideas.

What makes our content calendar different is that we actually create and plan social media content for our clients daily. This means we understand the ins and outs of social. So we went a step further to make this calendar as useful as possible. See how we simplified the process for you with these additional features.

Simple & Stress free posts all planned for 366 Days

We did all the grunt work so you don’t have to. Take a look below.


Over 600+ contextually relevant stock images to go along with your copy and paste captions!


A complete list of social media hashtag days. We've taken the liberty of including them in the calendar as well. Popular hashtags are also linked to Instagram hashtag explore results for ideation.


Download or use the calendar in a format most convenient for you including Google Sheets, Excel, and Print.

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With over 600+ Copy and Paste captions plus suggested images and more you can’t help but ❤️ love this massive time and money saver.

Content Calendar

Download 2020 Content Calendar

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2020 Social Media Calendar Example

Bar none, the easiest way to kickstart your 2020 social calendar.

If you're still on the fence although, we're not sure why you would be, take a look at these awesome customizable images below.

Yes, it’s 100% free! Get ready to check off another big task off your to-do list.

Use this calendar to easily master your social media presence in 2020.

It really is more than just another Google sheet. You’ll find yourself actively using it with your team and best of all it will absolutely eliminate the stress of thinking about “What to post tomorrow”. Whew! Imagine, social media content covered, what are great way to kick-off the new year.

It's quite simple really. We want to help you build a massively successful social presence in 2020.

The best way to help is giving you the tools you need to succeed. This social media calendar is definitely a tool you need in your marketing stack. Best of all, you get it 100% free. Cool right?

Content Calendar

Download 2020 Content Calendar

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2020 Social Media Calendar FAQ

Below are commonly asked questions. If you have any additional questions or inquiries feel free to contact us at hello@ampfluence.com

We’re including 3 different formats. These formats are Excel, Google Sheets, and a Printable file. Although, a digital version is useful for linking.

Although, hashtags are recommended for discovery purposes they are not required as we understand some people may have concerns about hashtag use and brand messaging.

Yes, we actually have a service centered around this feel free to take a look at Ampfluence.com/social-media-posts.

We definitely understand the need for branding. While we’ve included a complete set of holiday images we also linked to suggested images related to captions. Remember all ideas are simply suggestions, you can copy and paste as provided or customize to your heart’s content.

Yes, we’ve purposely mapped out the calendar to include a tactical schedule that engages your community but also drives traffic to your sites and helps to build authority in your industry.