If you take out the team in teamwork, it’s just work.

Now who wants that? Not us!


Charlie (CEO)

Charlie is a serial entrepreneur in the content and social media marketing industry recently ranked as the Top 30 Movers and Shakers of the NYC Startup Scene by Entrepreneur.com. He is the CEO of several companies including 99 Robots, Triberr, Podcasts.com, JuiceTank, and is an active leader in the NJ and NYC startup ecosystem. In short, he has a reputation of quality, trust, and transparency to uphold. Connect with Charlie directly on LinkedIn or Twitter or Instagram. Have you tried finding the name or contact details of the owner of any other service provider? Good luck!

Ampfluence Team - Charlie

Brij (Account Manager)

Brij is an Instagram expert who has spent most of his life running businesses. Now he's solely focused on ensuring that our clients and team get results. He has an unhealthy love for hookahs and splits his time between New York City and Ahmedabad!!

Ampfluence - Brij

Andrea (Account Manager)

Andrea is a USAF veteran from Guam, and all about PROCESS! She's responsible for client management and happiness. She's a digital marketing buff who is gung-ho about Instagram!

Ampfluence - Andrea

Margrit (Account Manager)

Margrit keeps us in check and ensures that we have our operations focused on client success. She's the queen of spreadsheets and powerpoints, and bending them to serve our team's needs.

Ampfluence Team - Margrit

Shelyn (Analyst)

Shelyn is a senior analyst at Ampfluence.

Ampfluence - Shelyn

Emman (Analyst)

Emman is a senior analyst at Ampfluence.

Ampfluence - Emman

Patricia (Analyst)

Patricia is a senior analyst at Ampfluence. She has a Bachelor of Science in Tourism and impresses with her attention to details.


Krish (Analyst)

Krish is an analyst on our team.

Ampfluence - Krish

Ricky (Analyst)

Ricky is an analyst on our team.

Ampfluence Team - Ricky

Jan Jan (Analyst)

Jan Jan is an analyst on the team.

Ampfluence Team - JanJan

Christine (Analyst)

Christine is an analyst on the team. She has a Bachelor's degree in Biology, and is now gaining exposures to digital marketing.

Ampfluence - Chrstine

Eunice (Analyst)

Eunice is an analyst on our team on her way to fulfill her aspirations to be a social media analyst.

Ampfluence Team - Eunice

Edgar (Analyst)

Edgar is an analyst on the team. He has a Bachelor of Science in Office Administration. He started working during my on-the-job-training at a hospital as the assistant of Billing Officers. From there, he learned how to communicate to clients, and furthered his skills as a salesman at Globe Telecom which offers prepaid phones.

Ampfluence - Edgar

Cheng (Analyst)

Cheng is an analyst on the team. She keeps calm and knows how to focus on multi-tasking.

Ampfluence - Cheng

Sherwin (Analyst)

Sherwin is an analyst on the team. He's tech savvy with great communication skills.

Ampfluence - Sherwin

Stephanie (Analyst)

Steph is a psychology grad with an inclination towards consumer psychology, and ergonomics. She also knows a thing or two about basic graphic design.

Ampfluence - Stephanie

Marsh (Analyst)

Marsh is very good at customer service. Instagram and Facebook is his favorite thing to do in Social Media.

Ampfluence - Marsh
Lets Do It!

Benefits - why use Ampfluence?

Targeted Approach

We engage with individuals who are relevant to your brand. By using targeted hashtags, focusing on followers of other popular accounts in your space and specific locations, we ensure only your ideal audience is targeted.

​Grab Attention

After identifying your target audience, the hard work starts. Our team will begin interacting with that audience by liking their photos, leaving comments and following strategic accounts*. (*only on Growth Plans)

Profile or Brand Exposure

Once we begin interacting with your target audience this is where the fun begins! As a result of the strategic persistence of our team, you will see an increase in traffic to your Instagram profile and photos.

Grow Your Reach and Influence

Common sense, right? The increased exposure to your profile naturally leads to an increase in followers. Keeping up with your profile and continuing to post high quality content is crucial to maximizing your success.

Global trust-worthy team

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Rachel Posner

Rachel Posner

Rachel Posner

Rachel Posner

Rachel Posner

Rachel Posner

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