Custom Designed Social Media Posts To AMP Your Profile

Quality images to captivate your audience, get
more likes, followers, and engagement!

Let our team of designers make your profile look stunning
every day. Custom designed social post images.

Why Buy Custom Designed Social Posts?

Get more engagement with social media posts professionally crafted for your brand.

Stunning Profile

Rule #1 is to treat your Instagram profile and photos like works of art to get the best results.

Increase Followers & Engagement

The most captivating images get the most activity and engagement on Instagram. Drive traffic, raise awareness, and grow organically by leveraging branded images.

Save Time and Money

You're a rockstar but you have to sleep and work. Let us save you a ton of time and money by designing posts that will impress!

Brand Consistency

Create a consistent visual feed about yourself or your brand through custom images made to match your style.

Amplify Your Instagram Account With Social Posts -
Custom Designed For You!

How Does Our Service Work?

Gather Assets

We request all the information necessary such as your style / motif, high-quality images you own, vector logo, and your website URL.



Research Account

Our team team researches your target market, evaluates what’s working in your industry or your social circle, and determines a visual strategy for your social posts.

Design Custom Images

Our designers work on producing stunning images that fit your brand and make you look good. Upon completion, these are sent to you along with suggested captions ready to post to your account.



Save for Next Order

Since we get lots of repeat orders, we keep notes of your brand, desired motif, and preferences so that your next order is delivered quickly.

Learn More About Ampfluence Social Media Posts

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Post Design Examples

Choose The Right Social Media Pack

Monthly Subscription

Choose a Social Media Post Subscription:

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$399 / month


$699 / month


$999 / month


What’s Included In The Social Image Packs?

We spend time researching your brand and those of similar accounts to produce visually stunning images that will get results.

Custom motif / styles

Industry-specific quotes

Add your website URL

Add your logo

Images are free to use for
commercial or personal use

Beautiful square design

Color correction and
interesting filters

Variety of styles and free

Post Scheduling (add-on)

Excel file with captions
for each image (add-on)

Custom Designed Feed Examples


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, every client is unique and the best Instagram accounts all use high-quality images to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, we try to match your brand’s style, motif, colors, and typography.

Clients who purchase our social media captions add-on service receive Instagram captions via Excel and/or Google spreadsheet. It can be used to quickly schedule posts, import into your Instagram bulk scheduling tool of choice, or to provide to your virtual assistant to post on your behalf. Social media captions can jumpstart your content production process while helping you save both time and resources.

Our social packs are primarily designed and sized for Instagram’s specifications. However, you can – and should – use the images on any social platform or repurpose them as you wish. Many of our clients re-use the images across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, and some even repurpose the images within their marketing collateral or email newsletters.

No problem. If you don’t have custom images our team can source high-quality royalty-free stock photos to include in your design motif. Note, we can also produce logos and product mockups upon request. Note, logos and mockups may require an additional surcharge depending on the complexity of the design.

Of course! We have an add-on service for content scheduling. We recommend using the add-on scheduling option especially if clients are looking for a more hands-off social media management experience.

Yes. If you do not provide us with any images, we will use only ROYALTY FREE images from sites such as Pixabay, Unsplash, and others. We also have access to our own purchased stock image libraries. Please note that finding and picking the right images requires a substantial amount of time and effort.

No. There’s no fun in that! We try to deliver a variety of layouts, concepts, and quotes. Every pack varies dependent on the client, whether the client provided images or not, existing design patterns or motifs, and the maturity of their product, collateral, and website. Therefore, every social pack may vary. For example, a typical 100 Pack may include 30 quote images, 30 custom images, 30 business-focused / person-focused, and 10 self-promotional images.

Of course! If you are not satisfied with your images, simply request a revision for specific image(s). Our team will modify the images to perfection. Please note that we cannot provide refunds for images as these are images that our team spends a considerable amount of time to design. However, you can rest assured we make revisions to any image(s) until you are 100% satisfied.

This is a custom service that is tailored towards your brand. Therefore, quality takes time especially when you’re also getting quantity! We estimate that a 50-pack will take 7 days, 100-pack 14 days, and 200 packs will required 20-days. We may also communicate with you to obtain feedback or confirm certain design aspects during the creation process.