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Is my account safe?

Yes! Ampfluence is powered by real people – no bots, no software, no gimmicks. We’re a social media marketing agency. Therefore, our activity is no different than how you use Instagram normally and 100% compliant with Instagram’s policies. We’re a social media growth agency that specifically focuses on growing Instagram accounts for our clients.

How do I get started?

Sign up for the plan that best fits your needs. After we’ve received your order, our team will immediately email you an Onboarding Form to provide targeting options. That is your opportunity to identify similar accounts, hashtags, and other details that will be helpful for our team to target relevant users.

Can I purchase multiple subscriptions?

Yes! Simply choose a plan for each Instagram account. We manage multiple accounts for several agencies and clients.

How much does it cost?

Visit our Pricing details and find a plan that matches your needs!

Do you work with agencies?

Of course. In fact, many of our clients are agencies who are offloading the time-consuming work to our team. For some agencies, we’re handling their entire portfolio of client accounts. Here are some important points:

When working with agencies, we perform our service on a white-label basis.

  • Ampfluence team never interact directly with the agency’s clients.

  • Ampfluence team works with the agency to onboard the client account, and perform the login process.

  • Ampfluence team works with the agency to determine the targeting for the client account.

  • Ampfluence team invoices the agency directly if on a custom plan, otherwise the agency can sign up to any of our existing plans.

For more information, contact us directly at and we can discuss your client accounts.

Do you work on corporate accounts?

Yes. We manage Instagram accounts for several well-known brands (discreetly, of course 🙂

I saw a review of Ampfluence / Ampfluence Review on a shady site – should I believe it?

Unfortunately, the web is filled with awful people. There’s are a few shady providers that have created a network of crappy sites that are posting fake Ampfluence reviews as well as fake reviews of other providers. If you see any review of Ampfluence on the web, just look at the site and try to find a real contact page, actual contact info, and any legitimate entity behind the site – – you won’t! Enough said. Also, keep in mind that our clients are legitimate business owners, influencers, and well-known individuals, and we do right by them even if we ever part ways. Therefore, the last thing any Ampfluence client is doing is running over to a shady anonymous site to write a review. We have integrity and so do our clients. Trust no review on any site in this super small, niche industry. Instead, contact us and ask us about these fake Ampfluence reviews and we’ll give you a substantial response that will eliminate any doubts.


Can I use my account while on Ampfluence?

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to continue to use your account and post regularly. The more active you are, the easier our job. We handle the busy work while you do what you do best!

Are the followers real?

Yes! There is a real person actually working on your account(s) using various Instagram marketing tactics.

Our company does NOT allow the use of bots or software for growth activities. If you want to buy followers, likes, or comments, we’re NOT the right service. We are a social media marketing service that helps you grow your Instagram account.

How does your team grow accounts?

Through the use of various marketing tactics, we identify and target specific accounts that are likely to follow, engage, or purchase from you. Such activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Targeting – through analysis of competitors, similar accounts, hashtags, and location, we can determine a target list of users for growth activities.

  • Follow / Unfollow – Our team will follow accounts, then unfollow those accounts that do not reciprocate. Since we only follow people that fit your target audience, these are all high-quality, valuable users likely to engage with your brand or account. This is by far the most impactful method to grow accounts.

  • Likes – If requested, we can Like photos on a consistent basis. This can potentially encourage others to visit your account and follow you.

  • Comments – If requested, we can comment on relevant accounts. To do this, clients will provide us Approved Comments list that fits their tone, brand, and audience. Some clients choose not to take advantage of this, and that’s perfectly fine as well.

We have internal tools that help us identify and target the right accounts. For more information, see How It Works.

Do I need to share my username and password?

Yes. Access to your account is required. The initial Login Process is painless. Since we’ll be logging into your account from a different location or IP address, you may receive a security notification from Instagram. However, we’ll let you know in advance when we’re logging into the account so that you can be sure it’s our team. For more details, you can see what to expect here –  Instagram Security Verification.

NOTE: If any other company claims they can provide the same service without logging into your account, they’re using BOTS!!! Stay far away from them.

Can I keep 2-factor authentication (2FA) enabled?

Unfortunately not. The reason is that you’ll receive a security verification multiple times per day when we login to work on your account. That will result in constantly having to resubmit the security code to our team and these expire after a while. This results in loss of time and productivity for our team, as well as a dependency on you to be available on demand. Therefore, it’s not worth going through this routine daily.

I’m not seeing any results yet?

Please allow at least a few days for our team to do their job, and demonstrate results. The first day is usually reserved to review your Onboarding Form as a team, discuss targeting strategy, and identify a list of targets.

Keep in mind that we do NOT sell followers or likes. We are essentially acting as your dedicated Instagram Growth team, and our service is time-consuming and manual. Results take time.

What actions will impact results?

There are certain actions that can make it impossible for us to meet our estimated results. These scenarios are listed below:

1) Aftermath of Contests / Promotions / Give-Aways / Unusual Follower Activity – We have seen many clients run contests, promotions, and give-aways. We love that!! It’s a great method to grow your account quickly. However, it’s inevitable that after the contest / promotion/ give-away, there will be a wave of unfollowers of the account. Unfortunately, this significantly offsets / impacts our follower growth numbers.


Here’s a real example:

  • Client runs a give-away requiring users to follow their account. It is somewhat successful and at month-end, client has gained +2,500 new followers. Unfortunately, we have no way to measure how many of those were due to the giveaway vs. Ampfluence team’s effort.

  • After the promotion, -2,000 of the new followers unfollow the client account. This is quite common and should be expected.

  • In such a scenario, one would assume Ampfluence team has gained +500 new followers for the account throughout the month. However, the actual results are not 1:1 or linear, and it’s entirely possible that Ampfluence did gain more than +500 new followers but the after effects of the promotion, or historical (prior month) actions, caused a drop.

  • This is obviously false and such situations should be taken into account fairly.

In this case, the results are skewed and do not reflect the true effort and results of our team. In such cases, it would be impractical to expect our team to return an overall +500 followers for the month when such events occur. It’s impossible to attribute who was responsible for what.

** We see strong waves of new followers always resulting in large purges of unfollowing. This is expected behavior after such promotions or sudden growth spurts.

2) Client Inactivity – We respectfully request that clients perform the following functions at a minimum to assist in the growth of their accounts:

  • Post High-Quality Images – Instagram growth requires that the client is posting high-quality images to their account. We request a minimum of 20 photos per month, however our data and experience shows that growth can be accelerated by posting 30 images per month (1 post per day). Instagram favors accounts that are active. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve accelerated follower growth on an account that is dormant and has not posted any content for weeks. Please note that some users will NOT follow an account that has not posted recently, therefore an active account is necessary.

  • Respond to Comments – Instagram growth requires engagement with your audience. Therefore, please make an effort to reply back to your Followers that are liking your photos, leaving comments, asking questions, or trying to contact you directly. The more engaged you are, the more engaged your Followers will be as well.

3) Client Interference – We respectfully request that clients do not engage in follow / unfollow activities. Since our team will be performing this activity, we do not want to hit Instagram’s limits, and therefore it is assumed that only our team is responsible for these activities. If client does interfere with these activities, we will be restricted to perform our actions due to limits, and therefore should not be held liable for not hitting our goals.

4) Inaccessibility / Password Changes – If we cannot access the account (password changes, unforeseen circumstances, Instagram is down, etc.), then it’s simply not possible to work on the account. At times, Instagram may require us to re-login due to expired authentication tokens or other reasons. In such cases, we’ll let you know and go through the standard login process again. Please keep in mind losing 1 or 2 business days without access during a month (approx. 22 working days) is equivalent to almost 10% of the entire month with no activity. This can impact our results.

5) Industry – Certain industries or niches are not as growth-oriented on Instagram. In such cases, our team will let you know in advance to set more accurate expectations. For example, a local restaurant will not get comparable results to a fashion influencer or fitness company.

Where can I login to change my subscription?

Once you sign up you are assigned a case manager who will email you to setup your account with the relevant target audience, provide you with growth reports and more!

1) Visit this page – My Account –

2) Login with your username and password. Your username was sent in your initial Order email, and is likely similar to your email address.

** The password can be reset if you do not remember it. For security purposes, we don’t know our clients’ passwords to the site.

3) Once logged in, you will see details related to your account and subscription. It will look like this:

How do I change / add to my targeting options?

Please email our team – – and an account manager will take care of adding or modifying your targeting options.

Can you guarantee Likes?

No. Our team focuses on gaining new Followers, not Likes, because we cannot control that metric. Likes are gained organically on the posts themselves. Having more followers certainly helps with more engagement, however the most critical factor in gaining more Likes is the quality of the photos / stories / videos and their respective captions. Since our team does not post photos, and cannot force other users’ to like your images, we cannot be responsible for the amount of Likes received per photo.

  • Quality of Posts – for example, a handful of client accounts do not post high-quality images (usually blurry or lacking creativity). Therefore, due to the nature of Instagram, these will not result in Likes.

  • # of Posts per month – In some cases, clients may post only 1 or 2 photos the entire month, so Likes are not a valid metric. This is why we recommend a minimum of 20 posts per month.

  • Type of Account – In some cases, our clients are companies that are not likely to get a lot of Likes (example: a gas station or mechanic shop).

If any company is guaranteeing you Likes, they’re marketing a false promise and providing fake Likes using Bots. We will never work with bots or software, therefore will never make such promises.


Can I change my payment method – or – cancel my subscription?

Yes. The easiest and quickest way is to sign into your Account Dashboard on our website. There, you can change your payment method, update information, and/or cancel a subscription. Follow these steps below:

1) Visit this page – My Account –

2) Login with your username and password. Your username was sent in your initial Order, and is associated with your email address.

** The password can be reset if you do not remember it. For security purposes, we don’t know our clients’ passwords to the site.

3) Once logged in, you will see details related to your account and subscription. It will look like this:

To change your Payment Method, simply click on “Payment Methods” tab on the left side, and follow the steps.

To cancel your subscriptions, simply click on “Subscriptions” tab on left side, and cancel the subscription you do not want.

Alternatively, you can email us directly at – – and we can cancel your plan. Please allow 24 hours for us to process this request. We recommend canceling at the end of a month to get the full benefit of your subscription.

How can I change or upgrade my plan?

We recommend purchasing a new subscription and canceling your existing subscription. Alternatively, please let our team know and we’ll provide further instructions if we’re not able to switch your subscription internally. Since all subscriptions are processed via Stripe, we may not be able to switch subscriptions, and therefore may request you cancel existing subscription and signup for a new subscription.

Why is my payment suspended?

Typically, payments are suspended due to a declined credit card or insufficient funds in your payment method. Please check your payment method to ensure it is valid. During any suspension, our team will pause activity on the account until the payment is processed. Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds or credits, nor be liable for lack of activity during the period which your payment method was suspended or failed. Therefore, it’s important to always have a valid payment method in your account.

Payments & Refunds

As our service is delivered by actual team members, we cannot provide refunds for work performed. If you have a concern about a payment, please email our team to discuss.

Please note that we do NOT provide partial refunds for cancellations in the middle of a month because we cannot reassign our team members at that time. All subscriptions run from the 1st of the month to the last day of the month. Therefore, if you wish to cancel your subscription, all activity will be ceased at the end of the month.

Can I start or pause my subscription?

Unfortunately not. There are several reasons we cannot start / stop subscriptions.

  • Re-assign Team Members – Since there is a dedicated Account Manager and Analyst assigned to each client account, we cannot simply pause subscriptions. These team members will be re-assigned to other client accounts. If you’re getting great results, it’s in our best interest to keep the same team members assigned to your account. We cannot guarantee the same team members will be assigned or available at a later date to manage your account.

  • Re-do Onboarding Process – For security purposes, we delete all client information after cancellation, and therefore will need to go through the entire on-boarding process again.

  • Re-do Login Process – For security purposes, we logout of your account upon cancellation. Thereafter, if you re-subscribe, this has other implications such as having to perform the login process again since the account will be re-assigned.

  • Pricing Plans – It is also likely that our plans will increase in cost over time and therefore we cannot guarantee the same Plan pricing as your original monthly subscription fee.

  • Discounts – Please note any promotion or discount given on your initial subscription will NOT apply if you re-subscribe at a later time.

Given all these factors, it is not easy for us to stop / start subscriptions. Therefore, we respectfully request that subscriptions be fully cancelled if there’s truly a good reason for such action. But….why would you?


You can reach us anytime via email: – or submit your inquiry from our Contact Page.