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Struggling to find ideas on what to post on your social accounts? Without wasting more time, energy, and money.

Never suffer from idea block again!

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What Is It?

Content Craft™ - Social Calendar is jam-packed with social prompts to inspire your posts daily for the next TWO years.

We'll give you the easiest resource to know exactly what to post each day to significantly improve your Instagram profile and grow your audience!

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Who Created This Amazing Product?

Hey, I’m Charlie Patel and I’ve been running social media and content marketing campaigns for almost 20 years (Yup! 20 years!) and I’ve learned A LOT during that time.
With the help of my amazing team of 40 social media analysts and account managers who juggle the painstaking task of working with hundreds of clients’ accounts daily, we’re stoked to introduce the Content Craft™ – Social Calendar.

We know Your Time Is Valuable, So Let's Get Straight To The Point

Keep Reading Further If Any Of These Are Problems For YOU

Problem 1

Lack of Time

You’re busy running your business and the last thing on your mind is what to post on social media. So you do nothing. Consequently, your accounts grow stale which means no new leads or sales

Problem 2

Lack of Inspiration

You find yourself overwhelmed about what exactly to post on social. Sometimes it’s too many ideas, and sometimes nothing comes to mind. What you need is someone to give you a friendly nudge in the right direction.

Problem 3

Lack of Expertise

You’re the expert in your field and our team is the expert on social media content. We handle hundreds of client accounts daily across dozens of industries so leverage our expertise to crush it on Instagram.

How Many Of You Can Relate To One Of These Scenarios?

Let Us Solve All Your Frustrations, Guilt, And Hurdles Once And For All.

The Social Calendar will save you weeks of TIME

The Social Calendar will give you daily INSPIRATION

The Social Calendar will showcase your EXPERTISE

You don’t need to procrastinate anymore! Let us hold you accountable to posting content daily like a boss!
We have carefully crafted the most epic daily calendar of prompts that can be used over and over again.

We can hear what you are thinking:

Yet another social calendar?
Rest assured, it’s not just some basic prompts that you’ll never use.
Our fabulous team has worked tirelessly for months to deliver the largest and most useful social calendar filled with engagement fueled prompts.

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Social Media Content Calendar NOW

The Content Craft Suite Of Products Are Packed With Value... Value.. & More Value To Ensure You Never Waste Time Or Money Unnecessarily.


No Boring Class


No Sales Pitch


No Long Books


No Useless bonuses

Only actionable, valuable resources that you can use now and forever to grow all your accounts.

Eliminate Post Idea Blocks Like Gina:

I never realized how much easier social media posting is when you're given prompts daily. It's like having an expert tell you exactly what to post. The best money I spent this month! Oh, and the bonuses were super valuable


What's Included In Content Craft™ - Social Calendar.

Content Craft Social Calendar was created by over 20 digital marketing, social media, and e-commerce experts to solve your content challenge. Here’s how we did it. When you purchase the social calendar tool you’ll get.

731+ Post Prompts (2+ years worth)

4 Different Calendar Formats

(Google Sheet, Import into Google Calendar, a print-friendly PDF Version, and Asana project)


BUT Wait... There's More ...

Here Are All The Bonuses We'll Include In Addition To The Social Calendar.


Bonus 1:

Holidays And Hashtag Days (Leverage Holiday Engagement)

Get a complete list of Holidays and Weird Hashtag Days from 2020 - 2022.


Bonus 2:

30+ Ready To Post Holiday Images

Along with the Social Calendar, we'll provide you with a 30 Ready to Use Instagram Post Templates for various holidays. Shorten the time it takes to showcase greetings with these incredible design templates.

Bonus 3:

Access To Our Facebook Group

Join our community and get access to business owners, influencers, and social media experts. You'll be able to share ideas, ask for advice, or get insider news.


Bonus 4:

Post Idea Bank

Access our strategic post idea bank that provides 100+ real world examples of post ideas. Never run out of interesting types of content to post.

Bonus 5:

100 Story Ideas

Coming up with Instagram story ideas can be a real challenge. If this sounds familiar get ready to jump for joy with our 100 Instagram story ideas. This is a list of actionable ideas to help you create stories in no time.


Bonus 6:

100 Comments To Generate More Engagement

Coming up with comments to interact with hundreds of Instagram accounts can be a tedious task but it doesn't have to be. We've created a list of 100+ comments to help you easily engage other Instagram accounts.

Super Bonus

Future Updates For Free!!

We plan on updating the social calendar prompts for an additional year and you'll get it for FREE if you buy today.


Produce Faster Content Like Jamie:

My time is precious and this is exactly what I needed to quickly get inspired to post on across all my clients' accounts. It's so cheap that it's literally a no-brainer.
Just buy it and apply the prompts to your social media efforts.

Peek Inside What You'll Get!

 – Social Calendar

For 2 Years - Total 731+ Days (Valued at $59)

Today’s Price: $59


Content craft has helped me so much! I use it for all my social media - Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

I Love this social media calendar it saves so much time and energy. plus it's so easy to use.

I'm floored by how Easy this is to Use. Definitely worth it's weight in gold.

I've purchased a lot of calendars before this one is simple, actionable, and worth every penny.

We’re marketers so we understand that you can’t manage everything by yourself. You need vetted tools and resources. That’s why our team creates, designs, and updates the best assets for social brands and managers. And we love giving them away for almost nothing!

  1. You’ll be faster.
  2. You’ll be inspired.
  3. You’ll be equipped.

We could easily charge over $59 or more for this product, and even more, once you consider the several bonuses included. But that’s no fun! We want you to feel this is truly a no-brainer purchase jam-packed with value. We promise it will be!

Instead of its regular price of $59, we’re going to make it crazy low so that you don’t have to over-analyze this offer.

Buy it now for only $59.

You’ll Get All This For Less Than You’d Pay For A Date Night Out.

 – Social Calendar

For 2 Years - Total 731+ Days (Valued At $59)

Content Craft™ – Social Calendar for 2 Years – Total 731+ Days (Valued at $59)

BONUS 1: Holidays and Hashtag Days (Valued at $17)

BONUS 2: 30+ Ready to post Holiday Images (Valued at $17)

BONUS 3: Access to our Facebook Group (Valued at $97)

BONUS 4: Post Idea Bank  (Valued at $97)

BONUS 5: 100 Story Ideas (Valued at $97)

BONUS 6: 100 Comments to Generate More Engagement (Valued at $97)

Today’s Price: $27

The Social Calendar Saved Them Time, Money, And Effort.

Loving Content Craft Social Calendar. I never run out of ideas or inspiration for social media content.

Francine, Social Media Manager

As you can imagine being a consultant is incredibly time-consuming. Content Craft knocks another task off my plate so I can focus on helping clients succeed. 

Jennifer, Media Consultant

I needed a simple resource to provide my VAs to help them cover social media. This literally saves me hours of talking and training. 

Craig, Startup Founder

We promise this will be the best money you've spent all month (or for the next 2 years)!

But don't worry because if you’re not 100% satisfied with the product or the extras within 7 days, we will offer you a full refund, for any reason.

That means you can buy today without any risk! Take the full 7 days to explore the materials and see their value. Then, ask yourself if it was worth the small investment of $27 or not, and whether it will save you substantially more time, energy, & money today, tomorrow, and for many months to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any business that needs to post content on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re a service or product-based company. The prompts will nudge you with valuable ideas.

Content Craft™ – Social Calendar is different because 

  1. It includes prompts (ideas) to guide you on what to post whereas others are providing just a calendar. 
  2. Our calendar extends past 2 years – AND – we plan on updating it to the end of 2022. Other calendars are typically only for 1 year. 
  3. We’ve purposely mapped out the calendar to include a tactical schedule that engages your community but also drives traffic to your sites and helps to build authority in your industry.
  4. We’ve tagged every prompt by type so that you can find a new idea anytime.

No. But we have another product called the Caption Catalog which has over 4,000 captions across 20 categories which is offered at checkout as an add-on.

Yes! All of the content is inside of our member’s area, ready to go! You will get Instant Access as soon as you complete your purchase.

Yes, we actually have a service centered around this feel free to take a look at

Yes, that’s our bread n’ butter. We’re ranked as one of the top Instagram growth agencies in the world. Learn more here:

Get the Social Calendar while we continue to sell it at the insanely low price of $59.

You’ll Get All This For Less Than You’d Pay For A Date Night Out.

Content Craft - Social Calendar

For 2 Years - Total 731+ Days (Valued at $59)

content craft social calendar whats inside

Total Price: $59

Today’s Price: $27


When I'm on the road figuring out what to post is the last thing on my Mind. This calendar is a life saver!

I love that I don't have to start from scratch when creating my monthly content calendar.

Running my CBD Shop keeps me busy, this shortcut was a no brainer. So thankful I made the purchase.

Whenever I need some content inspiration I just open this up and wham, I'm quickly unstuck.

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Social Media Content Calendar NOW