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Ampfluence manages 1000s of brand campaigns every year. Our clients are looking for video creators who create unique content across a wide range of industries including fashion, travel, food, business, tech, and more. Joining our network of social media creators helps you get more paid gigs.

Create Content

When our clients request specific content that matches your niche and preferences we reach send the content request your way. Complete with creative requirements and a content manager to help you through the process.

Get Paid to Create

Unlike influencer marketing creators get paid to produce content for brands. This means, you do not have to build a huge audience or promote the content on your end. Yes! You get paid to simply create unique content. Click on the link below to get started.

Why Join Our Creator Network?

Ampfluence works with brands and businesses across a wide-range of industries. If you’re interested in launching a career as a creator or influencer joining our creator network helps you build a solid portfolio while getting paid to do what you love. More importantly, joining our network gives you access to brand opportunities not available anywhere else online. Get more exposure, experience, and opportunities by simply completing a form. 

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What's the difference between creators and influencers?

creators vs influencers

Yes, influencers create content. However, influencers are also required to promote content. In fact, their rates are subject to factors like audience size and engagement. Yes many creators are also influencers in their own right. Though for the purposes of Ampfluence’s creator network, our creators focus solely on producing content for brands. This opportunity is excellent for micro and nano influencers looking to jump start their careers or for creatives who simply want to focus on producing content. 

Industries Served

Types of Brand Campaigns

Household Names

You heard it right! Ampfluence works with household brands you see everyday in stores near you. Many of these campaigns focus on getting more visibility to brand promotions.

Marketing Agencies

Ampfluence works with marketing agencies across many different industries. These agencies need help growing their client's accounts or getting more social media visibility. Use your influence to help these agencies grow their client accounts.

Lifestyle Brands

Want to work with lifestyle brands that are in sync with your personal influencer brand. Ampfluence works with many different brands across a large spectrum of industries from travel, to entrepreneurship, to beauty, and more.


Are you a subject matter expert with an authoritative presence online. Big publications want to pay you to reach your audience and share your opinion on subjects that matter to them.

Amazon Sellers

Do you love giving product reviews, unboxing products live, or have an audience that really values you opinion on new and trending products. Ampfluence works with Amazon brands and accelerators who want to get more eyes on their products and you can help.

Saas and Startups

Every new SaaS or startup is missing one thing-"An Audience". Founders will pay you to promote their new businesses online. Now you can leverage your following to help these new businesses grow.

Brands and Businesses Who TRUST Ampfluence

Rachel Lopez-Bagan

"Ampfluence was great to work with and helped my growth significantly! I had an average growth rate of 200-250/month"

Play Grnd Design


"Great service! They helped us develop an engaging community centric content strategy."


"The team went above and beyond and really thought outside the box. I can’t recommend them enough."

Beaumark Beauty

Anthony McGuire

" I didn’t know what to expect at first but I’m so impressed with the results. I’ve worked with a lot of designers and teams and can’t recommend this service enough."

East West Hurricane

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