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We produce brand worthy e-Commerce UGC content that you can use to get more sales, grow your audience, and build more brand awareness.

Our network of creators work with Ampfluence project managers, social media strategists, copywriters, and designers to produce your TikTok UGC creatives.

You pay one flat-fee and your TikTok UGC will be delivered directly to your inbox.

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How It Works

Tell us what you need

Ampfluence makes UGC incredibly simple. Start with a fuss-free purchase of just $150 per video. After checkout, tell us what you need by completing a simple form.

We cast and produce UGC

Once we receive your form submission we begin UGC production. This includes tasks like: casting, creative briefs, script writing, production, video editing, and creator management.

You get TikTok UGC content

In 5 - 7 days you will receive your UGC video. We edit, quality check, and deliver your content. There's nothing else for you to do but post or go live with you next UGC campaign. Yes, it's that simple.

Why TikTok and UGC Creative?

Ampfluence makes it easy for brands to tap into today’s preferred media type. Our vertical short-form videos will instantly become your go-to source of content.  Here’s why: 

  • Simple production process
  • Preferred content type on all social networks (e.g. TikTok Posts and Stories, Facebook
  • Stories and Reels, IG Stories and Reels, YouTube Shorts)
  • Proven to convert better than traditional ads

ampfluence creator network

Ampfluence UGC Examples

Get TikTok Videos Smarter & Faster

Video production is both an art and a science. You need experienced content strategists alongside experienced creators this is where Ampfluence steps in. We create conversion-focused UGC using smart practices and time tested processes. Here’s what you can expect when you work with us.

Simple Pricing

Forget complex consults or long-winded itemized contracts. Instead, pay Ampfluence one flat fee ($150) to cast, manage, produce, and deliver your UGC content.

Creator Management

We manage the creative process from end to end. This includes all casting creators based on your selected demographic (male, female, location, etc), providing creative direction based on your brief, and post production edits.

Add-ons Available

Enjoy our simple $150 per video pricing structure with the option to add-on additional features like script writing, content variations, clip delivery, post production edits, and even ad creative. 

2500+ Creators in Our Network

Our vast network of creators and content production expertise helps e-Commerce brands like you get the creative you need fast. Execute scalable UGC campaigns or strategic TikTok content sprints with Ampfluence’s help.

We make TikTok UGC EASY.

When you work with Ampfluence you’re partnering with a team of experts who understands UGC creative. Our experience producing over 100,000+ content pieces for brands and agencies means you’re in good hands. 

Why Work With Ampfluence?

Amp Creator Network

We manage an internal network of thousands of UGC creators. Our team obsesses over pairing creators with the right types of brands. More importantly, our vast network makes it possible to source the proper creator for your brand.

100,000 Assets Produced

With over 2 decades of experience in content creation our team has produced over 100,000+ creative assets for our clients. We have the depth, experience, and confidence to deliver high-quality UGC.


In true Ampfluence fashion our UGC content service helps brands promote their products on sites like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook using a hands-off content production approach. You make the request and we deliver the results.

Your TikTok UGC Videos Starting at $150


Every UGC purchase includes: 15 second – 1 minute video, creator casting, creative brief, post production edits, and creator management. Add-ons are also available upon checkout.

Industries Served

Types of UGC Campaigns

Household Names

You heard it right! Ampfluence works with household brands you see everyday in stores near you. Many of these campaigns focus on getting more visibility to brand promotions.

Marketing Agencies

Ampfluence works with marketing agencies across many different industries. These agencies need help growing their client's accounts or getting more social media visibility. Use your influence to help these agencies grow their client accounts.

Lifestyle Brands

Want to work with lifestyle brands that are in sync with your personal influencer brand. Ampfluence works with many different brands across a large spectrum of industries from travel, to entrepreneurship, to beauty, and more.


Are you a subject matter expert with an authoritative presence online. Big publications want to pay you to reach your audience and share your opinion on subjects that matter to them.

Amazon Sellers

Do you love giving product reviews, unboxing products live, or have an audience that really values you opinion on new and trending products. Ampfluence works with Amazon brands and accelerators who want to get more eyes on their products and you can help.

Saas and Startups

Every new SaaS or startup is missing one thing-"An Audience". Founders will pay you to promote their new businesses online. Now you can leverage your following to help these new businesses grow.

Brands and Businesses Who TRUST Ampfluence

Rachel Lopez-Bagan

"Ampfluence was great to work with and helped my growth significantly! I had an average growth rate of 200-250/month"

Play Grnd Design


"Great service! They helped us develop an engaging community centric content strategy."


"The team went above and beyond and really thought outside the box. I can’t recommend them enough."

Beaumark Beauty

Anthony McGuire

" I didn’t know what to expect at first but I’m so impressed with the results. I’ve worked with a lot of designers and teams and can’t recommend this service enough."

East West Hurricane

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