Ampfluence - Creator Outreach Onboarding

After you fill out the form below, our team will review and reach out if there are any questions. Additionally, your account manager will be in touch to schedule logging into your email. Please use this time to provide comprehensive information based on your accounts, goals, and brand information. If you have any questions, please contact us at


    Please provide the contact info to whom we should communicate regarding this account.
  • Please provide a time between Monday - Friday from 10AM - 4PM ET (NYC timezone) for our team to login to your account. Typically, this process only takes 5 - 10 minutes.
  • Please provide the City and Country where you reside so we know your timezone and from where you typically login to TikTok
  • Email For Outreach

    Our outreach plan uses the email you provide to communicate with brands and land you more deals. Please provide an email used specifically by Ampfluence team so that we can begin the outreach process. Typically, clients will create a gmail account we can use to begin the outreach process.
  • Social Media Account Information

    Please provide our team account credentials this is a secure form.
  • Please List the URLs of all your social media accounts relevant to your creator brand. This is very important as our team will use this information to create a targeted outreach strategy.
  • Brand Details

    Please take a few minutes to provide details about your brand or business. Include any relevant links like brand guidelines, existing media kit, or any additional information you feel will prove useful.
  • Upload any brand relevant files (e.g. Logo, Brand Guidelines, Deck, Media Kit, or Marketing Collateral)
    Max. file size: 50 MB.

    Please take a few minutes to provide relevant targeting information below.
  • Please list the websites or URLs
  • Please provide 5 - 10 Creators in your niche that are similar to your brand
  • Are there any specific locations we should target?
  • Are there any location restrictions for whom to target or avoid?
  • Is there anything else we should know? Use this section to provide additional notes.
  • Upon receipt, our team will review your onboarding form, and then coordinate the login process within 24 hours or less. We'll give you a heads up in advance. During the login process, it is possible that TikTok may require a login confirmation. If you receive a confirmation prompt please confirm using instructions provided via email.
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