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Benefits - Why Use Our Cyber Plan?

Increase Credibility

Having followers builds trust, increases your value, and attracts attention. People will take notice of what you have to say if you can demonstrate that people already trust you.

Earn Money

Why not get paid for promoting your business? Influencers can earn hundreds to thousand per post! Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity and start maximizing your earnings today.


At Ampfluence we handle the hard work so you can sit back, relax and reap the rewards of rapid growth. Just focus on your content and we'll take care of everything else!

Easy & Essential

Start building your online presence today! It's essential to succeed in today's social landscape. Every day you wait is a day you lose. Don't wait any longer - start now!

Rapid Growth

We help our clients increase their followers every month between 500 - 5000. This is attainable through our unique blended approach of interactions. See the amazing results for yourself.

Custom Targeting

Our experienced team will accurately target users within your niche that are primed for conversion into followers. With our hybrid approach, you can trust that we will deliver.

Trusted by 15,000+ Instagrammers

Ampfluence has an impressive 97% monthly retention rate, transforming the engagement/following of more than 15,000+ Instagram accounts. We are dedicated to our clients and specialize in achieving successful results.


Cancel any time, no risk.

The Safest Instagram Growth Service.

Rest assured that all your data is kept secure. We abide by Instagram’s terms of service and limits so you’ll never have to worry about getting stuck in a difficult spot. We guarantee you organic growth of your account and only use methods to promote your account which are encouraged by the Instragram. No fake accounts. No gimmicks.

Cancel any time, no risk.


Who Uses Ampfluence?

Instagram Influencers

You’re already killing it on Instagram. Well, let’s double-down and really take it to the next level to ensure you get maximum ROI from your account.

New Accounts

Are you late to the Instagram party? New accounts benefit tremendously from our service as it accelerates the growth process. After all, time is money, and we can’t waste it either.


Do you have clients that need to establish brand awareness and grow their following? Want to offer social media growth as a service? We work with dozens of agencies to help achieve real growth for their portfolio of clients.


You’re too busy creating killer content and have no time to grow your social presence. Let Ampfluence multiply your audience on Instagram while you sit back and focus on the brand.


Have a product or service you’re selling, or spending money on advertising? Get more ROI by increasing your following and influence to reach more potential buyers.

Social Media Managers

Every business needs to invest time, talent, and money into social media. Instagram is massive and growing daily. Let us amplify your account while you grow your business.

Brands and Businesses Who TRUST Ampfluence

Rachel Lopez-Bagan

"Ampfluence was great to work with and helped my growth significantly! I had an average growth rate of 200-250/month"

Play Grnd Design


"Great service! They helped us develop an engaging community centric content strategy."


"The team went above and beyond and really thought outside the box. I can’t recommend them enough."

Beaumark Beauty

Anthony McGuire

" I didn’t know what to expect at first but I’m so impressed with the results. I’ve worked with a lot of designers and teams and can’t recommend this service enough."

East West Hurricane


And many more...

Industries Served

What people say about us

Watch this testimonial video from our happy client about their experience using Ampfluence

Instagram Cyber Plan

$ 25
/weekly billed monthly
  • 500 - 1000 followers monthly
  • Real Followers
  • Email Support

What makes Ampfluence different?


With over 2 decades of experience in the social media space and over 6 years in business Ampfluence is a trusted growth partner for some of the internet's favorite brands and influencers.

Real People

Anytime you need us, simply send us an email and our account manager will be available. There are actual people here to adjust strategy, discuss issues, or provide guidance.

Instagram Focused

We only work on Instagram and all our team members go through our training before working on a client account. This allows us to focus on being laser-focused on IG growth whereas others may offer a suite of services.


By serving our awesome clients, we put food on the table for hard-working, loyal, and amazing team members. We here to stay and won't risk our livelihood and reputation by taking shortcuts.


Given what we do manually, it's a very affordable service for agency-level quality. A virtual assistant would likely cost more than our service. A social media manager would cost 5x - 10x more and wouldn't want to do the grunt work we do daily.


We're transparent. If we make a mistake, we acknowledge and learn from it and ensure it doesn't happen again. We are honest, approachable and identifiable - that's important in a shady world like Instagram growth where others are masquerading pretending to offer the same service for half the cost.

What clients say about Ampfluence

At Ampfluence we care about our clients and their brand goals. If you’re looking for quick and dirty growth tactics we’re not the company for you. However, if you’ve been searching for a team that values client relationships, longterm strategies, and consistent growth Ampfluence is one of the internet’s hidden marketing gems. Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients have to say.

Chef Stuart Okeefe


It is a great platform. They reached out to real people who are interested in food and gain lots of followers who are interested in what I do. Highly recommend!


Working with Ampfluence is a seamless experience. They deliver results and I love the monthly report and feedb. ack. A great service that you can count on.

Urban Soiree


Great service! We love the consistent engagement and growth. They really care about helping you find the right audience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our service is by far the safest Instagram growth solution available. Our team makes sure that your account always operates within Instagram’s rate limits when performing actions, thus keeping your account safe at all times, while still providing you fast growth!

Most of our clients grow from 500 – 5k followers per month. However, how fast you grow depends on how often you post, the quality of your content and your ability to connect with fans. We provide growth tools which when combined with great content work to their highest ability.

Through a blended approach managed by an actual human assigned to your account. We’ve perfected this blended approach for clients who want growth but cannot afford our standard marketing plans which are 100% human powered. Your account will grow through our interactions with users in your niche to gain the attention of real followers. These may include liking, commenting, following and more!

Yes. Followers are gained through engagements made with users in your chosen niche. Therefore, your followers will be interested in your content and will follow you for that reason – making them a legitimate fan.

The best ways to maximise growth include posting at least once a day. being in constant communication with your audience and posting high quality content likely to hit the explore page with enticing captions to encourage feedback from followers.

You can begin growing within a few days of allowing our team to work on the account.

Great question! The core goal of Instagram ads is to capture more visibility for your brand on Instagram. As you can imagine every brand is different consequently, brand goals will vary. We will craft our advertising strategy to fit your specific goals whether it’s content engagement, growth, or traffic. 

Yes, you will need to provide us with access to your account as we will be working on your behalf to get your account more attention. Additionally, your account manager will be monitoring growth to ensure we are hitting performance goals. 

Our system will automatically bill you on the 1st of every month for the plan you have chosen. You can cancel at any time and we will not charge you the next month. We respectively request that we be allowed to finish the current month of activities so that we can have a clean endpoint without any further transactions needed.

Why Us?

Wondering what makes us different?

Here are 6 reasons to choose Ampfluence:

No bots. No software. Real growth managed by real people.
Led and managed by social media experts
100% safe and Instagram compliant approach
Cost effective service that doesn’t break the bank
US-based owners; Worldwide team operations
Save time and money

Instagram Statistics

1+ Billion Monthly Active Instagram Users

26.31% of all Internet users are on Instagram

50+ Billion of photos uploaded to Instagram

Ampfluence's Resources

The Complete Guide to Instagram Filters

The Complete Guide to Instagram Filters

The Complete Guide to Instagram Filters

How to Become an Influencer on Instagram

Ampluence really help me grow my Instagram engagement, they also help me grow 5k followers in only 8 months!

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable

Some tips for starters

Ampluence really help me grow my Instagram engagement, they also help me grow 5k followers in only 8 months!

You can always find more helpful resources in our blog

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