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top social audio influencers

So you’re jumping into the social audio space and I’m sure you’d like to know where to learn the ropes. Who are the best people to follow in this space and why? Look no further. This list breaks down social audio influencers to watch in 2024, where to find them, and of course why you should tap in. Before I share this list of social audio influencers let me explain exactly what social audio platforms are (and no it’s not podcasting).

What is a Social Media Audio Platform?

social media audio networks

Many people often confuse social media audio for podcasting. But that’s not the case. A social media audio platform is a platform that incorporates both audio and a live interactive audience component. Popular social audio platforms include X Spaces, Clubhouse, LinkedIn Audio, and an emerging platform ChatterSocial. What makes social audio distinctive is the ability for users to interact with each other in live rooms and more importantly the ability for the audience to listen in. To put it simply, it’s the evolution of internet radio where everyone can create, join, or listen in to live rooms. You don’t need any special equipment all you need is a phone for your voice to be heard.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way. Let’s jump into the top social audio influencers to watch as this space evolves.

Top Social Audio Influencers to Watch in 2024

Let’s break down some criteria here. This is not a list of influencers who have millions of followers. Some of them do but that’s not the point of this list. My job is to connect you with people who can add value to your day. I’ve spent countless hours listening to their style, the value they provide, and how accessible they are. You can learn something from each of these people to market your brand or business, so let’s jump in.

Jonathan Bing – @JonBingNJ


The host of The Mortgage Syndicate, Debate the News, and a slew of spaces Jonathan is a business man and standout voice on social audio. He’s definitely a voice to follow for his honest views and incredibly entertaining shows.

Nelson Epega – @NelsonEpega


The host of Million Marathon and known for his up and coming social audio App (Chatter),  Nelson hosts some of the most entertaining spaces and houses in social audio. If you want to learn how to host entertaining spaces that keep the audience engaged for hours he’s definitely a host to watch.

Cindy Stumpo – @CindyStumpo_


Probably the kindest, most honest, and of course toughest social audio influencer you’ll encounter. Cindy is no stranger to the spoken word, she’s the Host of Cindy Stumpo is Tough as Nails Radio Show on iHeart Radio, the Star behind the HGTV Series Tough As Nails, with a slew of accolades to her name Cindy is already a star in her own right but so much fun to listen to on social audio. 

Mama H – @PersonaWired


Hermine aka PersonaWired is the CEO behind an incredibly experienced marketing group she’s worked with some of your most loved consumer brands. She’s also the CEO behind several health and wellness companies. She’s always willing to give feedback and share her experience. Hermine is one of the most accessible marketing leaders I know.

Stack Pack – @StackPack


Stack is a media mogul, the founder of Media Mentors, Internet Traffic, an iHeart Radio Podcast, and a slew of partnerships! With over 2 million followers Stack hosts one of the most active, engaged, and entertaining Clubhouse rooms on the web daily. He brings in guests like Internet CEOs, Real Estate Moguls, Billboard artists, and so much more daily!

Ms. Manifest – @MsManifest

Ms Manifest, a maven in the digital product space turned her social following into a 6 figure business. Alongside her business bestie she’s one of the most consistent figures with no gate keeping. She teaches business owners how to use social media to grow their business with digital products.

Mz Self Luv – @MzSelfLuv

Mz Selfluv is a introvert podcaster who turned her podcast A Break Up is a Wake Up into a 6-figure business. With over 180,000 downloads she now teaches new podcasters how create a podcast that gets you paid.

Anthony Glenn II – @tonyglennii

Tony Glenn II VA Loan

Tony is a serial entrepreneur, RET USMC, and Real Estate Investor/Mentor. When Tony’s in the house you know you’re going to learn something new. A consummate teacher and giver he shares his wealth of knowledge, experience, and faithfulness to change lives. Tony’s definitely someone to follow on all social platforms!

D’ron Forbes – @D1Finance

D’ron is one of the most knowledgeable hosts I’ve encountered in the finance and investing space. He constantly teaches with incredible depth and shares information freely. More importantly, he hosts rooms that dive into researching investments. If you want to learn real strategies D’ron is the person to follow on social audio.

Odis James – @odisjames1


Odis is an real estate broker and investor/mentor. His style of teaching and wealth of knowledge in the corporate real estate world is a breath of fresh air. More importantly, the way he holds a space is very authentic. Listening to any of his rooms you’ll feel like you’ve known him forever, a skill that’s necessary to thrive on social audio.

Lindsaya VanDeusen – @Lindsaya_com

Lindsaya the host of Wellness Warriors is such a beautiful human being. She consistently holds a daily self love room, allowing attendees to pour love into themselves and others. If you’re looking for a community of people who are avid supporters of one another Lindsaya is the person to connect with.

Maze – @MazeLove14

Known for her exploratory spaces. Maze is such a generous hosts. She spends a great deal of time holding a space where everyone has an opportunity to share without judgement if they choose to.

Matt – @MattStormTX

Matt hosts innovative spaces alongside people like Gary and Grant Cardone. Matt’s breathe of expertise in the tech space is refreshing and his innovative/experimental nature is worth tapping into.

Gary Cardone – @GaryCardone

Last but certainly not least Gary Cardone hosts some really interesting spaces. Gary sparks contrarian conversations and explores topics like Bitcoin, Investing, and Technology. He also runs pitch spaces and provides feedback for those brave enough to pitch, live!

Do you have a favorite social audio host not mentioned here? If so, share in the comments below!

Picture of Andrea Naomi

Andrea Naomi

Andrea is a digital marketer with a passion for content and social. She loves deciphering puzzles, new tech, working with startups, #beachlife, and of course Ampfluence.

Andrea Naomi

Andrea is a digital marketer with a passion for content and social. She loves deciphering puzzles, new tech, working with startups, #beachlife, and of course Ampfluence.
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