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Jean-Que is the Founder & CEO of a SaaS entertainment platform with a leadership team from Netflix, IMDB, and more. You’ll love what he has to say about his Ampfluence experience.

Ampfluence Makes Social Media Simple

At Ampfluence we don’t pigeon-hold our SaaS clients to a one size fits all plan. Instead, we give you the option to choose what works for you and easily upgrade or downgrade plans. We understand the need for flexibility while building your SaaS startup and structured plans accordingly.

While we have standard growth packages this SaaS social media management plan is built specifically for companies like yours. Our specialized experience in SaaS allows us to build strategy at scale. We build custom social media strategies for ever SaaS client that bakes in all of the social media management work you need to grow without the fluff or marketing gimmicks.

We don’t just build your strategy we execute it the daily and aggregate tasks from end to end. That includes daily management, growth, reporting, creative, copy, and all the miscellaneous tasks associated with executing your strategy. Yes, this is truly a hands off service. 

At the end of the day our goal is to help you get more visibility. We track growth KPIs and other metrics associated with goals outlined in our strategy. Goals differ based on the stage of your SaaS or specific growth initiatives. 

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Let Ampfluence Grow Your Social While You Grow Your Business

With so many things on your list of to-dos creating social media content that helps you build authority, gain marketing insights, and onboard more users is a tall order to fill when you’re building a platform, dealing with support tickets, squashing bugs, and dealing with everyday administrative tasks.


You're Busy Busy Busy...But with Ampfluence You Can Be The Social Authority!

We understand the pain of building and managing a consistent social media strategy for SaaS Startups. With so many things on your list of to-dos creating social media content that helps you build authority, gain marketing insights, and onboard more users is a tall order to fill when you’re building a platform, dealing with support tickets, squashing bugs, and dealing with everyday administrative tasks. 

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When you work with Ampfluence You Don't Need


No Additional Hires.

You’ll have an account manager, designer, copywriter, and growth analyst. There’s no need to outsource or hire more people.


No Training Required. 

We are a team of professionals with the confidence to execute without handholding or erroneous training.


No Excessive Meetings.

We prefer to avoid time waste, especially yours. Our onboarding process is seamless. We don’t turn emails into calls.

Quick Ampfluence Case Study - SaaS Case Study

Ampfluence was charged with developing RocketHub’s social media presence from ground zero. This includes Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook Page, and Facebook Group. - SaaS Case Study

In 12 RocketHub’s social media audience grew to over 30,000 fans, followers, and group members. 

saas social media case study
Talk is Cheap. Only Results Matter!

At Ampfluence we focus on performance vs talk. This is why we offer no minimum terms (Netflix) style subscriptions. We believe you should only work with us if we are actually adding value to your SaaS marketing stack.

Trusted by SaaS Founders and C-Suite Executives

Theresa is the founder of an in the elderly care platform, see what she has to say about trusting Ampfluence to jump right in and get the work done.

Stop Burning Money

When you work with Ampfluence you save tons on money marketing your SaaS on social media right off the bat. Don’t believe us? Here’s a line by line look at what you’ll spend at a traditional agency vs. what you’ll spend with Ampfluence for faster, leaner results.

Traditional Social Media Manager - $1500+

On the low-end a conservative price for a freelance social media manager starts from $1,500 per account to upwards of $5,000. More importantly, these managers typically do not have the bandwidth to fully manage your account (which is why they often outsource your work to companies like Ampfluence, we never outsource, everything is done in-house). 

Social Media Graphic Designer - $800+

On the low-end the cost of a freelance graphic designer ranges from $800 to upwards of $3,000. Try asking any graphic designer with competent skills on Instagram for a quote, you won’t find one that articulate your SaaS better than we can.

Social Media Growth Analyst - $1,000

On the low-end an experienced growth analyst will cost upwards of $1,000. Many social media agencies hire our growth analysts to grow client accounts.

Social Media Ads Specialist - $1,500

Hiring a freelance experience SaaS ads specialist ranges from $1,500 to upwards of $5,000 depending on your ad spend range.

Why Use Ampfluence to Grow Your Audience on Social Media

Built For SaaS Companies

We engage with individuals who are likely to find your SaaS useful. We develop personas to describe your ideal paid users and then use various methods to connect with these users. Some of these methods include hashtag and keyword research, niche content production, and even user or interest affinity. 

Performance Based Marketing

Our goal is not simply vanity growth. Instead we focus on brand awareness, user acquisition, and user retention. At the end of the day these high level goals move the needle for SaaS companies like yourself.

One-Flat Fee Perfect for Growing SaaS

Traditional agencies often come with hidden surprises or catches. We know most growing SaaS startups can afford to waste time or money which is why we opt for a familiar subscription style service. You only pay one flat fee to get all our management services. 

Grow Your SaaS Reach

The last part seems like common sense, right? Our work helps your SaaS get more visibility. This leads to more users and more opportunities. Best of all, Ampfluence is one of those rare experiences where you or your team do not have to lift a finger to get done. 

What Others Say About Ampfluence



Ampfluence was great to work with and helped my growth significantly! I had an average growth rate of 200-250/month

Rachel Lopez-Bagan

It is a great platform. They reached out to real people who are interested in food and gain lots of followers who are interested in food. Highly recommend!

Definitely a great way to grow your account. real people real accounts I definitely recommend this

I've worked with many different services online that claimed they did things the right way but Ampfluence is really a cut above the rest. The company really stands behind what they do and are truly experts at Instagram growth.

Tap Into The Power of Ampfluence for Social

Creator Network

Wondering how we help our clients grow? We have our very own creator network. This means we can produce UGC videos at scale. More than 1,000 creators work with Ampfluence to produce brand content.

Build Momentum

Getting ready for a round of funding? Build momentum for your SaaS with Ampfluence you can get more visibility and build a strong brand reputation in the process.

Marketing Collateral

We're sticklers about graphic design find unique methods to produce interesting SaaS related content. Infact, our design process gives you the collateral you need to marketing your product across the web.

Enhance Reputability

The goal of SaaS is a great product + growing MRR. A solid social reputation often means the distinction between a user choosing your product over the other guys.

Get More Users

Let's face it, you market your SaaS to get more users. Ampfluence can help you focus on conversion oriented social media initiatives. Get real measurable results.

Capture Social Proof

Capture the attention of your existing users, keep them engaged, and encourage them to spread the news about your SaaS. It's likely your existing users know 1 or 2 people who can benefit from your SaaS.

Brands and Businesses Who TRUST Ampfluence

Rachel Lopez-Bagan

"Ampfluence was great to work with and helped my growth significantly! I had an average growth rate of 200-250/month"

Play Grnd Design


"Great service! They helped us develop an engaging community centric content strategy."


"The team went above and beyond and really thought outside the box. I can’t recommend them enough."

Beaumark Beauty

Anthony McGuire

" I didn’t know what to expect at first but I’m so impressed with the results. I’ve worked with a lot of designers and teams and can’t recommend this service enough."

East West Hurricane


And many more...

Social Media Management Plans


$ 2299
  • Strategic Direction
  • Full Content Calendar
  • 2 Social Media Accounts
  • 1 Creator (3 UGC Videos/mo)
  • Monthly Content Ideation Session
  • Ads Management
    *You Pay Ad Spend
    *Up to $5k ad spend managed
  • Monthly Reporting


$ 4299
  • Strategic Direction
  • Full Content Calendar
  • 4 Social Media Accounts
  • 1 Creator (5 UGC Videos/mo)
  • Bi-Weekly Content Ideation Sessions
  • Ads Management
    *You Pay Ad Spend
    *Up to $20k ad spend managed
  • Bi-Weekly Reporting


$ 8299
  • Strategic Direction
  • Full Content Calendar
  • 6 Social Media Accounts
  • 2 Creators (10 UGC Videos/mo)
  • Weekly Content Ideation Sessions
  • Ads Management
    *You Pay Ad Spend
    *Up to $50k ad spend managed
  • Weekly Reporting

Social Media Management Plans
For Larger Brands

Ampfluence can help your brand or business execute impactful campaigns to grow your brand presence, build authority in the market, and drive sales.

What People Say About Us

Watch this testimonial video from our happy client about their experience using Ampfluence

About Ampfluence

After years of struggling to build Instagram accounts, the founding team grew increasingly frustrated. Why was it that some companies and individuals could have tens or hundreds of thousands of followers, while others struggled to barely get a hundred followers? They finally discovered some of these sites that automate the whole Instagram process and started to see growth. Everything was great… right? Not so much.

By using these bots their accounts were suspended, their newsfeed became cluttered with irrelevant photos and they liked some embarrassing pictures.

There had to be a better way. That’s when they created  Ampfluence. It takes some of the same principles the bots used, but is more customized with a human touch. The service today is one of the only of it’s kind and proud to say that there is nothing automated here.

Give us a try and see the difference for yourself!

The better way

What Makes Ampfluence Different?

No Bots

Ampfluence is 100% Human-Powered. Unlike other services we don’t use bots, software, or scripts to grow your accounts. Account safety is our top priority.

Real People

Anytime you need us, simply send us an email and our account manager will be available. There are actual people here to adjust strategy, discuss issues, or provide guidance.

Social Focus

We only work on social media and all our team members go through our training before working on a client account. This allows us to focus on being laser-targeted growth whereas others may offer a suite of services we focus on social media.


By serving our awesome clients, we put food on the table for hard-working, loyal, and amazing team members. We here to stay and won't risk our livelihood and reputation by taking shortcuts.


Given what we do manually, it's a very affordable service for agency-level quality. A virtual assistant would likely cost more than our service. A social media manager would cost 5x - 10x more and wouldn't want to do the grunt work we do daily.


We're transparent. If we make a mistake, we acknowledge and learn from it and ensure it doesn't happen again. We are honest, approachable and identifiable - that's important in a shady world like Instagram growth where others are masquerading pretending to offer the same service for half the cost.

What Clients Say About Ampfluence

At Ampfluence we care about our clients and their brand goals. If you’re looking for quick and dirty  growth tactics we’re not the company for you. However, if you’ve been searching for a team that values client relationships, longterm strategies, and consistent growth Ampfluence is one of the internet’s hidden marketing gems. Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients have to say.

Samantha Kyle, Influencer

Ampfluence really help me grow my Instagram engagement, they also help me grow 5k followers in only 8 months!

Andy Riders, Business Owner

Saves me so much time and money for social media posts design. Team was great and impressive, thanks a lot!

Robert Carl, Agency Owner

Ampfluence really help me grow my Instagram engagement, they also help me grow 5k followers in only 8 months!

Chef Stuart Okeefe


It is a great platform. They reached out to real people who are interested in food and gain lots of followers who are interested in what I do. Highly recommend!


Working with Ampfluence is a seamless experience. They deliver results and I love the monthly report and feedb. ack. A great service that you can count on.

Urban Soiree


Great service! We love the consistent engagement and growth. They really care about helping you find the right audience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ampfluence SaaS management plans are specifically created for SaaS companies that want to grow or enhance their online presence. The primary distinction for each plan is the number of social media accounts and the number of creators.

Our SaaS management plans incorporate a multi-pronged approach to growth. This includes organic growth, paid growth, and content production. This approach fosters an environment for rapid growth. We’re also known to be creative with our tactics as well 🙂 

It truly is a very simple process. Once subscribed to one of our plans you will be directed to an onboarding form that captures all your information. We then schedule a call to discuss your goals further and present our growth strategy. Typically, if you’re responsive our team begins working on your accounts within 24-48 hours. We then keep a cadence of check-in calls to ensure all initiatives are moving forward consistently. 

As a social media agency, we have never had an account locked or suspended because we do everything manually. Think of us as your virtual marketing team that lets you focus on more important things. Since we are performing our activities like you would, we are 100% compliant with Instagram unlike many of our competitors.

We structured our plans to keep things really simple. Simply pick a plan based on the number of social media accounts you’d like to manage and the number of “creator faces” you’d like for video production. If you’re still unsure about what plan to pick, reach out to us at and we can setup a consult call to discuss further. 

Great question! When you begin working with us we will develop personas based on your ideal avatar. By only targeting the users who meet that criteria, they should be interested in the content that you post, which will lead to more traffic, engagement, sales, or leads. The people who follow you will do so only because they’ve chosen to follow your account. We find this method of audience growth most effective in the longrun. 

Yes. We’re human and need these credentials to help manage your account on your behalf. Rest assured we will not share your password with anybody who is not on our team and we take the security of your account very seriously. Our agency currently manage hundreds of Instagram accounts.

Our system will automatically bill you on the 1st of every month for the plan you have chosen. You can cancel at any time and we will not charge you the next month. We respectively request that we be allowed to finish the current month of activities so that we can have a clean endpoint without any further transactions needed.

Why Us?

Wondering what makes us different?

Here are 6 reasons to choose Ampfluence:

No bots. No software. Real growth managed by real people.
Led and managed by social media experts
100% safe and Instagram compliant approach
Cost effective service that doesn’t break the bank
US-based owners; Worldwide team operations
Save time and money

Ampfluence's Resources

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The Complete Guide to Instagram Filters

The Complete Guide to Instagram Filters

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Ampluence really help me grow my Instagram engagement, they also help me grow 5k followers in only 8 months!

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable

Some tips for starters

Ampluence really help me grow my Instagram engagement, they also help me grow 5k followers in only 8 months!

You can always find more helpful resources in our blog

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