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TikTok is one of the top social media platforms out there right now. It’s a great organic Instagram growth resource to convert your TikTok audience into real organic Instagram followers.

In 2018, TikTok had been downloaded one billion times worldwide and had now become one of the world’s most popular apps. Now, one major contributor to TikTok’s sporadic growth is the lockdown necessitated by the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

Because a lot of people were stuck at home for a very long time, they had to resolve to other means of entertainment. As of November 2020, videos made on TikTok have one billion views every day.

The platform which runs on user-generated content is one that has been designed to encourage its users to actively participate in interesting challenges and promote their creative talents for the world to see.

Currently, there are over 800 million active users signed up on this platform and this serves as a great opportunity for those who wish to convert their TikTok following into an organic Instagram following. If that seems like something you’re interested in, then you’ll find this article incredibly useful.

1. Link Your TikTok to Instagram

After creating your TikTok account, the next thing to do is to link it to your Instagram account. What this does is ensure that your TikTok audience accesses your Instagram without hassle. There is an Instagram icon beside the Edit Profile button. By clicking this icon, your audience is immediately ported to your Instagram profile. If your Instagram profile is not linked, the icon will take them nowhere. To link it, click on the Edit Profile button. Once there, scroll down and you’ll find another Instagram button. Click on the Instagram button and link your profile. Linking complete.

2. Create a Bio That Converts

Just like your Instagram bio determines your following, so does your TikTok bio determine if your audience converts to Instagram or not. First, your bio must describe your account or brand. Whatever you write there should correlate with some of the content in your videos to give it authenticity. A few emojis to express your personality wouldn’t hurt either. Then the next and equally important thing to do is to add a CTA. Using this call-to-action, you can ask your followers to follow you on Instagram to interact with you better. There is also an option for a URL and you can also utilize that avenue to plug a link to your Instagram profile. The TikTok user in the picture below (@tyshonlawrence) has a CTA in his bio where he directs people to click the URL in the same bio to access his Instagram page.

3. Make Trending Videos On Time

Before you want to start to convert your TikTok audience to Instagram, you must first have a TikTok audience. And one way to grow your TikTok audience and stay relevant is to jump on trends as soon as they drop. One way to stay on top of the trends is to take note of the videos that keep popping in your For You Page. If they are trends you can do, then jump on them. Even if you’re not so sure you can ace them, you can put a unique twist on them and post them regardless. You can also skim through the music section and find the viral music and hashtags, so you can do the needful. Trending hashtags like #foryou, #foryoupage, #fyp, etc. are sure to give your videos more visibility and in turn, more audience that can be converted to Instagram followers.

4. Post Unique and Engaging Content

A major goal for you should not just grow your followers on Instagram and TikTok, but to build a community that will continually engage and interacts on your platforms. This will make them constantly invested in every content you put forward and they will naturally follow you on all platforms just so they stay informed. To do that, you must commit to creating engaging content that is unique to you. It is not just enough to post content but ensure you’re posting relatable content that has your own unique creative twist.

For example, you could post stories about moments in your day or moments you’ve had in the past. You could take inspiration from your surroundings and share entertaining excerpts. A user, @katieflorence creates simulated conversations between the different concepts that affect a woman’s decisions as it relates to her relationships. She calls the group ‘The Kouncil’ and since she launched it during the 2020 lockdown, she has since gained 1.5 million followers on TikTok and on Instagram, 262,000+ followers on The Kouncil’s official page (@the.kouncil), and 126,000+ on her personal page (@katieflorence).

5. Direct Your TikTok Followers to Instagram Using Video Captions

You can include a CTA in your video caption that would direct people to use the link in your bio and follow you on Instagram. This is usually effective when you post very engaging content and you inform them that more of that content would be available on your Instagram page.

6. Add an Instagram Teaser in Your TikTok Videos

Now, there’s a way to tease your TikTok followers into following you on Instagram even when they do not want to. This tactic involves adding the teaser to the video’s content. To get it done, you have to first create a really unique video that you’re sure would have your viewers’ attention piqued. Once that is done, you can post a part of the video on TikTok and direct people to your Instagram page to access the rest of the story. The user below (@iamvonn) accepts a challenge to cut his blonde locks. In the TikTok video, he redirects his viewers to see the final look on his Instagram page, after following him of course.

7. Create a TikTok Showing Your Instagram Content

In using this tactic, you have to import some of your best Instagram content that represents your work – this could be pictures, recipes, recommendations, reviews, etc – and creatively display them using a TikTok video. A few fashion enthusiasts use this tactic a lot. What they do is use the Green Screen filter (which allows you to import photos into your video) to create a video where they put some of their best Instagram photos on display. Food photographers also use this tactic a lot, importing some of their best food photographs and turning them into a video.

Because of the quality of these videos, viewers are more compelled to find your Instagram page just so they could have more.

8. Post Across All Your Platforms

It would be detrimental to your account’s growth when you post on one platform and ignore the other. Instead, ensure you post your content across all platforms – in this case, Instagram and TikTok. Post your TikTok videos on your Instagram feed and even your stories, so your existing followers would recognize that you have content on other channels and they might decide to join you there, so they don’t miss out on the value. Bringing back The Kouncil Series, Katie Florence (the originator of the series) ensures that content remains cohesive across both platforms – @katieflorence on TikTok and @the.kouncil on Instagram.

9. Promote a Giveaway

This is an age-old tactic but it works just the same. You can collaborate with a brand and offer to give away some of their products/services via your platform. This will increase visibility for your account and that of the brand. To do this, create a TikTok video highlighting some of the benefits and rules of the giveaway. In the post’s caption, include a CTA that directs them to your Instagram page to participate in the giveaway. The juicier the prize, the more engagement you’re likely to receive on your Instagram page. Have the participants also tag a number of their friends to help them win the giveaway. This will increase both your visibility and your followers too. Influencers are more likely to use this tactic since they get offered a lot of collaboration deals. Check the caption of @meredithduxbury below.

10. Stay On-Brand

A strong brand is one that stays consistent from platform to platform. This means that your content on one platform must be cohesive with those on another platform. A consistent brand image will not only bring you more followers but will also turn those followers into loyal consumers of your content. Staying on-brand can include brand elements such as your brand colors, post organization, font styles, and then the content. As far as your TikTok-Instagram is concerned, start from using consistent handles. You should also work on keeping the profile pictures the same. They might seem like small details, but these small details make it easier to find your brand and identify with it. A great on-brand example is Nike. They maintain similar brand elements even though the mode of content differs across the two platforms.

11. Be Consistent

If you set a specific followers-count you hope to reach on your Instagram, then it would not be wise to stop when you’re not there yet. Set a goal and inform your TikTok audience about this goal. Ask them to follow you on the journey and help you achieve that goal. TikTokers are supportive like that and if your content is engaging enough, they might commit to helping you reach those goals for your Instagram. Until then, stay consistent in posting, optimizing your profile, and adding CTAs designed to convert your TikTok audience into Instagram followers.

There’s a lot more value you can offer to your follower’s asides from the features offered on TikTok. You have access to Instagram Reels, Stories, IGTV, and regular posts on your feed. If you’re able to get your creative juices flowing, you’ll be able to create unique and relatable content that will have followers flocking to engage you on every platform you’re signed up to. So, use these tactics designed to convert your TikTok audience to Instagram followers and watch your account boom.

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Ampfluence Team

The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!

Ampfluence Team

The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!
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    1. TikTok is currently one of the most popular social media platforms. It’s a fantastic resource for converting your TikTok audience into actual organic Instagram followers. The platform, which is based on user-generated content, was created to inspire users to actively participate in fun challenges and showcase their creative abilities to the rest of the globe.

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