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Influencer Marketing seems to be the latest buzzword in the world of marketing. But what exactly is it and is it really effective? 

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing leverages the power of individuals who possess a high level of social influence for the promotion of a particular brand or product. Influencer Marketing has been gaining momentum in recent years and it seems that it still has a long way to come.

What are the benefits of Influencer Marketing?

  • A great alternative to traditional ads
  • Ideal for millennials and the younger generation 
  • Increasing brand awareness and brand loyalty 
  • Building Authenticity and Trust 
  • Brand affinity 
  • Generating engagement and word of mouth
  • Inspiring users to take action (e.g. click on a link, make a purchase, visit a website, etc)

Top 20 Influencer Marketing campaigns 


Pedigree used influencers to spread the word for its “Buy a bag, Give a bowl” campaign. Influencer, Kristyn Cole, shared a touching story of her rescue dog in order to promote the campaign and encourage people to buy the brand. This is definitely a must-see influencer campaign. 

20 influencer campaigns pedigree example

Fiji Water

The bottled water company, Fiji Water, used Danielle Bernstein to create the “bodyworewhat” campaign to show off Fiji water in 8-min workout videos with personal trainer Eric Johnson. On top, Danielle showed the world how Fiji water keeps her hydrated during and after the workouts. Quite inspirational, right? 

20 influencer campaigns fijiwater example


Clothing retailer, H&M, has been intensively working with influencers to show off some great outfits to the Instagram world. Check out some of their work with fashion blogger and influencer Julie Sarinana and model Ela Velden. H&M is doing some great work building brand love through some of the most renowned females in the world of fashion.

20 influencer campaigns sincerelyjules example


The Naked brand has been using clever tactics when it comes to digital. Naked has been using lifestyle, fashion bloggers, like Kate La Vie, to show off Naked products in a native, lifestyle concept. After all, Naked fits anywhere and anytime, right? 

20 influencer campaigns naked example

Coca Cola

On World Kindness day, Coca Cola developed nearly 100 pieces of content in collaboration with 4 street artists, with the main communication message being positivity. Coca Cola thereafter collaborated with several influencers to spread around the actionable messages of positivity. A very creative and inspirational effort from Coca Cola!

20 influencer campaigns cocacola example

American Express

With the hashtag #amexambassadors, American Express partnered with a few lifestyle influencers who posted images of themselves traveling to different places all around the world. Is there a better way to promote Amex’s platinum card?

20 influencer campaigns AmericanExpress example


The campaign #fillyourcartwithcolour used brand ambassadors to drive engagement and increase their sales. More than 343K engaged with the campaign and thousands of people have been reached with Ebay’s intended message of personalized shopping experience and tailored recommendations. 

20 influencer campaigns ebay example


Audible often makes good use of micro-influencers as a way to promote its audiobooks and podcasts. The key takeaway from Audible’s influencer marketing strategy is that micro-influencers are just right if you are looking to target a niche audience.

20 influencer campaigns audible example


This is a creative once that shows that Influencer Marketing has no boundaries. Microsoft partnered with National Geographic as part of the “Make what’s next” campaign and posted 30 actionable images with a story that encourages women to work in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering,  Math). This is a very creative example of how influencer marketing can be used to inspire, motivate and encourage diversity. Let’s hope we will see more similar campaigns in the future!

20 influencer campaigns mircosoft example


Walmart partnered with different influencers for good cause – to raise money for Feeding America. Money was donated with each user like, share or hashtag. It’s nice to see here how influencers can use their social impact for a charitable cause. Well done Walmart!

20 influencer campaigns wall mart example


As part of their marketing activities to promote the new Yoga 3 PRO and YOGO tablet 2 Pro, Lenovo collaborated with a few influencers to make fascinating videos and blog posts about their day with YOGA. Their giveaway contest had 61,000 entries. 

20 influencer campaigns lenovo example

Natural Life

A successful example of using giveaways and contests as part of influencer marketing efforts is seen by @angigreene post, in which she invites users to follow the brand and tag someone under the competition post for a chance to win a box full of Natural Life products. This type of influencer campaign is great to do if you want to increase your following and enhance your visibility!

20 influencer campaigns natural life example


With the hashtag #dressmychiquita, Chiquita encouraged people to draw different faces on Chiquita bananas and share them online. Influencers like @marcusdobre were promoting this concept. This campaign triggered thousands of likes and comments and in turn high visibility for Chiquita!

20 influencer campaigns Chiquita example


Is there a better way to promote your fashion brand rather than using influencers wearing Revolve outfits in different scenarios and concepts? Through this campaign, Revolve has managed to increase its following while giving the brand a touch of authenticity and credibility. #revolvearoundtheworld

20 influencer campaigns Revolve example

Lancome #bantheboring

The beauty brand, Lancome, utilizes a group of influencers to show off its latest range of Matte Shaker and Metallic Lip Lacquer lipsticks. Using the hashtag #bantheboring, influencers promoted the brand just right, bringing in new followers while also giving some news for the loyal ones. 

20 influencer campaigns Lancome example


An innovative collaboration for a beauty brand is seen by Clarins who partnered with chef Christophe Michalak to promote how beauty and food are interconnected using the hashtag #BelleDansMonAssiette. What the brand wanted to convey was the importance of diet and nutrition for the quality of the skin, and therefore indirectly encouraged users to follow a healthy diet with recipes created by the chef Christophe Michalak.

We must definitely say that Clarins rocked the creativity checkpoint with this campaign! 

20 influencer campaigns Clarins example

Mercedes Benz

An alternative approach to influencer marketing was seen by Mercedes Benz, who chose to collaborate with the wolf-dog Loki and his owner Kelly Lund to create a 360-degree video of the two driving through the mountains and some rocky roads. This campaign gives the users the chance to enjoy the wonderful view through Loki’s eyes, and therefore experience the thrill that Mercedes can offer. Irreplaceable! 

20 influencer campaigns merzedez benz example

Boxed Water

Another example of influencer marketing for a good cause is seen by Boxed Water. Boxed Water uses sustainable packaging to sell water and they used influencer marketing to get some buzz going on around the internet. The company is leading an afforestation initiative in which 2 new trees were planted with every #Retree hashtag. Influencers did a very good job spreading the word around. 

20 influencer campaigns Boxed Water example

Daniel Wellington

Another great example is Daniel Wellington’s work with influencers to depict its watches in different native, lifestyle concept scenarios. 

20 influencer campaigns Daniel Wellington example


YSL took a step ahead and used men influencers to promote the fragrance ‘Y’. Yves Saint Laurent picked out some unique personalities and created some highly engaging content to appeal to modern, on-trend male millennials. The influencers posted a unique image of themselves with a fragrance bottle in each one and had to use a Y related caption. For example, Luca Macellari Palmieri wrote “Cause there’s a Y in everything I do”

20 influencer campaigns ysl example

Picture of Andrea Naomi

Andrea Naomi

Andrea is a digital marketer with a passion for content and social. She loves deciphering puzzles, new tech, working with startups, #beachlife, and of course Ampfluence.

Andrea Naomi

Andrea is a digital marketer with a passion for content and social. She loves deciphering puzzles, new tech, working with startups, #beachlife, and of course Ampfluence.
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