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trendy instagram boutiques

If you are looking for a way to spice up your home and wardrobe this year, then you need to follow these 30 trendy brands that are killing it on Instagram!

Whether your style is boho chic or avant-garde, there are incredible brands that are sure to spark your shopping spirit.

You don’t need an Instagram marketing agency to feed you the latest trends. Here to help you breathe some new life into your wardrobe, home, and family, we’ve compiled a list of 30 trendy brands you can find on Instagram to keep your eye on for organic Instagram growth.


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques Madewell

Chic and simplistic styling with a fresh feel with a hint of a vintage throwback. This store has its focus on jeans and everything that goes with them including tops, handbags, shoes, and accessories.


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques tiffanyandco

Tiffany has been an iconic symbol of superior quality jewelry for the past century. Their signature blue branding has recognized the world over. This is one brand that doesn’t need any help with their Instagram marketing. With top-quality diamonds, jewelry, and more, Tiffany & Co continues to take the world by storm.


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques asos

asos is a London, U.K.-based company that sells clothing for men and women as well as cosmetics online. They use both their website and their Instagram for business so you have two ways to buy online. Their trendy, hip and edgy styles designed for a wide range of sizes and body shapes make them an online titan and acceptance advocate when it comes to the fashion and beauty industry.


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques boohoo

With great fashion including everything from casual basics to flashy outfits for special occasions, boohoo is a young all-inclusive brand that carries many of the same styles for standard and plus sizes. Boohoo is also known for its Instagram marketing which is evident in the massive amount of followers they have! Their philosophy is to be your fashion best friend while also being socially responsible.


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques Soworthloving

So Worth Loving is widely known by their signature phrase “Hey, ____. “ followed by a message of positivity, encouragement, and love. This revolutionary brand is all about healing and empowering your future. They have experienced rapid Instagram growth due to their messages. Every article of clothing and accessory is a wearable message to yourself and the world that no matter your background, relationship status, career choice, or past mistakes, you are worthy of love.


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques thecoppercloset

This brand of clothing and accessories is a boutique that offers fresh and lively styles both online and in ten physical locations. With the quality of their products, this company is sure to see rapid Instagram growth as their brand grows. Their fashion sense is flirty, fun, and affordable!


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques mantou_ph

Mantou clothing and accessories have a denim focus with an overall style that is clean, classic, and comfortable all in one. Whether dressing up or dressing down, Mantou has all the fashion basics for every closet.


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques swarovski

All that glitters is gold… well… crystal in this case. Swarovski is a name that is practically synonymous with sparkle and browsing through their jewelry, accessories, and goods, it is easy to see why. The glitz and glam of this company act as it’s own Instagram Marketing agency. Swarovski has been a frontrunner in providing quality glam and uniquely glittering goodies for over a century.


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques thebucketlistfamily

This brand is founded by an astonishing family of journalists who travel the world-embracing culture and bringing joy and kindness to the world. Their line of clothing is minimalistic and in line with their family values of learning to live happily with less.


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques veranoboutiquestore

This sun-soaked boutique brand offers up a stellar collection of swimwear and cover-ups. With bold colors and designs, this company is not only fashion-friendly but environmentally friendly too. Be sure to follow these guys to encourage them to keep using their Instagram for business and for their great cause. Their Save the Oceans philosophy has them partnering with several organizations with a mission to save the seas!


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques veranoboutiquestore

This Filipino brand was started by three sisters who wanted to create comfortable and stylish footwear. Over the years, Renegade Folk has grown its fan base and audience with their desire to inspire and delight women with superior quality comfortable shoes for every season.


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques veranoboutiquestore

These country-inspired styles are comfortable, practical, and totally adorable! Eleven oaks had a humble beginning that has blossomed into something beautiful! This mother-daughter duo continues to create fun fashion and engages with their customers creating a homey feel to their brand.


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques float_swim

Float Swimwear has a unique approach to bathing suits and cover-ups that appeal to the complex woman who wants to satisfy both her sensibilities and her sense of adventure. This brand has created versatile styles that meet all those contradictory style desires!


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques hiptique

This East-turned-West Southern California-based brand offers up lifestyle goods for your closet and your home. Their fashions include styles for the whole family, including fur-babies! You can find the perfect items to suit your lifestyle all in one place.


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques shopliv3

Family owned and operated, this three-sister brand brings fashion and home sense together in harmony. With a folksy shabby-chic style, you can find the perfect styles for both you and your littles.


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques chintiandparker

This upscale luxurious brand prides itself on quality while providing whimsical and playful knit designs. Their unique ready-to-wear fashions seem to capture the essence of what makes women feel good.


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques bluelayneboutique

This trendy and unique brand features fun and fancy designs with splashed of fun bold colors. True to their name, many of their styles are vintage-inspired, resurrecting favorite style elements from the past and giving them new life.


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques bluelayneboutique

Fun and trendy, the Blue Layne Boutique brings mainstream style to the forefront with small twists here and there to give their clothing and accessories an original style.


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques shop12thtribe

The 12th Tribe brand embraces fashion and culture from 11 different countries around the world. The original designer Demi Marchese seeks to bring “global soul” to all of her designs. Her clothing is fashionable and functional, being ever mindful of girls on the go.


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques piper

No Rest For Bridget is an effortless combination of sassy chic designs with no-fuss effortless wear. Anyone looking for pieces with a little something extra to them will naturally be drawn to these fashion styles.


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques piper

With fashion for every size and every stage of life, this all-encompassing life-embracing brand meets the needs of nearly everyone including those going through special stages in life such as maternity and motherhood.


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques hellomolly

For the dreamers, lovers, and party girls, these ultra-feminine designs are sure to appeal to your girly side. There is no shortage of frills and thrills with these sassy and fashionable designs!


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques ratandboa

This U.K.-based brand brings you bold fashion that captures the creative energy of imagination and applies it to classy, sexy, and eclectic wearable fashion. Over the past few years, friends Valentina Muntoni and Stephanie Cara Bennett have collaborated to bring you these designs which reflect their personalities.


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques saboskirt

Young, fresh, flirty, and a hint of edge touches each of these modern styles. Definitely, on-trend, this brand captures youth in its essence and manifests it in their clothing, shoes, and accessories.


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques saboskirt

Even the name PepperMayo brings a playful element that reflects in every design. With fun colors, bold prints, and flirty silhouettes, this brand screams eye candy with every piece.


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques Tiger Mist

These sexy, girly outfits are sure to make you stand out in the crowd! Definitely not for the shy or timid, these eye-catching designs could be the perfect fit for your outgoing personality.


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques saboskirt

This Australia-based company offers a plethora of fresh flowy styles that are somehow both effortless and fashionable, casual, and classy. With their wide range of looks, you’re sure to find the exact piece you’ve been dreaming of.


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques Revolve

What started as two friends in the fashion world, turned in to a team that is 1000+ strong and growing! Revolve offers up classy upscale designs from casual wear to cocktail parties. They are a one-stop-shop with their array of beauty products and accessories.


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Things embraces all body sizes with its range of petite to plus size clothing. Stylish, elegant, edgy, and trendy are just a few of the words out of the fashion vocabulary that can be applied to this brand. They offer some to-die-for styles at affordable prices!


30 Trendy Instagram Boutiques missguided

With a brand that is all about women’s empowerment, it’s no wonder you’ll find some outrageously fabulous designs here. This brand promotes body positivity with a full range of sizes including petite, tall, and plus.

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Ampfluence Team

The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!

Ampfluence Team

The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!
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