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Instagram B2B Brand Examples

B2B brands on Instagram are not always considered the most fascinating social media accounts. In fact, many B2B brands question whether or not Instagram marketing works for b2b brands. That said, Instagram is a highly visible platform and B2B brands can navigate successfully. In this post, we’ll share a handful of brands that are winning on Instagram so that you can use their success as inspiration for your brand. 

Popular B2B Brands on Instagram 

Instagram is regularly ignored by B2B organizations. However, Instagram’s rapidly growing platform is getting harder and harder to ignore. Therefore, if you’re a B2B brand looking to leverage Instagram, now is the perfect time to roll your sleeves up and dive in. Take note from these awesome B2B brands that use Instagram to showcase culture, connect with buyers, and build authority online. 

DHL Global

DHL Global is considered the world’s leading logistics company. This brand is no stranger to Instagram. DHL’s playful attitude on the gram also features their employees and services without sacrificing brand recognition and of course not being to “advertisey” for lack of a better word. They also have great per post engagement and utilize smart features for marketing like Campsite Bio and Highlights. 

dhl global instagram b2b brand


If you’re alive in the 21st century you’ve must be familiar with Microsoft. Whoever is in charge of Microsoft’s feed win’s my vote for President. With over 2.7 million followers Microsoft is dialed into internet culture. Suffice it to say, the brand get’s it. It’s one of the few feeds on the web that doesn’t always have to talk about the product, they live in through story telling, comedy, and influence. Any B2B brand looking to dive deep into consumer culture should take a note from Microsoft. 

microsoft b2b instagram feed


Wells Fargo doesn’t immediately strike you as a social brand but surprisingly it’s doing quite well on Instagram. As a financial institution they’ve done a great job highlighting their values, philosophy, and brand persona on their feed. The brand’s presence feels social and relatable which is a great goal to achieve on social media for what many would consider a cold topic. 

wells fargo b2b instagram brand


Oracle is widely regarded as the technological backbone of many organizations around the world. The corporation’s Instagram presence highlights their authority through video and a series of well planned features. The #OracleRoadTrip series is a clever way to showcase how brands use their solutions. 

oracle corp instagram b2b brand


Shopify is no stranger to the business world. Every entrepreneur will encounter Shopify at some point on the web. Shopify’s presence on Instagram focuses primarily on entrepreneurial education and highlighting customer success. It’s a great way to showcase the effectiveness of their platform without having to speak about it directly in every post. 

shopify b2b brands


Even there was ever an argument about not using Instagram because you’re a B2B brand, take note that the world’s largest B2B Platform uses Instagram and does so quite well. LinkedIn uses Instagram to share stories about their members or platform users. Again, like Shopify it’s a great way to highlight the caliber of a company without having to talk about it directly in every post. 

linkedin b2b brand


Canva is an easy to use online design tool for dummies used by internet rookies posing to be professionals. The company uses Instagram to create visual designs and inspiration to promote designers, customers, and client engagement.

Canva B2B Brands Instagram


What can we say about buffer except that it is always at the forefront of social. The company uses Instagram to showcase their products and services while promoting their company values and community culture.

buffer b2b brand


ZenDesk is a service that provides cloud technologies and solutions. This company uses Instagram to promote their brand, products, and services while engaging with customers and potential users.

zendesk b2b instagram brand

Instagram B2B Marketing Tips

The companies above are obviously forces to be reckoned with. They spend a great deal of time cultivating their online presence. However, no matter how big or small your B2B brand may be, there’s always an opportunity to carve out your niche on Instagram. Here are few tried a true tips you can use to launch a successful B2B brand presence on Instagram. 

1. Create a Business Profile

Why create a business profile on Instagram? Clients need to SEE your offer before they investigate it further. Instagram places your products and services literally right in the face of potential customers. Your B2B brand should use an Instagram business profile because business profiles have the added benefit of Instagram Insights as well as integration with other networks like Facebook and FB ads manager. 

2. Establish Platform-Specific Goals

You may have heard that every social media platform is different. As such the goals you set for each platform should follow suit. While Instagram is a great social media platform that can drive traffic. It’s also a highly visual one that easily allows brands to share their stories, build a strong culture, and showcase what makes them different from other brands like themselves. For B2B brands it’s an excellent opportunity to talk less about your brand and more about how your brand impact’s others. 

3. Determine How You’ll Define Success

Figure out what you need to accomplish on Instagram then determine what measures define success. Every B2B brand will define successful campaigns differently. For some building social proof is important while others will want to become an authority in their niche. Defining what makes your brand successful on Instagram will go along way.

4. Know Your Audience

As mentioned above, Microsoft is a great a knowing their audience. They share content that people and businesses who use Microsoft naturally gravitate towards. The deeper you can get into the mind of your audience the more likely you’ll be able to craft content that speaks directly them. This approach is the starting point of every great meme and campaign on social media. 

5. Start with Nine Posts

Now that you understand your audience, and have developed an attractive profile, it’s time to engage with potential clients and customers. Post meaningful visuals and sayings on your feed to generate interest from the Instagram community. You can start with nine posts, and watch the conversation begin as individuals show interest in your page.

6. Prize Quality over Quantity

It’s not about how many posts you can get on your page in a day, it’s the value behind those posts that potential customers and clients care about. Engaging with followers is imperative to take their interest and turn it into ambassadorship. 

7. Post Unique and Authentic Content

Unique and authentic content builds trust between potential followers and your brand. Make sure that everything that you post on your business account is legitimate. Provide references and share personal stories with them, to create brand loyalty or build a customer relationship.

8. Use Specific Hashtags

Don’t forget to include specific hashtags in your posts. Hashtags make your content and social media business profile easier to discover. For example, typically, every new B2B brand with a audience growth goal will want to optimize each posts with hashtags that make your brand more visible in your niche. Therefore, if your b2b brand is a social media scheduling tool you may want to include hashtags like #socialmediamanagement #socialmediatools in your posts. In contrast, if you B2B brand sells branding services you may want to include hashtags in your posts like #brandingservice or #onlinebrandagency. 

9. Optimize Your Profile and Posts for Instagram Search

Exploit new features on Instagram when creating your marketing campaigns, such as Instagram Stories, Live videos, Reels, Catalogs, and even DMs. Instagram has a slew of business features that B2B brands can use to make their products and services more accessible online. Start by optimizing your profile to include keyword phrases that people will search for when trying to find your brand. Don’t forget to pay close attention to the link you place on Instagram. Ensure it’s the best possible avenue to introduce your customers to your online funnel. 

10. Engage with Followers, Commenters and Other Brands

Your social media marketing goals shouldn’t just be for your followers to engage with your content, but you and your company should also interact with your follower’s content. This enables you to be in front of those who follow your audience, broadening your reach to potential clients. Lately, Wendy’s social media operators have used humor and very interactive engagement on their social media platforms, bringing them forefront to the stage of their audience members and their followers.

11. Post Images that Support Your Goals

Create social images that support your brand’s goals on Instagram. For example, if you provide security services for local businesses create fun content like quizzes that teaches the general public tips about how to respond during a crisis. The goal is not to create random quote images but instead create engaging content that supports your brand. 

12. Share Videos that Support Your Brand Goals

Instagram also allows users to post video content on their business profile. Your company can also take advantage of this amazing tool and create your  informative videos that provide product and service reviews and tutorials. There are so many options, tools, and software available to create professional, informative, Hollywood style videos to promote your brand, product, or service.

13. Use Ads to Move Followers Through Your Funnel

The tool Facebook Ads Manager located on the Facebook platform helps you design and oversee custom Instagram advertisements. In order to use this feature, you need to associate your Instagram page with your image’s Facebook page by connecting them. When you’ve associated them, you can utilize the entirety of the advertisement tools found on Facebook that Facebook permits on your Instagram profile to target potential customers.

14. Use Location Filters

If you’re a local B2B brand, geotagging your content and using local hashtags in your stories will help other organizations find your brand on social media. This is a great tip for local B2B brands searching for more visibility in their immediate area. 

Final Thoughts on B2B Instagram Brands

As a B2B Brand, the goal is always to connect with more clients or organizations that need your product or service. Instagram is a great opportunity to give any brand some much needed online personality. Unlike LinkedIn and Facebook, Instagram’s casual vibe makes it more conducive to showcasing personal causes, values, and philosophies. What are some of your favorite B2B brands on Instagram? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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Ampfluence Team

The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!

Ampfluence Team

The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!
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