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right audience on tiktok

Are you constantly posting content on TikTok for your business, but nothing seems to boost your engagement rates? Chances are, you may not be creating the correct type of content to reach the right audience on TikTok.

The most fundamental requirement to creating a successful TikTok presence for your brand is identifying your target audiences. While this tip can sound very generic but most brands do it wrong and then rant about not being able to bring the engagement they are working for.

Let’s dig deeper into the step-by-step process of identifying your target audience and creating content that interests them the most to maximize your engagement rates on TikTok this year.

How Does TikTok Work?

Let’s brush up on the basics real quick. Tiktok is a popular short-form video sharing platform where millions of users create videos by either sharing stories, lip-syncing to famous dialogues, dancing to the trending beats, and more.

It all depends on the talent they would like to display to the audience.

If you are looking to promote your business, TikTok is one of the most sought-after and rewarding platforms you need to consider for your marketing strategy.

With the number of users increasing every year, TikTok will soar even higher, which is in favor of the brands.

The only thing brands need to do to make it big on TikTok is to identify their target audiences on the platform, understand the content they like, create fun content accordingly with a personal twist, create marketing campaigns and let the engagement grow gradually.

Ways to Find Right Audience on TikTok

Irrespective of whether you are new to your TikTok marketing journey or a veteran. You need to find the right audience on TikTok who will be interested in your brand and look forward to the content you post on the platform.

Let’s get started with finding your right audience on TikTok with the following steps and improving your content’s reach.

Identify Who Your Audience Is

right audience on tiktok

As we said, you need to identify the right type of audience that is interested in your brand. To identify your ideal audience, you need to understand your UVP (Unique Value Proposition). It is the unique value you provide to your consumers.

Start with assessing your existing customer base. Study more about them and analyze their online habits, buying behaviors, preferences, decision motivators, and others.

This will help you find out the solution your product will provide that your competitors do not have.

Next, leverage this valuable feature in your products and find out the right people who will benefit from this product from your brand, and you know how your target audiences.

Build Your Audience/Persona

Once you identify your target audience, you now need to segment them and build your buyer personas.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What do your customers buy the most?
  2. What content do they typically consume?
  3. What demographic are your best customers?
  4. How much do they typically spend on their purchases?

This will help you understand your target audiences better and segment them into different categories. Considering these categories you can create the right type of TikTok content and marketing campaigns.

By creating buyer personas, not only are you no longer limiting your TikTok content variation but also targeting different types of consumers in the right way with your TikTok content. We are going to talk more about this in the following point.

Understand the Type of Content Your Audience is Engaging With

After you segment your audiences into different categories, you need to now focus on the content your audiences would like to engage with.

For example, some people may consider influencer suggestions as their deciding factor in purchasing products. Segment them into a specific category and create influencer marketing campaigns for this set of audiences.

Next, for another set of audiences, you can focus more on creating educational content for your followers and subsequently proceed with the next ones.

When you identify your audiences and segment them, you can find out the best type of content that resonates with their interest in the best possible manner. This will contribute massively to the engagement rates and boost the reach of your content in general.

Create Valuable Content

One strict rule that you ought to follow to make your TikTok marketing journey a success is creating valuable content for your audience.

You need to ensure that your content resonates with their requirements, needs, and demands. Your content should be around your brand, keeping the consumer’s POV in priority.

When your content is relevant to your audiences, only then will they come back for more such engaging content on your profile.

Furthermore, none of the above strategies would work unless you are consistent with your content creation efforts. You can choose to create a complete TikTok content calendar plan that consists of the different types of content that you will post on your TikTok account.

A content calendar will ensure that you stick to your brand and do not lose out on your posting days. You can even opt to automate the process with third-party tools. Either way, the goal is to create valuable content consistently.

You can even begin with just your smartphone but ensure that the video’s resolution and size are mobile-friendly enough. This will ensure that you are rightfully attracting your target audiences well.

Search and Use Relevant Hashtags

No social media marketing journey is complete without using the right hashtags.

One of the easiest methods to make your content reach the right audiences on TikTok is to use multiple hashtags on your posts.

The Discovery Page shares all the exceptionally valuable hashtags for your TikTok content. Simply search for specific keywords or terms that are common in your industry. Next, use the keywords from the list but do not just stuff them.

Only choose the most relevant and trendy hashtags, as this will ensure that you are not spamming your posts with hashtags and can achieve the reach you desire.

Engage Through Comments

Another great way to find the right audiences on TikTok is to engage with them through comments. If your content has decent engagement rates and your post gets comments frequently, it is high time you need to leverage it well.

Respond to every comment you find on your post and interact more with your audience.

Users love to interact and relate with their favorite brands, and communicating with them through the comments is the ideal way to get the conversation started.

This way, you will learn more about your audiences and find out their hidden interests in regard to content that can give you a better competitive edge.

Post Consistent TikTok Campaigns

Like we shared in one of our previous points, everything you do on TikTok, you need to do it consistently, even the Tiktok campaigns.

If you analyze some of the popular TikTok campaigns, you will notice that most of them post consistent TikTok campaigns on their profile. This is where all the viewership and engagement rates grow!

Consistency brings confusion. If you are inconsistent with your campaign, you may not find much positive impact on your engagement rates.

To find the right set of audiences, you need to keep posting TikTok campaigns and analyze the type of content they primarily engage with on your profile.

For example, GymShark increased its followership by 94% since it started posting about gym content consistently.

You can even try using a social media scheduling tool to schedule your TikTok campaigns to execute your TikTok content strategy automatically and effectively.

Work with TikTok Influencers

Influencer marketing is another big hype on the platform. 8 out of 10 videos are about TikTok influencers promoting brands and collaborating with them on different types of content.

By harnessing the reputation of other TikTok creators, you can quickly find the right audiences on TikTok and target them well.

Influence marketing gives some of the best returns on investment. Partnering with the right influencers can help you target their following and persuade them to turn into your followers and purchase from your brand!

If you want to find the best TikTok influencers for your journey, Tiktok Creator Marketplace is the direction you need to approach.

You can spot some of the most relevant and hyped-up influencers that can be a gem for your brand.

Ensure that you track the campaigns’ results and performance regularly, as this will give you insight into how the campaign is going and whether the investment was worth continuing or should you switch to some other influencer instead.


These are some of the fundamental yet highly valuable tips that can help you find the right audience on TikTok and boost your TikTok engagement rates and sales.

If your content is valuable and entertaining enough, you can even go viral overnight.

That’s precisely the beauty of TikTok. Thus, don’t wait any further. It’s now time to get started with your TikTok marketing efforts and convert the audiences on TikTok into customers!

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Ampfluence Team

The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!
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