How to Use Ampfluence to Generate Facebook Audiences for Advertising

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Ampfluence Generate Facebook Audiences

In the last 6 months, we’ve been getting a lot of agencies and Facebook advertisers as clients. Want to know why?

Ampfluence can help generate targeted Facebook Audiences!!

So how exactly are these advertising ninjas leveraging Ampfluence to create Facebook audiences?

Let’s dive into their playbook step-by-step.

First, we’ll identify the Advertiser’s problem.

PROBLEM 1: “I need to create a laser targeted Lookalike Audience (LLA) BUT I do NOT have a customer list, quality traffic, and / or prior history.”

PROBLEM 2: “I’m working on a brand new ad account with zero audience data.”

And now the solution…

SOLUTION: Use Instagram business profiles to create a Custom Audience (CA) and then leverage that CA to build a Lookalike Audience (LLA)

Simple, heh? Sometimes the simple and obvious solutions are the best.

Ampfluence’s Targeted Audience Development Approach (TADA)

Cool name, heh. You can learn more about it in our forthcoming course on Instagram Marketing. The Targeted Audience Development Approach (TADA) works like magic! You simply put in a little bit of effort and get amazing results FAST! Hence, TADA!

Let’s actually implement the steps required to see such magic for our own ad accounts:

1. Become an Ampfluence Client

You can do all the work yourself assuming your time, effort, and brain-space is not worth much. Or you can let an Instagram Marketing agency that is hyper-focused on Instagram growth and fully staffed to perform these tasks do it for you. You decide.

Subscribe to one of the Ampfluence plans that best fits your needs.

2. Provide Your Targeting Criteria

Once you subscribe to an Ampfluence plan, you’ll immediately be asked to submit an Onboarding Form that asks a few simple questions. This is your opportunity to identify targeting criteria. You can be as specific or broad as necessary to articulate who you want to target. Remember, we’re trying to create an audience so don’t hesitate to note the following:

  • Competitors – do you want to target the followers of your competitors? If so, list their names.
  • Similar Accounts – do you have specific accounts that are complimentary to your product or service whose followers are ideal?
  • Hashtags – are there specific #hashtags that your target audience is likely to use?
  • Location – for example, do you only want to target USA residents or the entire world?

We’ll do our best to get these accounts to visit your profile.

3. Ampfluence Team Gets to Work

After the initial login process is completed, our team goes to work. We’ll perform various activities to get the right folks to your profile. Some will actually follow you, some will like your photos, or watch your stories or videos, and others may even comment on your content. Regardless, the main goal here is to be laser-targeted on getting the target audience to your profile. This is where all the grunt work really happens. To learn more, visit our How It Works page which explains what we do daily.

These efforts include authentically liking, commenting, following, and engaging with the content of the target audience.

NOTE: You must have a Business profile for this to be effective for advertising purposes.

4. Use the Custom Audience (CA)

As time passes, the audience gets larger and larger. Use it effectively to create a lookalike audience (LLA) directly from the custom audience (CA) generated from our team’s efforts. The more folks we get to your profile, the bigger your custom audience becomes, and the better lookalike audiences generated by Facebook. It’s never-ending cycle that allows agencies and advertisers to level up their targeting. Interestingly, most of our clients do not care about the vanity metrics (followers, likes, comments) when executing this strategy. The most important data is growing the custom audience of who visited your profile.

5. Targeted Advertising

Magic doesn’t happen without great ads! In fact, it all starts with ad angles and the right audience. Equip yourself with both and you’re on track to great results and impressive return on ad spend (RoAS).

Tada! That’s it! Highly valuable and targeted audiences without wasting your client’s ad spend or diluting your management fees. If you’re a brand, agency or advertiser interested in implementing this strategy, contact our team today. Let’s create audiences together.


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