How Restaurants and Food Influencers Can Use Instagram

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How to use Instagram for Restaurants

It’s no secret that Instagram has taken the social media world and is the perfect platform for restaurants and food influencers. Let’s see how it should be done correctly and why it can work wonders for brands. 

How to Plan Instagram’s Food Content Strategy

Listed below are the 3 main points to consider when planning your Instagram food content:

  1. Make It Look Delicious
    This is the first and foremost rule of #foodinspiration. When you are putting food out there, you need to make users crave for it. How to Use Instagram For Restaurants and Culinary Influencers MAKE IT LOOK DELICIOUS sample
  2. Use Hashtags
    As we all know hashtags are super important when posting. So make sure that you include relevant popular hashtags on your posts. The good news is that there are quite many of them related to food such as #foodgams #foodinspiration #foodie, and many others.How to Use Instagram For Restaurants and Culinary Influencers USE HASHTAGS sample
  3. Make Use of Stories
    Stories are one of the most popular features of Instagram that can spike quite a lot of interactivity and engagement on your account. Users love casual, behind-the-scenes vibes shared on stories. Since Instagram stories are on the rise, then why not reap all the benefits out of it?How to Use Instagram For Restaurants and Culinary Influencers MAKE USE OF STORIES sample

The Types of Content Every Food Brand Should be Posting

  1. Appealing Food Images
    Of course, the first and foremost type of content that should be posted is the actual food. As a rule of thumb, any food you post out there must look appealing, delicious, and delightful.  How to Use Instagram For Restaurants and Culinary Influencers APPEALING FOOD IMAGES sample
  2. Behind the Scenes
    People love it when you are real with them. That’s why stories have been on the rise lately. Is there a better way to show your brand through behind the scene photos?How to Use Instagram For Restaurants and Culinary Influencers BEHIND THE SCENE sample
  3. Lifestyle Photos
    Another great way to showcase your brand is by using lifestyle photos. If you’re serious about it, then why not try influencer marketing? How to Use Instagram For Restaurants and Culinary Influencers LIFESTYLE PHOTOS sample

Use Instagram’s Shoppable Feature to Drive More Sales

Instagram has launched a cool new feature – the shoppable posts feature. You can recognize these types of posts by the small shopping bag icon in the bottom left corner of the post. When users tap on the image, they will instantly see more details about the product including the product’s name, price, and other information. And if they are really into the product, they can then click on the image to be directed to a new page to complete their purchase. This is a great feature to start for your brand!

The Best 25 Food Hashtags


























9 Best Instagram Story Tips for Food Industry Brand

  1. Share Giveaways
    We all know that people love giveaways. So what a better way to get more people to follow and like you than a story giveaway contest?
  2. Introduce New Products
    If you have some new arrivals in the house then don’t forget to say it out loud. This is how you can spark enthusiasm and anticipation in your following.
  3. Post User-Generated Content
    Engagement is the most important KPI for your Instagram account. That’s why you need to make sure that your followers stay engaged through contests, giveaways, poll voting, reposting, and so on!
  4. Behind the Scenes Stories
    Everybody loves it, and we know it. So why not post an interesting behind the scene images or video in your next story? It can be cooking, food preparation, cleaning up, or whatever else you might think. Just be real about it. 
  5. Don’t forget Special Days
    If it’s the national chocolate day and you are crafting delicious chocolate desserts, then posting it out on a story is a must!
  6. Why Not Recipes
    Of course, recipes are your go-to-tool to get your audience to stay tuned. Everybody loves a great recipe, and especially when it’s coming out from a professional. Check this account to get inspired.How to Use Instagram For Restaurants and Culinary Influencers RECIPES sample
  7. Collaborate with Influencers
    Yes, this is the latest trend. Choose an influencer that is an expert in the food industry and watch your Instagram account level up.  
  8. Random Photo of the Day
    When you’re running out of story content ideas, then #foodoftheday is a great theme to get you back on track. Choose your favorite food, and post it. Add some voting, GIFs, and stickers to make it more interesting! 
  9. Use Instagram Stories Highlights to Showcase your Brand
    When posting stories, make sure to highlight them. This way people will be able to find them later when they need them. And you can also categorize them according to the theme for an easy search and find. Check the story highlights of @tutti_dolci to see some great theme categorization.How to Use Instagram For Restaurants and Culinary Influencers STORY HIGHLIGHTS sample
    Also, check out @akis_petretzikis to see some great highlight covers that you can use to make your highlights even more interesting! How to Use Instagram For Restaurants and Culinary Influencers HIGHLIGHT COVER sample

How to Create Engaging Instagram Content Feed for Food Industry Brands

We did some research online to find out the best Instagram food accounts that pass and excel in our standards. Here are a few of the best that you should start following right now:

  1. Kimberley Hasselbrink
    This is great Instagram food content from a master produce photographer.
    How to Use Instagram For Restaurants and Culinary Influencers KIMBERLY HASSELBRINK sample
  2. Lindsey Silverman Love
    This page pictures the right balance of style, simplicity, and imagination.
    How to Use Instagram For Restaurants and Culinary Influencers LINDSEY SILVERMAN LOVE sample
  3. Eva Kosmas Flores
     This is definitely #foodporn!
    How to Use Instagram For Restaurants and Culinary Influencers EVA KOSMAS FLORES sample
  4. Alison Roman
    Allison’s account will send anyone’s cravings right to the roof.
    How to Use Instagram For Restaurants and Culinary Influencers ALISSON ROMAN sample
  5. Marta Greber
    Another great account that specializes in great and delicious breakfast meals.How to Use Instagram For Restaurants and Culinary Influencers MARTA GREBER sample

What we know for sure is that Instagram can be a great way to showcase your food brand. We’ve covered how you can devise the perfect content strategy that can bring your Gram account to the next level. To be honest, this takes a bit for trial and error. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get this started!

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