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Let us ask a question, “How much time you are willing to devote to Pinterest just to keep up with all the work without disrupting other priorities?” If you are taking more than just 5 minutes to answer, you may want to consider hiring a Pinterest manager! But, how to find a reliable Pinterest manager?

In this article, we share some great tips on how to find a reliable Pinterest manager for your business.

What does a Pinterest Manager do?

Since Pinterest managers know their way around Pinterest, they can do lots of things for you! Whether it’s unleashing their creativity or tracking your metrics. A Pinterest manager could manage your account in a way you couldn’t otherwise. This is what pays off, especially when you want to boost your online presence on Pinterest. Here are some of the ways they might help you:

Account Set up, Audit, and/or Clean up

With a Pinterest manager, you don’t have to wait to become an expert before you can create a business account. Pinterest managers can do this for you from scratch and verify it by claiming your website. Once you are verified, your online presence gets boosted and your brand authority increases.


Creating your account from scratch also means posting relevant, high-quality Pins and Boards to your account. Create eye-catching images and interesting descriptions can also be overwhelming. The good thing is that you don’t have to worry about these tasks again once you hire a Pinterest manager.


One of the benefits of switching to a business account is that you have the freedom to add additional information to your Pins. This is what you call “Rich Pins”. Rich Pins are highly detailed Pins that tend to rank higher than normal Pins.


Competing on Pinterest isn’t only about catchy posts and interesting descriptions. It’s also about finding relevant keywords to put in titles and descriptions so that your posts can reach the right audience. In order for Pinterest Analytics to better understand the context of your Pin or Board, high-quality keywords should be included. A Pinterest manager can do the keyword research for your business account and insert those keywords into titles and descriptions in the most natural way possible.


On top of that, a Pinterest manager can help you to optimize boards for your profile. They hide irrelevant boards and organize the rest of the boards according to your niche and the message you want to deliver to your visitors. Doing this will keep your content stay relevant to your target market. A Pinterest manager can also give you tons of great suggestions for your board names to help your boards rank higher. 

Build Brand Awareness

It is very important for Pinterest managers to help your brand gain authority and popularity. Therefore, consistent pinning and repinning of high quality and valuable content should be done as part of their job. Keep in mind that Pinterest analytics also reward frequent pinners. It means the more they recognize your account activity, the more likely your Pins are to rank higher.

Pins at the top of the home feed for a particular keyword are likely to get a higher engagement rate. The higher the engagement rate, the higher the followers and recognition gained.

Creates and Schedule pins

Since Pins make the difference on Pinterest, Pinterest Manager makes sure all Pins are tracked and scheduled accordingly. Scheduling all posts on Pinterest can save time. It also ensures that the post reaches the target audience at the best possible time.


Scheduled Pins can be tracked through Pinterest analytics to see and analyze which Pins or Boards are performing well. The role of a Pinterest manager is very important here because he can use the data obtained to analyze the results and improve the ranking of the Pin. For best results, you may want to have a good pinning strategy. Pinterest Managers can help you create robust Pinterest marketing strategies to get more clicks and views!

A good Pinterest marketing strategy can make it more likely to be noticed by the Pinterest crowd, and by scheduling your Pins, you can be sure your Pinterest manager has researched the best time to post.

Join Group Boards or Tribes


Pinterest managers can also help your brand build a strong presence on Pinterest by joining group boards or tribes. Pinterest managers can search for relevant group boards and ask the admin for permission to join. With Group Boards, your Pins get more visibility as Valuable Pins shared within the group are more likely to be re-pinned by contributors, reaching a larger audience and gaining more engagement.

Monitor the Performance

Working with Pinterest Managers can help you get a clearer view of how your Pinterest profile is performing. By carefully tracking the results of your Pins and posts, Pinterest managers can help you develop a robust Pinterest marketing strategy that will help you achieve your goals and objectives.


With the help of a Pinterest manager, your business account will continue to grow, reaching a larger audience and increasing traffic to your site. Through careful metric analysis, they are able to improve the pins with the lowest ranks and maximize those at the top.

Provide Monthly Performance Reports

Pinterest Managers can help you improve your Pinterest profile stats by providing a monthly performance report that covers your Pins and profile performance. This report will help you see how your Pins are performing and can help you decide which Pins to focus on, which Pins to edit, and which Pins to leave. Pinterest managers can help you review these monthly performance reports to help you make a better choice.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Reliable Pinterest Manager

1. List of Tasks You Need Help with

Before hiring a Pinterest manager to help you manage your Pinterest business account, you might want to sit down first and review the tasks you want your Pinterest manager to handle. These can include time management, consistent pinning and repinning of valuable content, creating and scheduling pins, follow-ups, and more! In addition, you should also assess how long you will be needing a Pinterest manager to manage your account, based on your Pinterest goals.

2. Type of Pin Content 

Being on the same page with your Pinterest manager has many advantages! But it’s harder to sync without an agreement on what kind of content to manage on Pinterest. Therefore, it’s best to list beforehand some of the important things that you want your Pinterest manager to work on for your content. They should answer questions about what your business is and what you offer to your target market.

Being able to figure out who you are and what kind of content you want customers to see on your profile could get you started. Content doesn’t just cover topics, but must also point to the type of Pin it is – static pins, video pins, and story pins. Once you know what kind of content best appeals to your audience on Pinterest, then you can get started working on the right Pinterest manager.

3. Budget

Another important factor to consider is setting a budget for hiring a Pinterest manager. If having a Pinterest manager would help your business grow and earn more profits, then it would be worth it. There are many benefits to having a qualified Pinterest manager to manage your Pinterest business account, and your budget should be based on how much work you have for them.

4. Pinterest Manager’s Experience and Skills

Narrow down your list of candidates based on their experience and skills. Do they have what it takes to help you achieve your goals and objectives in running a business account on Pinterest? Depending on your needs and preferences, you can go from a highly skilled Pinterest manager to a complete beginner. Check their portfolio and ask questions to know more details. Whichever you choose, make sure your Pinterest manager has all the skills you need to be successful with your Pinterest marketing campaigns.


There are many benefits to running a business account on Pinterest, given that Pinterest is a huge visual app that has millions of active users every month. It’s a great platform with plenty of opportunities for business growth, which is why hiring a Pinterest manager who does all the work for you is a good and worthwhile investment. Find a reliable Pinterest manager for your business with the tips discussed in this article.

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Ampfluence Team

The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!
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    1. Appreciate this post on finding not just a Pinterest manager, but a reliable one! I’d only add the importance of setting clear expectations before any work begins. There are many talented people out there for hire, but without a clear objective, it’s easy to get disapointed. And sometimes, with clear expectations, someone who is more of a novice Pinterest manager that has the specific ability we’re looking for can really knock it out of the park at a competitive price!

    2. Fortunately, there are a lot of good specialists now. The most important thing here is to overcome your anxiety at the interview and present your candidacy properly. You can find a lot of valuable advice on this here . Of course, preparation is important. If you know about yourself that it is sometimes difficult for you to answer questions right away, prepare basic answers in advance: why are you looking for a job, what exactly are you looking for, what are your salary expectations, etc.

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