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All marketers know that one of the secrets of doing Pinterest marketing is to find relevant keywords for the Pinterest profile. Pinterest has grown into a giant visual search engine that over a billion monthly users are active. It comes to the decision that this platform is a great place for success.

The next question related to the Pinterest marketing secret now is “How we can find relevant keywords for our Pinterest profile?” In this article, we will share the steps to find relevant keywords for your Pinterest profile.

What is Pinterest Keywording?

Creating keywords on Pinterest is all about adding words or phrases to a title or description so it will be visible to the right audience. For example, if you are selling rattan bags, you can add relevant keywords like “rattan bag outfit” or “rattan bag street style”. Relevant keywords will help Pinterest’s algorithm identify the context of your pin or board, so it will appear in the right landing pages where your target audience is.


Pinterest keywording is essential for any content creator, blogger, or brand as it helps their content to be properly organized by the Pinterest algorithm. When we search for content, Pinterest can immediately pull all the Pins with the same keywords in the description and the search bar.

Keywords can also extract other relevant content which may or may not be directly related to the search. You may be questioning, how is this possible? This usually happens when the keywords used are not clear or specific. Therefore, you need to be strategic and specific when adding keywords to get the right audience.


Pinterest may be similar to some popular search engine sites like Google, but it’s still very different. The thing that makes it different is it doesn’t yet have a tool that lets you display the rankings of keywords on Pinterest. In some countries, the Pinterest Trends tool is already available to view the latest search trends or top daily searches on Pinterest. If it is not available yet in your country, don’t worry, Google is always getting your back. You can also use other keyword research tools available on the internet.

What Keywording is NOT!

Now that you know what keywords are for, the next important thing to do is plan strategies so that your target audience finds your content. The most important thing about keywords is NOT to add the same keywords to all of your Pinterest boards.

For example, if your keyword is specific only to health and wellness, don’t add it to a board with a different niche, like DIY projects. Keep in mind that the more specific your keywords, the more qualified leads you get.

Why Use Keywords on Pinterest?

Keywords on Pinterest are very essential. Keywords are not only considered as one of the best Pinterest’s best practices but also important to find the right target audiences. For example, your niche is health and wellness targeting people between the ages of 25 and 60. Your keywords should be specific to that age group. Some good examples of keywords to use in this context are “healthy recipes for busy moms” or “simple home exercises for men”.

Keywords on Pinterest should be added to your description so the group of people that relevant to your target audience can find your content. Keywords can be added to the Pinterest boards and pin description and should be added in the most natural way possible.

Finally, keywords also help Pinterest’s algorithm to better categorize your content. Well-categorized content is likely to land on the right pages and be seen by the right audience interested in the topic you posted.

How to Keyword on Pinterest

There are two essential components in a Pin: the description and the image. Since Pinterest is a visual app, most people judge the value of content based on the image presented. No matter how valuable and relevant the content is, if you posted a dull and unclear image, it will not win any viewers or readers. Images are the first thing users will critique before they are going further to the description. Therefore, your pin should be organized, intentional, valuable, attractive, and compelling.


On the other hand, Pinterest and pin descriptions must be simple and to the point. The simpler and more precise the keywords are, the better the Pinterest algorithm will understand your content. Pin descriptions can be up to 500 characters. Check the image above to see a good example of a Pin description with relevant keywords.

Know Your Pinterest Audience

Pinterest is a platform with a huge database of different ideas from different people. It is a gold mine, isn’t it? But, since it is huge, it becomes more difficult to find the idea you are exactly looking for. You can help the Pinterest algorithm by setting up your Pins and Boards to suit your target audience.

To better understand your target audience, you can rely on Pinterest analytics to provide you with the metrics you need. Pinterest analytics analyzes the performance of each of your pins and boards and knows the behavior of your target audience. This information will serve as a future reference when creating more content for your audience.

Find Pinterest Keywords with Search Queries

Pinterest helps people find the right keywords for their niche. Since it is also a search engine, you can use the search box queries to find the keywords you are looking for. Pinterest search queries can offer a lot of suggestions, and most of the time, they suggest popular search terms for your niche. Check How Pinterest Search Works here.


In the example photo above, you can find some of the popular search terms suggested by Pinterest. Although they are popularly searched terms, these keywords can be challenging to rank due to the high competition. 

To help the Pinterest algorithm better understand your content, you can add more relevant keywords to your description. As mentioned earlier, the more specific the keywords used, the better Pinterest will identify your content and audience.

If you want to know how to find Pinterest keywords with search queries, here are some steps you can refer to:

Step 1: Use Pinterest Search to Find Keywords

Enter a keyword in the Pinterest search box that is related to your content and list any terms suggested by Pinterest. In the example below, when you type “coffee beans” Pinterest will give a list of suggested keywords.


Step 2: Track your Pinterest Keywords

The most effective tool to use for tracking your keywords is Pinterest Analytics. You can see from this tool which keywords are performing well and which are not, and help you understand your overall Pinterest presence. The data provided can guide you in maximizing the potential of each saved pin. It also helps users identify which boards are achieving the best results. If you want to succeed with your Pinterest business strategy, then this is a must-have tool!


It is also very useful to create a list of all your keywords. Write them down where you feel comfortable or use organizational tools like MS Excel spreadsheets and Trello boards to track your keyword performance. Organize them however you want.


Step 3: Narrow Down Your Search to Niche Keywords

When you enter a high-level keyword in the Pinterest search box, you’ll notice that Pinterest may suggest different subtopics below the search bar which you can add to refine your search.

Remember that a high-level keyword is a generic keyword for tons of more specific keywords, so if you want to create long-tail keywords that make your niche more specific just add suggested search terms.

In the photo below, you can see that “gardening” contains many related keywords just below the search bar. To refine the search terms, simply click on one of the related keywords below.


When you click the suggested search term “project,” Pinterest will then suggest more related terms. In this context, we clicked “for kids” and then to narrow it down further, you can click “classroom.” Now the long-tail keyword is “Classroom gardening project for kids.” Easy!

Step 4:  Repeating the Steps for More Specific Keywords

Part of your Pinterest keyword strategy is to repeat these steps over and over again. Whenever you want to be more specific with your target audience, just narrow down your keywords one by one using Pinterest Guided Search. The more you delve into your niche, the more specific your keywords should be.

Find Pinterest Keywords Using Pinterest Ads

To find Pinterest keywords using Pinterest ads, you’ll first need to create a Pinterest business account. Check How to Create Pinterest Business Account in case you haven’t already had one. Once you have a Pinterest business account, you can follow these steps to find the keywords:

Step 1: Open Pinterest Ads

  1. Log in to your Pinterest business account first.
  2. Click the “Ads” tab then on the drop-down menu, click “Overview”

Step 2:  Create a New Campaign

  1. Go to Ads Overview to see different options for creating a new campaign
  2. Choose which campaign tool you want to use to get started. In the example photo below, we chose the “Awareness campaigns.” Then click on the Promote button.

Step 3: Name Your Pseudo Campaign

  1. Under the “Set up your campaign” overview, you will need to enter a campaign name. In the example photo below, the campaign name used was ‘Test Campaign 1.”
  2. Click Continue.

Step 4: Feast on Powerful Keywords!

  1. Scroll down all the way to the “Keywords” section. 
  2. In the right column, type in a keyword that’s relevant to your blog topic. 
  3. Pinterest will show you its related keywords along with its monthly search volumes.

The data provided will help identify relevant keywords that are popular and could drive high traffic to your site. Especially if you want to create Pinterest ad campaigns, you can use this tool to research popular keywords that are likely to get the best results.

Where to Keyword on Pinterest

Now that you know how to easily find powerful keywords to use on Pinterest, it’s time to figure out where to strategically insert those keywords.

Pinterest Profile

Keywords can also be added to your Pinterest bio and your account name. Make sure to use keywords that are relevant to your niche.


Pin Descriptions

A good Pin Description is a simple, yet accurate, engaging description with content that provides a solution to a problem. Do not stuff keywords as the description may look spammy and unappealing, but rather insert them to text the most natural way possible.


Board Titles

A good Pinterest board title is one that uses a keyword for the name. See photo below:


Board titles should be clear and specific to help Pinterest’s algorithm better identify your board. Use keywords related to your niche and avoid cute names, otherwise your board will not be visible to your target audience.

Board Descriptions

While Pinterest doesn’t penalize keyword stuffing in a board description, it’s still important to adhere to its best practices, such as making board descriptions as sophisticated as possible by inserting keywords naturally into your sentences.



Finding keywords for Pinterest is useful and easy for everyone! Remember, even Pinterest makes it a lot easier by suggesting related search terms commonly used by users in your niche through search queries and guided search. It’s almost similar to Google, but Pinterest is a lot easier! The most important thing is to understand your target audience. If you know what they look like, you will likely know what content they are looking for, so that you can produce valuable, interesting, and relevant content for them.

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Ampfluence Team

The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!
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