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Pinterest boards are what sets Pinterest apart from other popular social media sites. Each board tells what’s new and what’s trending! The question will be, “How can we find Pinterest group boards that will increase traffic?”.

Pinterest boards are essential to the growth of your Pinterest. With so much to choose from, choosing a good board for Pinterest growth can be a bit tricky. Once you find a good one, you’ll wonder how you can be a part of it. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to find the right group boards to drive traffic.

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What are Pinterest Group Boards

One of the ways to reach a target audience on Pinterest is through the use of Group Boards. A Pinterest Group Board is a collection of images and videos from different users. Users can also invite other users to become one of their collaborators who can pin to their board. 

To invite friends to collaborate on your board, simply click open your board, then click the “plus circle” icon. Under your Board Name, find friends by their first and last name, username, or email address, then click the “Invite” button. You can also just copy the link and send it to anyone you want to add. Pinterest will then send them an email notification of your invitation.


Note that Pinterest uses Smart Feed, which means only recent, highly engaged content gets more reach. Contrary to what most people thought, group boards are not meant for marketing purposes, but it’s a feature that helps friends and co-workers collaborate easily on any project or event, such as weddings and parties. It’s essentially designed for group collaborations where each user participates to achieve one goal. 

Pinterest Group Boards Update

While Pinterest group boards aren’t primarily for marketing purposes, Pinterest has made them more useful for group collaborations with the following features:

1. Pinterest Group Boards Reactions 

Pinterest improved group boards by adding group reactions for better communication. Reactions show other collaborators in the group how one feels towards a certain pin or project.


If anyone wants to react to a certain video or story pin, they just have to click the pin and hover over it to select their reaction from the options shown. For example, if someone is confused about something, all they need to do is just click on the lightbulb reaction to inform others. To those who want to express love or agreement on a particular idea,  they just have to click the heart or clap reaction. That’s how simple it is!

While this isn’t the first time to see these reactions on social media, many agree that adding them to group boards is useful for group collaborations. Pinterest has also made it easy for users to organize their group boards through reactions and comments, and pinners.

2. Organize Group Boards Pins by Reactions and Comments

Collaborators can now easily organize and manage each pin using Pinterest’s new sorting feature. Organize pins based on reactions and comments to easily identify high priority Pins that contain the most popular ideas. That way, it would be easier for all group collaborations to track their progress and move forward.


3. Organize Group Board Pins by Pinner

Pinterest is said to include another useful feature for group boards that will allow coworkers to organize their group board pins by pinner. Since there are a lot of pinners around the world, this feature will help group boards become more alive and active. This feature is said to be included soon.

4. Pinterest Group Boards Chat 

Pinterest is smart enough to redesign the group board’s communication area by adding a chat feature right on the board. With this feature, every member can easily and quickly follow their member’s thoughts and conversations in one place. This is especially useful when someone wants to start a chat thread that anyone can reply to.


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What to Look For in Pinterest Group Boards

Given the number of users on the Pinterest platform, it can be difficult for a user to easily find the Pinterest group board they are looking for. While many consider themselves masters at finding it, others equate it to a wild-goose chase. Here are steps to find the best Pinterest group board.

1. Name of Group Boards

Pinterest group boards are properly categorized by name and content. When looking for a Pinterest group board, it’s important to know whether or not the name of the group board matches your niche and pins. You can check How to Name your Pinterest Boards for your reference.


Find lists of group boards according to your niche. To do this, check the group board category and read the board description for more details. It is also a good practice to view the collaborators’ profile to know their niche, target audience, and reach. 


Many users have observed that group boards which allow just any kind of pin often perform poorly. Make sure pins are relevant and on-topic. One important factor to consider is one that has keyword-optimized board description and title. 


Pinterest boards with fresh, useful, interesting, and relevant content that fall into your niche are a good Pinterest board to join. Ask yourself questions like, “Do I want to share their content with my followers?” and “Will my followers find the content useful and useful?” helps you see if the Pinterest board group is exactly what you are looking for.

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2. Contributors to the Group Boards (Nos of Contributors)

A Pinterest group board can hold all of the relevant and useful information in your niche, and much of the credit goes to their contributors. Check the number of contributors on a group board and the quality of the content they are sharing. Contributors need to share new, interesting, useful, and relevant niches that you can save or share with your followers.

A good group board has fewer than 100+ contributors. The more contributors a group board has, the more difficult it is to manage the content. Overloaded group boards are more likely to contain low quality pins, so it’s best to avoid it. 

3. Active Group Boards

No matter how many contributors a Pinterest group board has, if only one is regularly pinning, it’s all pointless. One of the reasons to join a Pinterest group board is to get more viewers, increase engagement to your pins and traffic to your website, and get more followers. If only a few contributors are pinning new content or repinning another content, then that group board is almost dead.

4. Reciprocal Pinning is Encouraged

In order for a Pinterest group board to grow, each contributor has to help each other by sharing each other’s content with their own followers. This is a must have for any Pinterest group board with the same intent. There has to be a consistent give and take among contributors to help each other achieve their goals. If a board group doesn’t have this rule at all, it will most likely end up dead and eventually be ignored by Pinterest.

5. Active Repins

Many users feel that the more they get into group boards, the more likely they are to gain more followers and engagement for their Pins. But that’s not always the case. A Pinterest group board can pull you down, especially if it doesn’t help you build your Pinterest presence.

A good practice is to join a Pinterest group board that is getting lots of clicks and repins. You can identify whether your group board is performing well or not through Pinterest Analytics. Pinterest Analytics has virality metrics data for each of the group boards you’ve joined.

6. Has a Decent Number of Followers

The number of followers on a group board doesn’t really matter that much. A group board can have less than 10 followers but contains lots of high performing pins due to the validity and relevance of the content.

On the other hand, a group board with many  followers may have low virality score due to poor quality pins. It doesn’t really matter! A decent number of active followers who regularly pin high-quality, relevant content is a good choice.

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How to Know Find Pinterest Group Boards to That Drive Traffic

A Pinterest group board that has low repin activity will be less likely to drive significant traffic to a site. Don’t underestimate Pinterest management because they know their game a lot more than all the users put together. Once it detects a dead group board with shoddy content, it will likely consider it spam and end up shutting it down, damaging your pins than it should. So here are the steps to avoid this:

1. Group Boards in Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics helps determine which Pins are performing well and driving traffic to a site. Pinterest analytics can be confusing at times, but experts suggest putting more emphasis on clicks and repins rather than impressions because this data determines whether you’re hitting your goal or not. Other times, impressions don’t count as much, as good impressions don’t always mean more clicks or repins, and don’t really contribute traffic.

To access Pinterest analytics, just click the Analytics tab in the top left-handed corner of your profile and select Overview.


The Analytics Overview gathers data and evaluates all of your key pin metrics, and filters them by format, content type, device, and source. 

Pinterest Analytics also gives an overview of which group boards are working well and which are not. The number of clicks and saves would give users an idea of ​​which boards are popular and highly engaged among Pinterest users in your niche.


The results provided will help determine what your top boards are. With the data provided, you can know which boards to focus pinning on and get an idea of ​​what kind of content your followers are likely to engage with.

2. Pinterest Group Boards Analytics in Tailwind 

Tailwind is a reliable tool that allows you to see your group board stats. To find out which group boards are performing well, go to “Track Your Brand Page” and then click on “Board Insight”. See photo below:


Tailwind allows you to filter your group boards on various metrics, which include virality scores that are used to determine the number of clicks and repins for a particular content.

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Best Ways to Use Group Boards

Not all group boards are helpful. Experts recommend using them wisely, more as a supplement, focusing only on the best performing boards to get more engagement for your pins. A good practice is to pin to your top performing board first, then intersperse them to your group boards while avoiding being spammy.

1. Running Your Own Group Boards

There is no pressure to run your own group board, as long as you know what it is for and how it works to your advantage.

Group boards can start with a small group of contributors who you think could consistently contribute great content that you can share with your followers. Remember, group boards are an exchange scenario where you share other people’s pins and they share yours in return. So collaborating with people you know would make things a lot easier.

2. Content Sharing

Share content that benefits your Pinterest growth and business. While Facebook share feeds have limited options when it comes to content sharing, Tailwind, on the other hand, gives you plenty of ways to share your favorite content with your audience, which is a huge plus! Additionally, with Tailwind Tribes, you can keep a close eye on users to see if they are following the sharing rules or not.

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Pinterest group boards are designed to reach more audiences through the collaborative work of each member. However, not all group boards are beneficial. To effectively use group boards for your content and branding, it is best to follow the steps outlined above. With group boards, not only can you gain more followers and viewers for your Pin, but you also learn more from other collaborators.

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Ampfluence Team

The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!
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