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One of the features that Pinterest are known is their group boards. Pinterest group boards are a brilliant idea created by this giant visual search engine app that allows like-minded users to collaborate together through active sharing of resources in a group board in order to achieve desired results. But how to find the best Pinterest group boards to join and increase your growth?

In this article, we will share step-by-step instructions on how to find the best Pinterest group boards to get started.

Why do Pinterest Group Matters?

There are plenty of advantages when you decided to create or join a Pinterest group board. 

A. Effective Communication

If you are planning a special event or occasion, group boards can serve as a communication platform between team members to make sure everything runs smoothly and nothing is left behind. Pinterest has also added new features to group boards to effectively relay information through reactions.


To react, just hover your mouse over the image, and select from a range of reactions alongside a pin. Reactions are helpful for members who want to give quick feedback about a certain topic or pin. There’s a range of reactions to select from, such as heart, star, and lightbulb. 

B. Share Resources

Pinterest boards are useful for sharing themes, ideas, and comments. If you don’t have the luxury of creating as many fresh pins as you can, don’t worry. You can grab one of other creator’s resources and share them with your followers to increase view and continually be active. Keep in mind that you have to share pins that related to your niche.

Likewise, those creators will also do the same with your resources! This take-and-give scenario works far and wide for many users.

C. Reach More Audience and Gain New Followers

As content sharing is a common practice among group board members, there is a bigger chance that your content will land on many different pages. It can gain more viewers, increasing engagement rate, and increasing traffic to your site.

When you have valuable content to offer, you will soon notice the sudden increase in the number of followers in your profile. 

D. Support Group and Brainstorming of Ideas

Pinterest group boards are useful when members are struggling to grow their Pinterest accounts. With the help of other members, you can get plenty of resources to draw inspiration from. Pinterest is a wonderful platform to share ideas with your teammates. 

Ways to Find Pinterest Group Boards 

Finding the best Pinterest group boards is easy! Just follow these simple steps to get started.

1. Conduct a Pinterest Board Search

When you search for a Pinterest board, start typing the relevant keyword into the search bar. In the example photo below, we typed “social media growth tips.” Refine your search results by tapping the “All Pins” next to the search bar. In the drop-down menu, choose “Boards.”


You will notice that some of the boards have a circle icon in the lower-left portion of the thumbnail, indicating that it is a collaborative group. 


Finally, just click the group board you want to view.

2. Check Out Competitors’ Pinterest Group Boards

If you want to have an edge over your competition, you should also check out their Pinterest board groups. Here’s how to do it:

  • Visit their Pinterest page
  • Click on “Saved” to see their boards
  • Look for multiple profile icons next to the Pinterest Board title

3. Search Facebook Groups for Pinterest Board Owners

In order to broaden your reach, you can search for potential people who might contribute to your group’s board. One of the most popular ways to find them is through Facebook groups. Find groups and communities to connect with and find people who might be suitable to join your group board. 


In the example above, we put “Pinterest Marketing Growth”. Simply click on the Facebook group you want to join and request access. Engage members, especially those who have the same interest as you and connect with them until you are able to convince them to contribute to your Pinterest group board.

4. Use a Pinterest Group Board Search Engine

There are different ways to find the best Pinterest Group board to join. One of the easiest is through a search engine for a Pinterest board from Pingroupie or you can also check How to Find Pinterest Group Boards to Drive Traffic.

Refine your search by category or by niche. In the example below, the Pinterest board groups under the Marketing niche have a score of 80.5 out of 100. The score is based on repin rate, follower growth, number of collaborators, and so on.


The other way is to use Tailwind Pin Inspector to track table metrics. The features offered allow users to see how each Pinterest board is performing and which board is performing the best.


A good Pinterest practice is to look for a Pinterest board that has lots of followers but has not too many collaborators. Click on that board, and check the quality of each pin saved. 

5. Take Advantage of your Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics is also a great tool for viewing the performance of your group boards. It’s a free tool that can be used by anyone with a Pinterest Business account. It is very useful for tracking metrics over time.


Pinterest analytics can track how your Pins and Boards are performing based on Repins, Followers, and Impressions. With the data provided, you can analyze each Pinterest board group in depth, identifying strengths and areas for improvement for future benchmarks.

6. Network With Your Business Buddies

There is nothing wrong with asking for help. If you have business friends who can help you find experts to contribute to your group board or if they know of a community in your niche that might be interested in joining, then contact them!

Join a Pinterest Group Board

There are lots of benefits to joining a Pinterest group board, especially if you are looking to reach more audiences for your niche. Follow these steps to join a good one.

Connect With the Members of the Group Board

Usually when you request to join a Pinterest group board, you have an option to write a message to the administrator mostly telling them why you want to join. Before you even begin that process, check the board first and what they’re pinning to see the quality and to identify whether or not they fit the goal you want to achieve.

Follow Instructions

Some Pinterest board groups have strict rules for users who want to join. Most of the time, you can find their rigorous process in their board description. If instructions are included, be extra careful. If the description indicates that they are no longer accepting new contributors, then so be it!

Remember to always read their instructions carefully. If you think you can’t commit to sticking to their guidelines, you might as well just give them up and look for a better one!

Don’t Assume

Sometimes you may stumble upon some interesting Pinterest group boards that leave no clear instructions on how to join. If you are unsure whether joining them or not is the best choice, try contacting the board owner first. Keep in mind that you don’t always expect them to respond to you right away. But if they do, get ready! Stay professional whatever their decision!

Reach Out the Board Owner

When you want to be clear with your intention and decide to contact the board owner, do so by contacting them directly through Pinterest, their Facebook group (if applicable), or their website.


The board owner is the first photo you’ll see when you click on the board group. You can also see in the URL their profile or account name.

Give them a Clue

When contacting the owner of the forum to express your intention to become a member, always be professional. Include your intention in your post and the reasons why you should join. How can you contribute to the group? Your answer to this question is vital. 

You can take it a step further by providing them with a link to your profile, store, or blog, highlighting your main blog or product board to let them know who you are and the kind of content you have. 

Possible End-Round

If the board owner took a long time to respond, the other alternative is to contact one of their contributors whom you may know, and perhaps they may be able to refer you to the group or add you instead if that’s possible.

How to Know if a Group Board Work for Your Account

It is important to understand that Pinterest Group Boards do not aid in content distribution but rather intended for group collaboration. Although this is the case, some Pinterest users, bloggers, and brands, still find it useful.

To know if a group board work for your account, look out for these important components from Pinterest Analytics or Tailwind App:

  • The constant activity between contributors has increased your pin’s engagement rate
  • Your valuable pins are being shared and landed in different search pages
  • There is increase traffic to your website
  • You gain more followers under your niche
  • You are getting more resources to share

How to Leave a Group Board

Unfortunately, not all Pinterest group boards are good. If the metrics say so, perhaps you should consider leaving the group board. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click on the image of the group member on the Group Board
  2. Find your name
  3. Click the “Leave” button


Pinterest group boards might just be for group collaboration. But if you’re strategic about how to use them efficiently to leverage your blog or brand, then these group boards could prove to be very useful! Rather than seeing it primarily as a marketing tool, treat it as a way to engage a community that has the same interests as yours and learns from the people who are part of it! 

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The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!

Ampfluence Team

The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!
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