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Split Photos Into Grid

Want to have fun and give your Instagram account a creative and unique look? Then, try to split photos into a grid. You’ve seen this technique used on other accounts, and now we’ll show you how to do it for yourself. Who knows – maybe this could help you get out of your engagement slump and attract new followers.

You could split your photos into a variety of formats:

  • 3 x 1 for panoramas (3 tiles)
  • 3 x 2 for horizontal pictures which are great for landscape shots (6 tiles)
  • 3 x 3 for larger images that are square format (9 tiles)
  • 2 x 2 for smaller square formats (4 tiles)
  • 2 x 3 for portrait format photos (6 tiles)
  • 1 x 2 for landscape photos (2 tiles)

To get more creative, you can also tell a running story through your images.

First, find the image that you would use and cut it into equal square sizes using the Instagram photo editing tools we provide further below.

It’s important to make sure every image looks good individually when splitting because people will see each image separately while scrolling through their feed.

After you’ve split all the images, it’s best to upload the photos one at a time. You should wait for the first one to finish uploading before uploading the next one to avoid mishaps.

Below is an example of our attempt at having some fun with photo tiles.

Instagram Photos in Grid

Below are some apps and websites to split photos into a grid for Instagram.

Mobile Apps to Split Photos into a Grid

1. Tile Pic

Turn your pictures into big tiled banners to share on Instagram and make your profile stand out from the crowd!

The app is fun and simple to use. First select the size you would like the banner to be. Then add your photo and scale or move if necessary. Once you’re satisfied, hit save and the app will then cut your photo into tiles and save it to your photo album. You can then upload all those photos to Instagram and enjoy!

Tile Pic on Apple Store (iOS devices)

Cost: Free (In-App Purchases)

2. Pic Splitter

Use Pic Splitter to split your photos into grids for Instagram. This is an essential photo app for your collection and will give your Instagram profile a professional look!

This pro version has no ads whatsoever, so you can create your photos uninterrupted.

Pic Splitter on Apple Store (iOS devices)

Pic Splitter on Google Play (Android devices)

Cost: $1.99 for iOS devices or $1.99 for Android devices

3. 9square for Instagram

The #1 best free app to crop your pictures into 3×1, 3×2, 3×3, 3×4, 3×5 grids and upload directly to Instagram. Impress all your Instagram followers with high resolution grids that you can create from your personal pictures! Gain more followers and attention by having the best looking grids on Instagram.

9 Square for Instagram on Google Play (Android devices)

Cost: Free

4. nSquares

The complete solution of square formats on Instagram. Post your photo beyond square boundary on Instagram.

By nSquares, you can freely choose to post your photo with different square formats:

  1. Square (No Crop): post your photo in square format without cropping your photo.
  2. Squares (Bisquare): crop your landscape-mode photo into two squares, then upload them to Instagram as two adjacent photo squares. Your Instagram visitors will see the entire photo of your landscape-mode photo without white or black borders. And they can tap into the squares to see more details.
  3. Squares (Trisquare): also want to post Panorama photo? this is the ideal option to cut your panorama photo into 3 squares, then post on Instagram. Your profile visitor will see the entire panorama picture on your profile page. And they can tap on the individual squares to see more details.

With n-Squares, you can also post your photo in Banner or Photo Grid format. We provide a variety of banner and grid patterns for you to post your large photo and composite your multiple photos into a photo grid to tell your story.

nSquares on Apple Store (iOS devices)

Cost: Free

5. Grids – Feed Banner Pics

Break your large rectangular photos or panoramas into a number of square pics and upload them to Instagram to awe your friends and impress your profile page visitors!

Watch separate tiles combine into one mind blowing image allowing for unparalleled level of detailing and flexible scaling options! Be it a casual selfshot, a city skyline or a mountain landscape, with Grids they will look amazing on your profile page. You won’t have to shrink or resize your creations ever again.

Take a new picture right from within the app or upload an existing one from your Library, choose a suitable sizing option among the 6 available options, and let Grids crop the image for you! All you have to do is to submit the resulting pics to your Instagram in the order suggested by the app. You don’t even have to save the tiles to your device as sharing to Instagram is embedded in the application!

You are not limited to solid grids with three rows. Choose one of the more intricate styles with the possibility to substitute certain squares with color or gradient for amazing results!

Grids introduces a totally new way of using your Instagram, wrapped in simple and beautiful design. Don’t miss the chance to express yourself by embellishing your profile page and posting breathtaking large scale images in their full glory!

Grids – Feed Banner Pics on Apple Store

Cost: Free – Offers In-App Purchases

6. Phototiling

PhotoTiling is an app that enables you to crop your photos into multiple squares (tiles), then arrange them on your Instagram profile page to create Banners and Photo Grids. PhotoTiling not only enables you to easily and quickly make banners, but also provides you the maximum flexibility to tile your photos into any grid pattern you want. Besides uploading to Instagram, you can also save your Banner/PhotoGrid as a single photo.

Phototiling on Apple Store

Cost: $0.99

7. Instant Squares

Instant Squares let’s you split/splice your pictures into multiple squares and upload them directly to Instagram to create a big square/banner/carousel/album and amaze all your Instagram followers. Take your Instagram to the next level, by creating an amazing Instagram profile grid and increase your followers for organic Instagram growth.

Instant Squares on Google Play (Android devices)

Cost: Free

8. Giant Square for Instagram

The Giant Square cuts up your pictures into several pieces that are perfectly aligned for you to upload to your Instagram gallery – in any size and combination you want!

You can make vertical, horizontal and even diagonal panorama pictures and banner pictures in your Instagram gallery. You can also create what they call the GIANT SQUARE which is 9 square pictures that make up one big square picture in your Instagram gallery.

Giant Square on Apple Store

Giant Square on Google Play (Android devices)

Cost: Free

If you have an interesting account that uses this style of photo tiles, or have split photos into a grid for Instagram that we should feature, please drop your handle in the comments. We’re looking for inspiration for a future blog post that will feature such accounts.

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Charlie P

Charlie is CEO of Ampfluence -the #1 Instagram growth service, CEO of Triberr, a content and influencer marketing platform, and CEO of 99 Robots, a digital marketing & WordPress agency. He lives and breathes social media marketing, especially Instagram. He doesn't write much, but when he does, we all think it's worth reading!

Charlie P

Charlie is CEO of Ampfluence -the #1 Instagram growth service, CEO of Triberr, a content and influencer marketing platform, and CEO of 99 Robots, a digital marketing & WordPress agency. He lives and breathes social media marketing, especially Instagram. He doesn't write much, but when he does, we all think it's worth reading!
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