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Instagram Reels is one of an awesome feature after another that can be used for business. All the features that Instagram gives us can obviously help to engage with the audience and achieve our marketing goals. Instagram Reels has been introduced for everyone who wants their content to be highlighted.

In this article, we will share the advantages of Instagram Reels including making your content being more visible and how they can help to grow your business.

Why are Instagram Reels good for business?

As we discussed earlier, Instagram Reels is a great way to enhance engagement with your target audience. It allows you to create short and creative videos that tend to catch the gaze of many users. Study shows the that at the beginning of 2020, TikTok had the most downloads any app ever did. And the majority of the generation that signed up were millennials. Now you must be thinking about what the point is behind this discussion?


Well, Instagram saw how successful short videos were getting so they introduced a feature of their own. Instagram reels allow you to create 15-second videos, you can even add music and effects to them. It is a great way to open doors to many business opportunities.

Take some time to check the 19 Instagram Reels Ideas for Business before you start with Reels.

What’s the difference between Reels, Stories, and IGTV?

The difference between the three of these mega features is that Instagram stories are videos that stay on your feed for 24 hours and don’t last more than that. You can create story highlights where they can appear for as long as you want them to.

Then we have IGTV on the other hand, which lets us create videos from 15 seconds to 30 minutes, but if we have a verified account, we may be allowed to even upload a 60-minute long video. IGTV even has an app of its own. Reels is a little different than these two features as it stays on your feed for more than 24 hours and has a shorter and limited time duration.

I Don’t Have IG Reels – How Do I Get It.

If you don’t have IG reels yet, then there could be two reasons why you don’t. The first being that maybe Instagram hasn’t rolled out this latest feature to your account. A lot of users face the same issue, but don’t worry, you shall soon be able to have fun with this feature. The second reason could be that your app hasn’t been updated. You can always go to your app store or settings if you have an android.

Country Restrictions

We all have faced this issue at some point in our lives. Where our friends show off the latest features like Instagram music and we can’t relate to them because it’s not available in our country or region. It’s okay. You aren’t alone in this. If the same thing happens with Instagram reels as well, what you have to do is check your explore page. Check if reels from other users from your region or location are visible there, then it means you can use it too. If you want to check if you can create these short fun videos then you have to go on the camera in Instagram and slide to the bottom, if you see reels then it means it’s available in your region, if you don’t then that’s also not a problem because some regions get access to new features a bit late. Don’t lose hope though!


Have you ever smacked a TV remote when it stopped working and expected it to work? Well, that’s what we think about troubleshooting. Just kidding, there’s a logical explanation behind it. There may be a problem with your internet connection. Try getting a more stable connection and then try again. You can also uninstall your app and then reinstall it, sometimes it helps too. Or do an extremely illogical trick, sign out from your account and then sign in. It works for a lot of users so it might work for you too.  

Are you traveling?

If you’re traveling and are constantly on the go, then this might too be the reason why you can’t access Instagram reels. There are still some places where this interesting feature is yet to be launched. Wait till you are done with your traveling, then try again. You will hopefully get hold of it.

Send Instagram Support Ticket

If you still don’t get this feature, then it might be something that’s not in your control to change. In such cases, you can log an Instagram support ticket and ask for professional assistance.

How to Post Instagram Reels Content

This is a vast topic as content ideas never cease to be created, there’s a new trend now and then. However, there are still some ideas that are so unique and worth giving a try, that they always increase the chance of engagement:

1. Let’s start with going behind the scenes. Trust us, people love such content. They love to see a caring and a little vulnerable side of you. It makes them think that if you’re kind to your employees and your employees are being treated nice, it means that you pay the same amount of attention to the quality of your products too. Show what lies behind those curtains.

2. Offers tips and tricks. They can be about anything. About the kind of business, you run, whether it’s a food business or some beauty service that you provide. You giving tips and tricks to people will create a bond with them.

3. Do a little sneak peek of your upcoming products or content. This shall keep them anticipated and will increase engagement and the chances of your reel being shared.

Do Instagram Reels Have A Time Limit?

If you’re wondering how long your reels can be and if there’s any time limit at all or not, then the answ3r is, YES. They have a video limit of 30 seconds, you’re allowed to be as fun and creative as you can in these short videos. A lot of people prefer short videos over long ones because of their busy schedules. You will surely boost engagement with this feature.

5 Apps You Can Use to Create Instagram Reels

As a business owner or content creator, you have to make sure that your reels look aesthetically pleasing and not like they’ve been posted just for the sake of it. And for that we need good editors, below are a few of the best apps that’ll do all the work for you:

1. Tezza App


If you’re looking to save some time and edit videos or let’s say, reels, with just one click you will be able to adjust exposure, brightness, and other basic adjustments. It is the only app that allows you to carry the same preset into your videos.

2. In-shot video editor


There’s a reason why this app has more than one million downloads. It lets you add effects, music, voice-over to your video. When you’re done editing you can trim the video and post it on any platform you want.

3. Mojo


Animated templates can easily change your Instagram stories from boring to exciting. This app lets you use animated templates, you can even edit them and customize them according to your need.

  4. In-stories


Though this one may be a little expensive, it’s worth all the hype. It’s a great app to help you with transitions and trendy templates. And its best feature is that its sound library is all of iTunes, so you don’t have to keep wondering which sound will be available or not since you will have a large variety to choose from.

5. Tiktok in-app editor

We all are well aware of the fact how famous TikTok has gotten in such a short span, it does not only provide a good platform for users to portray their talent but it also lets users edit their videos however they want. From trendy transitions to catchy AR effects and trending sounds, TikTok has got you covered.

How to use Instagram Reels for Business – Ideas

Now let’s get to the point, how can we use Instagram reels to grow our business? Well, here’s how:

1. Showcase your products or services

Showcasing your products or services through video content is the best way to gain your consumer’s attention. And what could be a better way than using Instagram reels to showcase it? You can use videos of your products or even testimonials or reviews about your brand. This shall develop a level of trust between you and your target audience or existing customers. And if you do not have a product-based company and you’re a service provider then you can show uniquely you provide service. You can also build up suspense about your upcoming product or service.  

2. Create educational content

Reels can be an amazing way to educate people about your business. For example, if you’re a clothing brand, you can create a styling video. That’ll help your customers decide whether a certain outfit will good for them or not before buying or trying it. Similarly, if you have a skincare brand, you can make short videos about how your products can be used and for which skin types they are.

Another way to engage with customers and make them feel valued is by conducting a Q/A session. You can urge them to ask questions on your stories through ask me a question sticker and answer those queries in your reels. This is an easy and good way to gain your viewer’s attention.

3. Showcase your community

It is a great way to make your audience feel like your brand is all about them and not you. Showcase your community by sharing not just your stories but their stories too. Share their testimonials. Give a hardworking client a shot out. Share UGC (User-generated content). These little efforts go a long way as they create loyal customers that feel appreciated.

4. Create inspirational content

SHARE YOUR STORY! Yes. How you climbed the ladder, how many times you fell yet you carried on. How many times your brand or company suffered a loss and then got back up. All of these little but important details will build a sentimental value for your brand in the sight of your audience.

5. Showcase your personality

Believe it or not, your audience will have a special bond with you if they get to know you a bit personally. They’ll develop a certain type of loyalty towards your brand if they get to know your funny or personal side that’s not too uptight and professional. Letting down your walls can be a good thing sometimes. There’s nothing as attractive as being real. You can share your fitness regime or your bedtime routine or your favorite recipe. Your audience will surely feel connected to you.

5 Examples of Businesses Who Are Using Instagram Reels

1. Sephora


Sephora does a magnificent job by swatching their latest makeup products and showcasing them through their Instagram reels.

2. The Pet Scout Shop


The Pet Scout Shop has an adorable way of using reels to show their collections of bandanas and other accessories for dogs. Doggo content always cheers one up.

3. Sugarfina

Sugarfina makes the most out of reels by sharing their new tea collected. Their reels have been shared by many influencers, they even created a brand hashtag for their reels.

4. Walmart


Even companies as big as Walmart are making their way up on Instagram reels game. They have countless reels on their IG page of influencers sharing their products and promoting their business.

5. TopShop

We all love TopShop‘s clothes, and now we have to appreciate how good their styling videos aka reels are!

Final Thought

Instagram reels are a great way to express what you want to in a short video. And when you use these helpful tips for using reels to grow your business, make sure to keep track of the likes and comments you receive. In this way, you will know what kind of content creation fascinates your audience more. Hope it helps! 

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Ampfluence Team

The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!

Ampfluence Team

The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!
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