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Instagram DMs is another great way to leverage your marketing strategies to attract customers. But, unfortunately, Instagram DMs is also an underutilized source by many brands and businesses. This founding brought the thought of how the opportunity to engage with potential clients through Instagram DM is wide open. We are sure that all of us are familiar with the ‘Gram DMs so it will not be difficult to cultivate the feature as marketing tools.

In this article, we will bring you to go beyond the Instagram DMs to leverage marketing strategy in getting more customers.

Instagram DMs for Marketing Purpose

Instagram DM marketing is a marketing technique that allows you to connect with influencers, CEOs, or even celebrities. It helps to build formal relationships with and among brands or businesses. Unfortunately, as a lot of brands or business have started to take advantage of this golden feature and it have turned into bots!

Nobody likes bots, right?

Rather than making the most out of this opportunity to create meaningful relationships, many of us have abused it by spamming every possible lead’s DMs. Therefore, to eliminate this problem we must be aware of the accurate marketing strategies that can be used to achieve our desired marketing goals. If you think you need a hand in executing your Instagram DM strategy, just let us know, because our Instagram Community Management Service is just one click away!

The Marketing Strategy You Need

Instagram DMs can be a great way to opportunities but not everyone is a professional when it comes to marketing strategies. What we can do about that then?

Every business needs the right strategy to bloom. Especially with this unprecedented feature that allows you to connect with countless audiences around the globe. Who knows, your next big collaboration could be on the tip of your fingers! Let’s see a few simple steps to start with.


Let’s start with the basics. Before starting a new business, a person has to do all the necessary research. Similarly, before sliding into anyone’s inbox, someone need to take a brief look over their own account as well as the accounts they are targeting.

Careful study on targeted accounts’ are including get insight of what they like or dislike and the people they are following. A brief look inside their lives will make it easier to cater to their needs. In this way, you will not only get more understanding about your target but also your own account too!

Having a deep understanding of your own account is important to see if it needs more polishing or if it looks genuine, and many things to be improved or customized in your account. The same goes for the deeper understanding of your target’s account. You will have a better insight to see how you can provide what they need and present in the best way possible!


Now that you know which accounts you want to reach out to, go ahead and send that message! Keep in mind to not start copy-pasting the same content everywhere, because it will eventually get your account banned.

Always add value to your offer so anyone will notice. One more thing to remember is that long messages do not necessarily promise conversion. Just keep it short and effective and let them get back to you soon!


Some people are afraid of direct messaging lots of people and not hearing back from any single one of them. How about you?

Maybe you will get a hundred NOs for every yes, but do not be discouraged! A big brand like Versace might not notice you but a future big brand will. This is why research is essential. Proper research will not only help you build a brand of your own but also polish your marketing skills.

Remember that consistency is the key!

Consistency helps better than frequency, but it doesn’t mean that brands who post a lot will lose followers. But, if you post more often you are likely to run out of content and eventually annoy your followers. One or two great posts a day is better than 10 mediocre posts! No worries, you can just jump on to the Instagram Content Calendar to help you out with scheduling content.

Things to Remember Before Sliding into DMs

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Before you slide into your followers’ DMs, Make sure you:

  • Define Your Internal Logistics

Logistics is the art and science of managing and controlling the flow of goods, energy, or any information. Defining your internal logistics would be defining how your brand works, what it does, and what kind of impact it intends to leave on the audience. Sum that up and be clear, you’ll win!

  • Solidify Your Brand’s Voice and Tone

You must solidify your brand’s voice and tone before representing your brand. The voice of a brand is essential because it showcases the brand’s personality. For instance, a mental health forum forms a website. Their main concern would be to make sure that their audience feels safe while discussing their issues. Similarly, when we represent the identity of our brand, it should be a way to resonate with our clients.

What makes a voice and a tone are different then? A voice never changes or wavers but the tone you deliver your message should change from one platform to another. Before landing into anyone’s DM, ensure that the message you are going to send is set in the right tone.

  • Plan Out Your Messaging Workflow

After the only thing left to do is execution, you need to jot out the messaging workflow. Figuring out and identifying client’s needs is essential. The message you are sending should be well-planned so it won’t sound like a bot-generated message. It is important to anticipate our target audience says “Oh, bots!” and then just delete or skip it forever.

  • Set Your Audience’s Expectations

Just like when arriving at a party, if the guest’s expectations are not met what they’ve heard of, it is a huge disappointment. It similarly applies to the expectation we set in front of our clients or audiences. Keep in mind to be realistic when setting up this expectation and it should not go over the top or something that the brand cannot fulfill.

The aim should be to create an insatiable need that only our brand can provide but this should be done realistically and then fulfilling for the clients and audiences.

Final Thought on Instagram DMs Marketing

Instagram DMs is as capable as another Instagram feature to achieve marketing goals. It gives exposure to many influencers and brands or businesses on any scale. Given the fact how well Instagram DMs marketing has been doing, we should take this opportunity by the hand and slide into everyone’s DMs!

And now we all can agree to that. We keep reading everywhere how Instagram has taken over the marketing game by storm, it’s high time we start making the most out of it. Finally, do not hesitate to just go and check our Instagram Community Management Service for a professional Instagram DM strategy! See ya!

Picture of Tirza N

Tirza N

Tirza is an advertiser, human rights advocate, and dancer. She is passionate about creating creative content and arts. She is a lifetime learner and always goes beyond her limit.

Tirza N

Tirza is an advertiser, human rights advocate, and dancer. She is passionate about creating creative content and arts. She is a lifetime learner and always goes beyond her limit.
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