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High-quality content on Instagram is the first thing that will attract new followers and also the most crucial aspect of brand strategy. Many brands and businesses use Instagram accounts to present new products, promotions, and much more. However, having great content doesn’t just happen. To obtain it, extensive research and strategic planning are necessary.

Let’s explore more about creating high-quality content for Instagram in this article.

What is High-Quality Instagram Content?

When it comes to high-quality content, there are five traits to consider:

  1. Reliability – High-quality content should be reliable and based on accurate data.
  2. Relevancy – Your content should be relevant to your brand identity and your products or services. Another thing about relevancy is that your content should be highly relevant to your marketing goals.
  3. Resonance – High-quality content should resonate with its audience. It has to touch the pain point or bring a sense of need.
  4. Performance – Review all the content you have and ask some questions like ‘Did it rank well on Google?’, ‘Did it get remarkable CTR?’, ‘Did it get lots of engagement?’, or ‘Did it convert any leads or sales?’
  5. Multi-channels – High-quality content works on multi-channels, whether PPC, SEO, organic or paid social, or even emails.

Well, now let’s move forward to the important part – how to create high-quality content to grow your brand on Instagram.

Creating High-Quality Content

First thing first, remember that Instagram is all about visual content. Therefore, aside from the 5 traits we talked about previously, we will also talk about the importance of compelling visuals.

There are several steps that we have tested to create high-quality content. Let’s check them out!

1. Know Your Audiences (KYC)

Do you know your audience well? Stop right there if you are still unsure about it.


Knowing your audience is extremely important. Without knowing your audience, what they like, what they need, or what they believe will only drive you to waste all your money!

Instagram Strategy Know Your Client

So, how do you know your audience?

Instagram has two features where you can dig deeper and get to know your audience better. Those features are:

  1. Comment section – In the comment section, you can get an idea about what your audience is the most talking about. The comment section is also the place where you can directly ask your audience about what improvement they expect to see from your brand.
  2. Instagram stories – Instagram stories provide you with features like polls, questions, and quiz. See the example below on how to utilize the question feature on Instagram stories.

2. Set Up Content Patterns and Themes

A friendly reminder again – Instagram is a visual platform. Therefore, brand visuals need to be set up accordingly to create awareness and trust. Take a look at a great post we created on Instagram themes and motifs. 

Instagram motifs


Try to focus on a particular theme and pattern to help your audience know what to expect from you. Once you set your theme and patterns, you can continue to find the best content ideas for your Instagram and work around that idea to create content that aligns with your audience. 

3. Brand Identity

Previously we talked about brand visuals, now we will talk about the bigger entity of it which is brand identity.

The brand identity focuses the company’s energy on how it wants to be viewed. It includes brand voice and brand visuals (themes and patterns). There are two elements of brand identity, they are:

  • Visual elements
    • We should discuss brand colors when talking about visual elements. Brand colors refer to the specific colors used in all of the brand’s products and materials.
  • Non-visual elements
    • There are two non-visual elements to brand identity: brand voice and brand template. In branding, the brand voice is how the brand addresses issues brought up by its audience in words, while the brand template is the blueprint that explains the brand’s purpose to the world and helps bring the ideas together.

When you hear about brand identity and brand image, don’t get confused; they are two completely separate things. The brand identity defines a company’s approach to audiences – which means they control how it is perceived. In contrast, the brand image refers to how the customer sees the brand after interactions and engagements.

4. Find The Best Ideas Related to The Brand

High-quality content is not only about relevancy, it also should go along with the current trends. Always feed your audience with the best and most recent ideas about your products or services. You have to figure out where to get current trends. This including your competitor or interaction with several customers.


Your brand always has to post recent and most useful information about the business for customers to stick to it. 

5. Repost Other Influence Content 

When u find contents that are in sync with your niche, a great way to let your audience know about them is to repost. There is however the right way to repost content. Firstly, you need to ask for permission from the original creator. You can send emails, direct messages, or creating an engagement in the comment section with them. See how to repost Instagram content the right way to avoid any sanctions.

Once you got the permission, you can screenshot the content or use the repost app that synced to your Instagram. 

You can also run a user-generated content (UGC) campaign by reposting relevant content as it is one huge step towards growing an Instagram account. UGC campaign is a great way of creating trust in your brand and these customers may end up attracting others to your brand which will eventually lead to growth. 

6. Go Live on Instagram 

Going live on Instagram gives your customers or followers an opportunity to interact with your brand in real-time. Instagram Live can help to build brand trust and engagement when done constantly. The idea of going live on Instagram is to get your customers comfortable with your brand so they would stick with you through likes, comments, and repost.

Make sure to prepare your Instagram live session accordingly so either you and your audience won’t waste time due to the unclear topic of the live session.


Instagram seems to have overtaken all other media as a marketing means and a way of brand promotion. It means that growing your brand on Instagram can help to increase the number of customers, promote marketing, and aid in tailoring their products and services to suit consumers’ needs.

Picture of Tirza N

Tirza N

Tirza is an advertiser, human rights advocate, and dancer. She is passionate about creating creative content and arts. She is a lifetime learner and always goes beyond her limit.

Tirza N

Tirza is an advertiser, human rights advocate, and dancer. She is passionate about creating creative content and arts. She is a lifetime learner and always goes beyond her limit.
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    2. Regularly analyze the performance of your Instagram content using insights and analytics tools. Identify which types of content resonate wordle best with your audience and optimize your strategy accordingly.

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