Instagram Guide For Travel Influencers

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With millions of monthly users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Within this growing community, travel influencers are also on the rise. Here is a guide for travel influencers we put together to help you grow your following and become more appealing for brands.

Planning Your Instagram Content Strategy

1. Do Your Research

The first step to planning your content strategy is doing some searching and digging to see what is already out there. Check out the most popular accounts, scroll through their feed, and then set some KPIs and goals you want to achieve for your account. For example, what is your priority? Reach, Engagement, or maybe both?

2. Keep It Interesting

When it comes to content, quality is a must. Make sure that all your posts are high-quality, interesting, and engaging. This way you can rest assured that your audience is paying attention to what you are posting.

3. Don’t Forget Hashtags

We all know that hashtags are a must when posting out on Instagram. So make sure that you include relevant popular hashtags on your posts. The good news is that there quite many of them related to travel. #travelgram #travelling #travelislife

The Types of Content Travel Influencers Should be Posting

1. Lifestyle

Mixing some lifestyle vibes within your content is always a good idea. It keeps the content interesting and engaging through a mix of cityscapes, portraits, sceneries, food, and why not some selfies?

Instagram For Travel influencers Why it works for Brands LIFESTYLE sample

2. Food

Food should never be missing out. Everybody loves food so why not dedicate some posts to all the foodies out there? I am sure they will appreciate it. 

Instagram For Travel influencers Why it works for Brands FOOD sample

3. Landscapes and Sceneries

For all the adventurous out there, travel influencers are a great way followers can learn about new places to add to their bucket list, right? So keep the landscapes posts coming – oceans, rivers, volcanoes, mountains. They want to see every little detail!

Instagram For Travel influencers Why it works for Brands LANDSCAPES AND SCENERIES sample

4. Tips and Tricks

Another type of content that should not be missing out is travel tips and tricks. It’s no secret that people nowadays are constantly on the lookout for some tips that can get them easy to a secret destination, can save them up some money, or just make their traveling more entertaining! Look at what the @pointsguy is doing here

Instagram For Travel influencers Why it works for Brands TIPS AND TRICKS sample

4 Tips for Creating Instagram Stories

Here are some quick tips and tricks that can get your Instagram stories to the next level.

1. Giveaways

We all know that people love giveaways… So what a better way to get more people to follow you and like you than a story giveaway contest? Hint: Free vacations are greatly appreciated

2. User-Generated Content 

Engagement, engagement, engagement. I just cannot highlight enough how important engagement is for your brand. Try out different things to ensure that your followers stay engaged – contests, giveaways, poll voting, reposting, and many more!

3. Behind the Scenes

People appreciate it when influencers are being real with them. So why not post an interesting behind the scenes image in your next story? It might be travel preparation, flights, travel documents, or whatever else you might think.   

4. Scenery of the Day

When you are running out of story content ideas, then sceneryoftheday is a great theme to get you back on track. Choose your favorite scenery, and post it. Add some voting, gifs, and stickers to make it more interesting! 

Using Instagram Stories Highlights to Showcase Your Travel Influencers

When posting stories, you are better off adding them to your highlights. This way your followers will be able to find them later when they need them. And you can also categorize them according to a theme for an easy search and find.

Check out @izkiz to see some awesome categorization ideas according to destination

Instagram For Travel influencers Why it works for Brands IZKIZ sample

Learn from the Best: Some of the Best Travel Influencers Out There

We want to learn from the best. That’s why we did some research to reveal some of our favorite travel influencers out there. Check out some of the ones we loved!


Matt Karsten keeps his following entertained. Matt is an adventure travel photographer with more than 151k followers to date

Instagram For Travel influencers Why it works for Brands EXPERTVAGABOND sample


For those who want some tips and tricks on budget traveling, then Matt Kepnes is their guy. 

Instagram For Travel influencers Why it works for Brands NOMADICMATT sample


And something different. Murad and Nataly Osmann are traveling the world together with their popular #followmeto campaign. Some great content, stunning destinations, and high-quality posts!

Instagram For Travel influencers Why it works for Brands MURADOSMANN sample


With 145k followers, Eric Stoen rocks the Family Travel segment His feed includes photos of him and his family exploring all kinds of destinations in the world – from exotic, to historic. 

Instagram For Travel influencers Why it works for Brands TRAVELBABBO sample


Oliver Vegas also makes it to the top of our list, with 419k followers and 1427 posts. Oliver is a travel and lifestyle photographer based in Barcelona, and he’s gone exploring all the world and showcasing some of the greatest travel destinations. 

Instagram For Travel influencers Why it works for Brands OVUNNO sample

The 25 Best Travel Influencers Hashtags


























The goal is to get brands partnering with travel influencers, which is always a good idea if brands want to grow their following, increase brand awareness, and spike their sales. Remember that all details should be discussed with brands before the collaboration begins. After all, it is a mutually beneficial relationship that will add value to both their brand and the influencer. 

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