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Instagram and Facebook are great places to grow your brand or business. Refer to some statistics, Facebook is the most popular social network among the other platforms. One good thing about Facebook is that it has Facebook Groups that are actually hidden gems for everything related to Instagram Marketing.

We have curated 18 of the best Instagram Marketing Facebook Groups that will absolutely valuable to join. Let’s take a look at that!

Why Should I Join Instagram Marketing Facebook Groups?

If you are wondering why should you join Facebook groups, try to look at the bigger picture. Social media or the internet in a more general way is filled with great content where you can search for almost anything. Facebook groups, on the other hand, can help you find Instagram Marketing Info. Additionally, you can get answers to trending questions as well as free tools to boost your Instagram marketing!  

See how valuable a good Facebook group is for you and your brand or business?

Let’s dive deeper into the Top 18 Instagram Marketing Facebook Groups on the web!

Best Instagram Marketing Facebook Groups 

1. Instagram Marketing 

The Instagram Marketing group promotes the monetization of Instagram accounts to achieve maximum likes and comments from users around the globe. They offer authentic and fool-proof engagement to its members which will help them to ensure they don’t get tangled with fake users or bots.


Instagram Marketing Group has a set of rules that include taking action against violation of privacy and usage of inappropriate words.

2. Instagram Daily Engagement Group 

The next one is the Instagram Daily Engagement Group where like-minded bloggers or business owners have the freedom to connect and inspire to increase their audience engagement. It is one of the best engagement groups on Facebook.


The Instagram Daily Engagement Group has 3 daily threads posted throughout the day. All the members can comment with their recent posts to give and receive engagement. Keep in mind that just like the other groups, violation of rules in this group results in banning users too.

3. Instagram Growth Tips and Tricks

Instagram Growth Tips and Tricks is a Facebook marketing group runs by Jeremy Thurswell and the team. Being a part of this group will help you grow on Instagram.


The group has about 83k followers and it is a reliable source to rely on for useful tips and tricks needed for Instagram growth.

4. Instagram Marketing and Monetization 

Loaye Ysk runs this Instagram Marketing and Monetization group. He uses a different approach towards making money from Instagram by various methods.


This group encourages you to gain followers and making money. Loaye says that Instagram is growing rapidly. It means that there are wide-open opportunities to expand business on Instagram.

5. Instagram Influencers Squad 

Lucy Gasparyan is the boss woman behind this Instagram Influencers Squad. It is a great platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and bloggers to learn new techniques, tips, and tricks that help to become successful.


Lucy shared many techniques to become a successful bloggers/business on Instagram. These techniques include taking part in giveaways, collaborating with other bloggers, and participating in threads.

6. Instagram Boost

Instagram Boost is a forum where incredible engagement, branding, and blogging tips are shared. This group currently has 31.4K members now which means there’s a diversity of ideas that are shared here.


This diversity makes it easy for people around the globe to join and state the issues they face with blogging without hesitation.

7. Instagram Influencers and Bloggers

Abby Overman Dubois, the admin of the Instagram Influencers and Bloggers group says that the ultimate goal of her group is to support the members and make them grow on Instagram.


Just like its name, it is a perfect group to join for influencers and bloggers who want to get maximum likes, comments, and engagements.

8. Instagram Engagement Space

Look at that 59K followers of this Instagram Engagement Space. This group is a safe place to require all your collaboration, blogging, and growth concerns.


It doesn’t matter if you’re new to blogging or marketing. Everyone who wants to grow is welcome to join.

9. Instagram Marketing Community

The Instagram Marketing Community is created with a belief that sharing insights about marketing can build each of the members.


One of the best things about this group is: It is spam-free! This group holds value for meaningful conversations about the latest marketing techniques!

10. Instagram Posse 

Instagram Posse is unique. It is a kind Facebook group that doesn’t believe in self-promotion!


This group is more like an encouragement group for anyone who joins to grow more. You will find many valuable discussions about new algorithms here and it is strictly against spamming.

11. Influencers on Instagram 

Thinking about joining a huge Facebook group that focuses on Instagram marketing?

Join Influencers on Instagram because it is literally a thread galore!


One thing to remember about this group is: It is the biggest community on Facebook! A big thing for big growth. You will absolutely learn a lot from this group. The admin’s core belief is that the group members are sure to learn new tips and tricks regarding their concerns.

12. Instagram Fabulous

Instagram Fabulous is a small community that grows rapidly that focuses on beating algorithms and focuses on daily or weekly threads.


Posts are designed to help users increase engagement on their posts. 

13. Instagram Growth Secrets 

Instagram Growth Secrets caters to the needs of people who look forward to gaining knowledge and better techniques regarding their social media accounts.


Guess what? There are no hidden charges or paid promotions!

14. Instagram Followers

The name of this group speaks for itself! Instagram Followers is a great place where you can gain followers and make good friends too! Educate yourself with some deep insight!



15. Instagram Influencers

Who doesn’t like a piece of advice from trained digital marketing specialists?


Instagram Influencers is a forum where you will get your daily dose of digital marketing techniques, every single day! It highlights ways to earn well from Instagram accounts organically! That for sure sounds like a great deal.

16. Instagram Marketing Secrets

Boost up your marketing skills with a big member count of 19k!


Instagram Marketing Secrets is a group where dedicated bloggers, entrepreneurs seek help from marketers around the globe who teach about various tactics and strategies to get the best response. You sure not gonna miss this one!

17. Instagram Influencer Growth 

A little self-promotion doesn’t do any harm, does it? What distinguishes this forum from other groups is the feature that it promotes self-promotion.


Bailey Eisman, the founder of this small yet quickly growing community called Instagram Influencer Growth is keen on supporting others as she thinks it’s the least we can do to help each other.

18. Instagram Influencer Engagement  

Instagram Influencer Engagement is a fabulous group where growth is prioritized and worked hard on.


The Instagram Influencer Engagement is regularly posting threads that will help their members to get engaged in each others’ posts which means: a result in an increment of followers!

Final Thought of Instagram Marketing Facebook Groups

Joining valuable Facebook groups is beneficial for everyone who wants to grow their brands or businesses. In these groups, people can find partnerships and friendships too! You may have heard that by helping others succeed, you are going to succeed too!

Picture of Tirza N

Tirza N

Tirza is an advertiser, human rights advocate, and dancer. She is passionate about creating creative content and arts. She is a lifetime learner and always goes beyond her limit.

Tirza N

Tirza is an advertiser, human rights advocate, and dancer. She is passionate about creating creative content and arts. She is a lifetime learner and always goes beyond her limit.
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