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How can you get the Instagram swipe-up feature? The simple answer is to get 10,000 followers. However, getting to 10k followers is not so simple circa 2021. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone gave you a blueprint to get to 10k so that you can finally use the coveted story swipe-up feature? Look no further. In this article, we’ll share different tips you can use to get Instagram’s swipe up feature faster.

What is IG Swipe-Up?

The first thing to remember is that IG swipe up is an Instagram story feature. You cannot swipe up on a regular feed post. Stories are seen on the top of the app where users can post pictures and videos that are up on their profile for 24 hours only.

What is IG Swipe-Up

To get the swipe up feature you need 10,000 followers. Like most Instagram features, swipe up is arbitrarily limited based on the number of followers a user has. In some cases, users without 10k followers may have the swipe up feature, but this is rare and likely based on private relationships or agreements with the company.

There really is no general workaround for getting swipe up without 10k followers. As a result, if you want to utilize Instagram to drive traffic via stories you must grow your audience.

Keep in mind swipe-up is not the only way to drive traffic using links via Instagram. Other methods to drive traffic using links on Instagram include:

  • Link In Bio
  • Direct Messaging
  • Product Catalogs
  • Advertising
  • Private Partnerships

Obviously, linking methods on Instagram are few a far between which is why the swipe-up feature has become so valuable.

Do you still want the IG swipe-up feature?

Here are a few hacks you can use to grow your account faster.

4 Tips to Grow Your Instagram Account Faster

Influencers Marketing

A shout out is when a person tags and posts about you and your profile and tells their followers to provide a follow for you. Giving shout outs to each other consistently provides credibility and allows a profile to be exposed more so the profile will grow faster.

Influencer Shoutout

Using Instagram DMs to Grow Your Account

Instagram DMs

Instagram DMs can be another way to grow your account besides stories and feed posts. Use the stories to trigger followers to send DM to you or you can also send DM to those followers who always comment on your posts or responding to your IG stories polls or questions. The interaction through Instagram DM is more personal and exclusive and it shows followers that you care about what they are thinking.

Traditional Guerilla Marketing

Traditional Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing is about getting exposure by hopping into some creative ways to capture attention offline. Let’s say you are a chocolate brand and attending a candy fair at a mall. Put a banner that includes your Instagram account so people who visit your booth can see and follow your account.

Shameless Plug Use Ampfluence

Ampfluence Shameless Plug

Hiring an Instagram Growth Agency like Ampfluence can be a great way to grow your Instagram account consistently. We will put a shameless plug for good reason because Ampfluence understands how challenging and time-consuming it can be to grow a high-value Instagram account. We help our clients gain thousands of new followers, likes, and profile views like quite a lot!

Final Thoughts on Getting IG Swipe Up

The most essential thing to remember when using the Instagram swipe-up feature is consistency in posting stories. Start with 3 to 5 different stories every day so it won’t be too much for followers. Keep stories simple and creative but absolutely attractive to get the 10k followers with ease.


Picture of Ampfluence Team

Ampfluence Team

The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!

Ampfluence Team

The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!
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