Instagram’s Follow and Unfollow Limits (2019)

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Instagram follow and unfollow limits june 2019

We’ve always been aware of Instagram’s need to block accounts that are following too quickly or at unusual speeds. It’s quite normal for accounts to receive a temporary block on occasion if you are using aggressive tactics even if those tactics are 100% manual. However, in the last couple weeks, Instagram has been blocking accounts without a clear reason. On some occasions a block would occur after 1 follow or 10 unfollows. This increased sensitivity has become more prevalent through the web. Infact, even the Twitterverse was getting quite cranky.

You can read some chatter about it here









That being said we would not ask you to rely on Twitter for professional Instagram advice. After all, who are those people anyway? However, it did give us some confirmation and a big reason to begin our research process.

So we pulled up our sleeves and began to dig deeper. Here’s what we learned…. 

Instagram is no stranger to imposing user account limitations. The platform’s first major attempt began with limiting account actions like following and unfollowing to initial suppositions were 140 per hour followed by the most notable reveal by Crowdfire’s CEO at 60 accounts per hour. (See excerpt below)

✌🏻️ We launched our Instagram integration over 3 years ago and we never charged for follow/unfollow.😇However, we were recently contacted by Instagram and were told that Crowdfire was making a lot(millions) of follow/unfollow requests each day. 😟They wanted us to reduce the number of follows/unfollows we make and being a good member of the Instagram ecosystem we decided to adhere to this request.🤗 We had initially decided to reduce the limits for everyone. However, we have a lot of users whose businesses depend on using our product effectively and we don’t want such users to suffer. 😌So, we’ve decided to keep the no limits option(Instagram limits of 60/hour still apply) for such users whose work depends on using Crowdfire every day. – Reference

In November 2018 Instagram announced they would be spearheading an effort to reduce inauthentic engagement on Instagram . Following the announcement their were rumors of the Instagram purge floating around internet supported by some of the platform most popular accounts.

By the end of 2018 – May 2019 we noticed that Instagram limits while still varying across some accounts shifted from hourly limitations to daily actions. Wherein most accounts were able to complete 350 – 500  follow, unfollow, and/or like actions per day. If an account was much larger (upwards of 100,000 followers) and more reputable in many cases those limitations would be much higher.

Moving to the present, June 2019. We’ve learned that Instagram is amidst another important limitation change. While not finalized it appears the running consensus across our internet pool of managers state actions are limited to 6000 actions per month. This equates to about 200 actions per day. It is currently unclear as to whether likes are included in those daily actions at the moment it does not appear to be the case.

Why This Matters To You

As someone who is actively growing your Instagram account whether for personal or professional reasons. You should take the remainder of this month with a little more ease than usual. Spend more time in messaging, commenting, content production, and likes as opposed to following and unfollowing.

If you encounter an account block in the near future do the following.

  • Pause any aggressive activity
  • Change your password
  • Be sure to remove any applications authorized in your authorized app settings
  • Cool down on following and unfollowing (steer clear from this tactic for a couple of days until the block is removed)
  • Continue to log in to your Instagram account and spend a few minutes a day in the feed (note: Instagram does monitor how much time you spend in the native app) If you’re using Hootsuite or Later that’s not enough, you’ll have to actually log in to Instagram. Fortunately, we do this daily for Amp clients so nothing to worry about there.

Once the block is removed which should take a couple of hours or several days depending on the severity of the block. Resume using your account at a reduced speed. For the next month, you should expect a decrease in growth as Instagram may also be amidst another platform purge which would not be out of character as we noticed this did occur during Instagram’s last phase of sensitivity.

That’s it friends. We hope you find it useful! Be sure to stay connected for further updates.

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