6 Pinterest Chrome Extensions for Business

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Pinterest Chrome extensions for business are helpful microtools that help you market your content with ease on Pinterest. With more than 335 million monthly active users and three times more engagement compared to other sites. Therefore, finding simple hacks to market your content on Pinterest is worthwhile. 

Why Pinterest Chrome Extensions are Helpful

Pinterest has a greater tendency to showcase your best content on the platform much longer than many other social platforms. Typically, Pinterest bins and boards have a longer shelf life than content on other platforms. Pinterest extensions are helpful because they help you pin more content to Pinterest without having to worry about leaving the browser, visiting the platform, or dramatically changing your existing workflow. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Chrome extensions they are essentially browser extensions that perform microtasks in the browser. Chrome extensions can be used for a slew of functions from analyzing web page data, screen recording, and app integration.

The best way to optimize the use of Chrome’s extensions is to think about how you intend on using the extension in your workflow.  That said, we’ve done the hard work to help you start using Chrome extensions for Pinterest marketing in just a few minutes. Below we’ve listed 6 extensions that will help you market your content on Pinterest faster and easier.

6 Pinterest Chrome Extensions for Business

Pinterest Save Button

Pinterest Save Button Chrome ExtensionHave you always wanted to save important ideas while browsing the web? If so, the Pinterest Save Button is the right extension for that.

Not only does it allow to save any idea around the web, but Pinterest Save Button also has a built-in visual discovery technology that makes it possible to discover visually similar ideas on Pinterest instantly.

Pinterest Tab

Pinterest Tab, it allows viewing of inspiring and high-quality images in a New Tab from selected Pinners. Of course, you can choose the desired pins to see, whether that’s on architecture, gardening, or any significant moments in sports.

The Pinterest Tab extension comes with an option that allows re-pinning and topics to each day. You can also Pin anything around the web with the new built-in “Pin It” button, which can be found in the browser toolbar.

Pinterest Pin It Button (by Shareaholic)

This list of Pinterest Chrome extensions for business wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Shareaholic for Pinterest. Shareaholic will capture all the images on a website and display them in a grid format. You can then select what image you want to use to pin content. Shareaholic also allows you to share images from other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Shareaholic Pinterest Chrome Extension

Pinterest Enhanced

Like the name implies, Pinterest Enhanced enhances Pinterest and makes it more practical for Pinterest users. The improved user interface of this Pinterest Chrome extension removes distractions and it allows you to focus on content and images.

Pinterest Enhanced will make all the pins appear the same in size since disproportionate images are not attractive to most Pinterest users. 

Pinterest Keyword Tool

Formerly known as Pinterms, Pinterest Keyword Tool lets you find image pin posts and enhanced keywords so that you can use them to get more visibility on Pinterest. This tool will help generate Pinterest keywords and hashtags that will help surface your pins.

There are two ways to use Pinterest Keyword Tool:

¾    For In-Pins: Click on “Create Pin” on the Pinterest page and then enter your primary search phrase on the screen shown. Once the results are out, highlight the key phrases that need to be added to the Pin Description, then click on “Keywords.” That’s all!

¾    For keyword Research: Right-click on the “C” logo and click on “Options.” Enter your original search word and hit Start.


The typical time-consuming process of finding an interesting blog requires users to take a screenshot then upload the image as a Pin and add a URL if necessary. Since most Pinterest users want a quick and easy solution, ShotPin is the right solution for this problem. 

ShotPin is a simple Chrome Browser Extension that makes it easy for Pinterest users to share any portion of a web page to their Pinterest account with a link to the webpage. Turn a 3 Step process into one step with ShotPin.

Final Thoughts

Pinterest serves a different purpose than other social media platforms. It allows users to post images and videos from the web to share with their Pinterest audience. The social platform is focused more on content discovery than social conversations. This is why pinning content is so important.

These 6 Pinterest Chrome Extensions can help bring to elevate your Pinterest marketing by simplifying the pinning process. Simply visit the Chrome web store to find any of these Pinterest extensions, then click the “Add to Chrome” button and follow the instructions shown to complete the installation. If we missed any of your favorite Chrome extensions feel free to share it in the comments below.

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