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How to Recover a Suspended Twitter Account

Have you experienced logging in to your Twitter account, and there is a message that your account got suspended? Having a suspended Twitter account may be upsetting, especially if you’ve been using it for a long time. If you are familiar with social media platforms, then you know that it’s a possibility that your account may become suspended.

In this article, we are going to take a deeper look into the reasons why Twitter accounts get suspended and learn important methods on how to unsuspend them.

Why Do Twitter Accounts Get Suspended

It is true that sharing information on social media is enjoyable. However, it also needs a high level of security and privacy. That’s why Twitter has the authority to terminate accounts that break Twitter’s rules. Here are some of the reasons why your Twitter account can be suspended.


An account may be temporarily suspended in response to allegations of getting spammy or abusive. The vast majority of Twitter accounts are suspended due to spam or fraudulent content. These sorts of accounts violate Twitter’s Terms of Service and pose a security risk to the network and its users. A real person’s account might be suspended by mistake on rare occasions. In this instance, Twitter will work with the user to restore access to their account. This is the most common way most people’s accounts get suspended, however, this is a problem that has a quick solution majority of the time.

Potential Account Security at Risk

Unusual behavior on a Twitter account is one of the key grounds for the account getting suspended. If Twitter determines an account has been hacked or compromised, they suspend the affected account until it has been secured and restored to the rightful account order. This is done to reduce the chance of malicious activity from a hack.

Abusive Tweets or Behavior

Twitter users have the right to report any abusive behavior like threats, hate speech, violence, or impersonations. If an account is reported for violating the Twitter Rules for certain actions, it may be temporarily or permanently suspended.

How To Unsuspend Your Twitter Account

The method to recover a Twitter account depends on the reason why the account was suspended. Take a look at some ways how to unsuspend a Twitter account.

Method 1: Unsuspend your Twitter Account on your Own

This is the simplest and quickest method of troubleshooting your account. First, try logging in and check for prompts requesting your phone number or email confirmation. By verifying your account through either of these two methods, you should be able to get your account unsuspended. This process typically takes ten to twenty minutes which is the most effective method for reactivating a suspended account.


Method 2: Unlocking your Twitter Account

The next way would be to unlock your account, but, this is not as easy as the first method. A locked Twitter account usually means one of two things:

a. The Account is Getting Locked Temporarily
If you get a notification that your account got locked out for a day or more, you will need to log in and try to access the account after the time that has been given has passed. You should be able to recover access as long as there are no further restrictions. This procedure can persist for as long as Twitter specifies.

b. An Account Needs to Verify Information
The second is that you must verify further information about yourself before proceeding with the account. This is the step where you must submit any information Twitter requests to authenticate that you are attempting to access your account. The good news is that if you have the correct account information, you may generally access your account on the same day. If Twitter requests documentation, you may not be able to access your account for a few days while Twitter reviews the documents and confirms that you are the right person. The account would then have to be un-suspended by Twitter.


Method 3: File An Appeal For Your Twitter Account

The third way is to file an appeal for your account. If the first two ways don’t work, or you believe Twitter made a mistake by shutting your account, you can file an appeal to have it unlocked. This would need contacting Twitter and explaining why you believe they made a mistake in suspending the account in the issue. Approval or denial may take a few days, so this is not a quick cure. With that in mind, be prepared to wait for a response while your claim is evaluated. However, if the previous two methods do not work, it is worth a shot to save your account.


How Long Do Twitter Suspensions Last

Twitter suspension is entirely dependent on the type of suspension and the violation made. The average Twitter suspension usually does not last longer than 7 days, with the shortest time being 12 hours. In cases of a minor violation of any Twitter policies, Twitter suspends the account for roughly 48 hours. This is the time it takes for Twitter to check your account, the phone number you gave, or any other piece of information you provided for verification. However, if you are involved in a more serious violation of Twitter’s regulations, you are more likely to face a permanent ban. Suspension of this kind is the most serious and lasts the longest.


Twitter has the power to lock an account or place temporary limits on certain functions when an account seems to be hacked or in violation of the Twitter Rules. Make sure you do not break Twitter’s Terms of Service by avoiding messages or tweets that appear to be spam or include content that isn’t permitted. What are other methods you know on how to recover a suspended TikTok account? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Aivhen Remo

Aivhen Remo

Aivhen is a self-taught portrait artist and social media guru. She has a strong desire to organize and oversee complicated things and has the enthusiasm to quickly learn and explore new things.

Aivhen Remo

Aivhen is a self-taught portrait artist and social media guru. She has a strong desire to organize and oversee complicated things and has the enthusiasm to quickly learn and explore new things.
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    1. I have appealed the suspension of my @twitter account. I have not rec’d anything but auto-responses for months. They say I violated @twitter rules, but are not explicit about what I’m supposed to have done. I can’t find any twits that seem to violate any of the rules and yet not a word from them.

    2. thanks for the article, really helpful! I got suspended that said that I had violated the rules, even though I never engage in any matter that could potentially defy or break any rules, its really unfortunate. hope I can get my access back.

    3. I just saw where my Twitter account is suspended. I’m not suite why as I rarely use it. I feel it might have been hacked. Any information you can give me will be much appreciated Thank you

    4. I thought I was the only victim of this same issue on my account but mine is back and working here’s what I did I complained to a webpage and a user recommended chloe_consultant on Instagram luckily she fixed mine. She’s a registered Meta recovery agent.

    5. I’ve been trying to figure out how to have my account fixed. I spoke with a buddy who was an expert, and he introduced me to dre_splitt on Instagram. I was astounded by his expertise and professionalism.

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