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One of the effective ways to leverage Pinterest for your growth and success is to join a Pinterest group board. Joining one of them could bring a number of benefits, such as increased traffic and sales. It can also help you reach a larger audience for your niche. However, Pinterest group boards are primarily intended for collaboration purposes. Nonetheless, it has also proven to be useful and effective, especially in building communities with like-minded Pinners who can provide more inspiration and growth opportunities. Recently, Tailwind Tribes has been dubbed the new Pinterest group board.

In this article, we will share an in-depth understanding of how Tailwind Tribes is called the new Pinterest Group Board so you can get more familiar with it.

Pinterest Tailwind Tribes – Overview

One of the most popular scheduling tools for Pinterest is Tailwind. Within that platform is what they call Tribes, which is a tool used by pinners to display their pins to other pinners in the same niche. Below is an overview of the application.


In order to have full control over Tailwind Tribes, one must have a Tailwind account. One of its primary purposes is to help users find community compromises of like-minded Pinners whom they can share their Pins with. It is like a Pinterest group board wherein Tribe Members share with one another their own content with others, and this offers plenty of benefits.

Benefits of Pinterest Tailwind Tribes

Joining Tailwind Tribes is not without purpose and benefits. The following are the valuable benefits that you can get with Tailwind Tribes:

Access to a Wide Variety of Content

It’s important to know how Pinterest’s algorithm works, which further favors those who are active in their pinning. So if you want the Pinterest algorithm to notice you, share content with your followers consistently. With Tailwind Tribes, you get free access to new content shared by others. You can then share that content with your own followers, but make sure it’s relevant and valuable enough to trigger engagement. 

Increase Followers 

Sharing valuable content with your tribe members will earn you more repins or shares. Once they are repinned by tribe members, your post will be seen by the members’ followers. The more repins made, the wider the range. And if their followers notice your content and find it useful to them, they’ll likely follow you too.

Track your Results with Tribe Analytics


Know which of your Tailwind Tribes are performing well and which are not using Tribe Analytics. The data will give you insight into your Tribe’s performance, including the number of re-pins, re-shares, reach, and more. The information obtained will be useful for your future marketing strategies.

Strong Visibility and Accountability

When you are part of a Tribe, you can have that sense of assurance and relaxation knowing that your content will be seen and shared by the members of your Tribe. Any valuable content made will strongly be shared and engaged, wrestling in growth and wider reach.

Opportunity to Build Relationships 

Being part of a tribe provides opportunities to be able to engage with like-minded people in your niche. Building relationships with tribe members will keep you motivated, inspired, and creative. Take a look at Top 119 Pinterest Tailwind Tribes to discover the right tribes for you.

Pinterest Group Boards – Overview

Pinterest group boards have some similarities to personal boards, except this one has more than one contributor. See the difference below:


The primary reason for Pinterest group boards is to encourage collaboration between people. It is perfect for marketing, group projects, and product launching. 


A good example is the Pinterest account above. The company has a number of group boards with multiple employees as their contributors assigned to specific categories. This makes group work more efficient and easier.

Pinterest Group Boards Changes

While joining a Pinterest group board can have pros and cons, note that the Pinterest algorithm knows how to identify a good board versus one that is spammy, so you need to be picky when looking for one to join. 

Relevancy of content and consistency of contributors to pin valuable content to the target audience are some of the factors to consider. If you notice that the group board has irrelevant content, it may already be inactive or dead. Spam boards are characterized as having a “pin anything” description. So, with this type of board, you can see a mix of crafts, blog posts, product pins, and other irrelevant content. This had diluted the effectiveness of the Pinterest algorithm. But thanks to Pinterest’s smart feed, the platform can now adapt to abusive and spam group boards.

While there are some Pinterest group boards that contain spam, you can still find group boards that work well. Unfortunately, joining those great Pinterest group boards may not be as easy as it used to be. For some, they have certain limits and requirements before you are approved. But that shouldn’t stop you anyway. If you have good marketing strategies, you can prove to these group boards that you have valuable content to deliver consistently.

Benefits of Pinterest Group Boards

There are some benefits to being on a Pinterest group board. With an effective marketing strategy, this can play an important role in your growth and success.


Getting higher engagement on Pinterest isn’t always easy, but being a member of a Pinterest group board can help achieve it. Being part of a group with like-minded members will give you the opportunity to engage with them and be inspired by their ideas and creativity. You can build relationships with members in a number of ways, such as repining their content, commenting on their Pins, and following them.


Being on a Pinterest group board lets you share your quality Pins with other contributors. The more valuable content you share with the group, the more you can increase visibility and establish authority on a specific topic.


You can maximize the purposes that Pinterest group boards are created for, which is to collaborate, share ideas, and brainstorm topics with your group.

Increase Engagement

One of the main benefits of joining a Pinterest group board is increasing engagement for your post. When you share valuable and relevant content with your group, it will likely be repinned by other members, increasing engagement and visibility.

Wider Reach

Joining a Pinterest group board is one way to reach your target audience. The more repin your content gets, the more it lands in different pages, reaching a larger audience that you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise.

Did Pinterest Group Boards Lose Effectiveness?

While there is not yet enough evidence to prove that group boards have lost their effectiveness, some pinners and marketers agree that group boards are still useful and effective.

There are different ways to improve the performance of your group board, such as active pinning, strict rules and requirements, topic relevance, and valuable content. As long as these rules are respected, the group board will remain effective.

Additionally, Pinterest is constantly creating and revising features to improve the user experience. So if group boards have really lost their effectiveness, Pinterest won’t just sit back and relax. As a giant visual app that doesn’t want to fall behind, chances are it will make some major changes to their group boards soon.

Which One Is Better – Tailwind Tribes or Pinterest Group Boards?

Some people prefer Tailwind Tribes while others prefer Pinterest Group Boards. The answer to this question therefore depends on your goals and preferences. In short, both are good for building an effective Pinterest marketing strategy.

While it’s okay to pick just one, most pinners suggest using both the Pinterest group board and Tailwind tribes. Especially if you want ease and convenience, you can pretty much benefit from Tailwind’s cheduling tool. If you use this automated pinning tool, not only do you become more efficient, but you also get your content to spread widely to reach your target audience. Note that each share and repinning gives the algorithm another chance to build momentum for your Pin, which is why auto-pinning is more preferred.

Why Pinterest Tailwind Tribes is the New Group Board?

There’s a number of reasons why Tailwind Tribes is considered as the new group board, such as the following:

Sharing of Content

Being part of a Tailwind Tribe gives you access to new valuable and relevant content for your niche shared by other tribe members. Each member can freely share the content of other members and vice versa.

In other words, it is not just a large group, but a functional group where members work together to achieve a common goal. Being able to share pins with other members is one of the strengths of Tailwind Tribes.

Easy Clean up Time

With Pinterest group boards, added Pins can be difficult to manage. Most of the time, you need to consistently track Pins to confirm their relevance and make sure they’re organized by format. But with Tailwind, that’s not the case. Easily track and organize shared Pins using this tool to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

Join a Tribe Even Without Tailwind

Joining a Tailwind tribe is possible even if you don’t have Tailwind. If you are part of a tribe, you can access valuable shared content and in return share it with your followers.

How to Get Traffic from Other Pinterest Tailwind Tribes

The Tailwind tribe sharing feature can help a lot in increasing traffic. As long as your content is valuable, relevant, and interesting to their niche, expect more exposure, shares, and traffic in the days or weeks to come.

It is also beneficial to have tribal members with many followers. Once they see and re-pin your content, they’ll be shared with their many followers. The more your content circulates on the Pinterest platform, the more traffic your content gets.

How to Make Most of the Pinterest Exposure

Another reason to join a Tailwind tribe is to get maximum exposure for your pins. But behind this strategy are several factors that you must take into account. Along with valuable content, you also need to know what time of day your Pins are likely to generate higher engagement. This is where Tailwind’s scheduling tool comes in handy.


Tailwind Tribes allows you to share your post to different tribes at different times and days.This can be confusing at first, which is why keeping a list of all Shared Pins is useful for easy tracking.

Moreover, to increase exposure, you also need to create a robust pinning strategy and analyze the results afterwards.

How to Know if your Pinterest Tribe is a Good Fit

While Tailwind Tribes offer some benefits, some tribes may not achieve the best results for you. This is why it is necessary to monitor the performance of your tribes to avoid wasting time and energy.

One of the signs that your tribe is a good fit is when it improves the performance of your Pins and increases your traffic. You can use Google Analytics for real data which will give you insight into the results.

To view traffic insights from Google Analytics, go to Acquisition> Campaigns> All Campaigns> Tribes Tailwind. From there, you’ll see the data you’ll need and use it to make informed decisions.


With the information shared, there is no doubt that Tailwind Tribes can help improve engagement and traffic. While some may still approve of using Pinterest group boards, it ultimately depends on your marketing style, goals, and strategies. But unlike Pinterest group boards, Tailwind Tribes offers more beneficial features for a smoother, more effective, and efficient marketing strategy for group boards.

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Ampfluence Team

The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!
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