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Seasonal Marketing on Pinterest

As a Pinterest business, it is good to practice proper seasonal marketing on Pinterest to increase pin engagement and bring followership to the business profile.

As seasons change, different holidays occur, and a diverse array of topics and activities pop up on one’s Pinterest feed. From crafts, DIYs to seasonal news articles and blog posts, there’s always seasonal trending occurring.

What is Seasonality on Pinterest?

Nifty Pin Studio defines seasonality as the current trending topics on Pinterest. Seasonality is base on the month, weather, and holidays going on at the time. As long as you pin relevant trending topics at the right time and thinking about what your audience is looking for during that season, you can use seasonality to your advantage to increase your pin engagement.

We have listed below the best tips for seasonal marketing on Pinterest to grow the business.

Best Tips for Seasonal Marketing on Pinterest.

1. Share Holiday Pins and Boards

Sharing holiday pins and pin favorite seasonal content from your favorite Pinterest business profiles will create engagements and increase followers on your Pinterest page.

For example, if you are a nail artist, you may post a picture of your completed nail art every couple of days based on the current season. Look at this nail art by Sammy Kirkwood that was featured in Oprah Magazine! When you check on the link for this pin, go to slide number 27 to find her website.


2. Encourage Friends, Family, Subscribers, and Customers to Genuinely Engage with your Pins

There is true power in numbers. As one person learns about your Pinterest profile, just sharing it with their friends, family, and acquaintances will encourage those individuals to share with other people and so on. Encourage your inner circle of family, friends, followers, and subscribers to share and comment on your Pins.

3. Use Popular and Seasonal Keywords on the Pin and Board Descriptions

Kim Herrington outlines how to use Pinterest’s keyword research tool to optimize Pins’ popularity to reinforce popular engagements. Follow these steps to access the free keyword research tool on Pinterest.

  • Log in to your Pinterest business account.
  • Look at the top left of your homepage and click on “Ads”
  • Click on “Create Ad”
  • Scroll through down to where it’s asking you about the focus of your campaign. You are not going to create one. You will only access the keyword research tool.
  • Click on “Traffic” and scroll down to the keyword tool to begin your search.

Here’s an example of what the keyword research tool would look like when in use.


4. Use Tailwind’s SmartLoop to Pin Seasonal Content on Autopilot

Tailwind Smartloop enables you to save Pins to certain Boards over and over and over at a pace that you set. Tailwind partners with Pinterest o that this will not look spammy. This feature has a Seasonal loop that automatically turns on and off with the seasons so you will always be circulating relevant Pins at the best times of the year.


5. Determine what is Trending

With the Pinterest business account, you can search and compare seasonal keywords to prepare for Pinterest pinning. Just visit the Analytics page and choose Trends. This is where you can view the trends among the different famous niche on Pinterest. This section is great to determine what are trending content to post as original Pins and add relevant keywords based on the common trend on Pinterest.


6. Pin Content Related to the Current Season

Keep in mind that your audience can find your Pinterest profile based on the current season trends. If you are a business who is into graphic designing, create free greeting card printables for your followers. If it is Valentine’s Day, create 3 to 5 options to print out that include teddy bears, heart, Cupid, and more.

One Etsy designer created this printable Valentine’s Card below.


7. Make a Secret Board to Help you Plan Content

According to Mary Lumley, secret boards are great to use when planning out your content for upcoming Pinterest posts. You can invite collaborators to add pins and website links to the secret board. This board does not come up on your Pinterest homepage, in searches, or anywhere on Pinterest. Only you and any collaborators that have accepted your invitation can view the board.

To know that it is a Secret Board, there is a black lock symbol on the top left of the board circled in this photo below of Ken and Rai’s Pinterest profile. This symbol shows that your board is secret and can only be seen by you.

10 Best Tips for Seasonal Marketing on Pinterest-image-009

8. Make Sunday a day for Pinterest Autopilot Scheduling

Make this day your planning day. Create a list of goals that you want to accomplish on your Pinterest profile this week. Do you want to link your Pins to blog articles you just wrote or any new products you just posted on your store?

Schedule Pins on Tailwind for Monday through Saturday of that week, so you do not have to rush online every morning or afternoon to post a pin. Be sure that you are posting pins when your audience is online the most. Usually, this may be around lunchtime during work breaks or before or after dinner time once arriving home from work.

9. Use your Best Judgment

In the end, it’s up to your best judgment on what your audience wants from your page when it comes to presenting seasonal content. If you are unsure about seasonal content that you should be pinning, host a survey across your social media accounts to see what seasonal topics in which all of your followers are interested in browsing.

Final Thoughts

If you use Pinterest to market your business, it’s smart to think and plan about what to pin based on seasonal trends. Make sure to pin seasonal content early enough to catch the eye of Pinners who are into your niche. We hope these tips are helpful for you to plan your pins this year.

Picture of Andrea Naomi

Andrea Naomi

Andrea is a digital marketer with a passion for content and social. She loves deciphering puzzles, new tech, working with startups, #beachlife, and of course Ampfluence.

Andrea Naomi

Andrea is a digital marketer with a passion for content and social. She loves deciphering puzzles, new tech, working with startups, #beachlife, and of course Ampfluence.
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