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Pinterest Tools for Business

As time goes on, more and more businesses are using Pinterest to promote and grow their products and services. If you’re managing multiple social media accounts, you are familiar with the need for the right tools to save time and effort. We have discovered Pinterest tools that will help you manage in marketing your business on Pinterest.

In this blog post, we will provide the 21 best Pinterest tools for business that were used by marketers in managing Pinterest.

Top 21 Pinterest Tools for Business

As competition increases, understanding how to leverage Pinterest tools for growth is essential. Let’s explore some of these Pinterest tools and how to use them.

A. Management Tools (Scheduling and Analytics)

1. Pinterest Auto-Post

The most easily accessible tools for any Pinterest creator are the tools that come built-in with the platform itself. The auto-post tool is a no-frills way of uploading pins to Pinterest without using any third-party apps or websites. Posting content directly from your camera roll to the Pinterest platform is a way for new Pinterest users to gain experience before exploring which other tools they may like to utilize in the future.

2. Pinterest Analytics

In a similar vein, Pinterest offers built-in analytics to users uninterested in, or not ready for, more advanced options. This tool can give you a basic overview of how your content is performing on the platform and provide an understanding of who you’re naturally reaching with the content you share. Pinterest Analytics is accessible once you convert your account to a business account.

3. Tailwind (Pinterest Partner)

Tailwind Pinterest Tool for Business

Tailwind’s primary purpose is Pinterest (and Instagram) scheduling tool. The platform offers a content calendar, providing regular suggestions for optimal post timing, as well as, analytic tracking software, which helps gauge how your Pins are performing. Tailwind also has a Chrome extension available to make pinning content easier!

4. Buffer (Pinterest Partner)

Buffer Pinterest Tool for Business

Buffer is a resource for Pinterest content planning. Their membership plans make it easy to publish content consistently. Buffer even offers basic community engagement tools to those who signed up with their Publish plans. Currently, they haven’t integrated in-depth analytics for their Pinterest users.

5. Sprout Social (Pinterest Partner)

Sprout Social is a fantastic option for businesses seeking out a well-rounded platform for all of their Pinterest management needs. Similar to the other tools listed here so far, Sprout Social has an excellent grasp on Pinterest marketing, and they truly understand what a Pinterest business needs to succeed.

Sprout Social Pinterest Tool for Business

Sprout Social’s “Asset Library” supports content scheduling, planning, and repurposing. The tool also offers other features such as integrated workflow software and Pinterest analytics tools.

6. Viraltag (Not a Pinterest Partner)

Viral Tag Pinterest Tool for Business

ViralTag is a content scheduling and management tool optimized for many social websites across the web, with countless years of experience. They are a highly trusted platform for all your social media planning needs. Not only do they have several ways to schedule your Pinterest content, along with analytics tracking tools, but they also have Canva integration for in-platform content creation.

7. ViralWoot (Not a Pinterest Partner)

ViralWoot Pinterest Tool for Business

ViralWoot, previously known as PinWoot, is one that offers content management with a unique twist. In addition to their support in planning and scheduling your Pins, they also have their Pin boosting software, which you can utilize for content advertisement. If you’re not particularly interested in paying for promotion with the Pinterest platform themselves, this may be another option for you to look at. Keep in mind, however, that ViralWoot is not an official Pinterest Partner.

B. Automation Tools

8. PinPinterest (Not a Pinterest Partner)

PinPinterest Pinterest Tool for Business

PinPinterest is a multi-functional tool that claims to provide Pinterest superpowers to businesses looking for automated growth. They take the bulk of the marketing process into their own hands by pinning relevant content to your boards with their artificial intelligence software. Allowing Pinterest growth on auto-pilot will able you to focus on other aspects of your business marketing.

9. Socinator (Not a Pinterest Partner)

Socinator Pinterest Tool for Business

Socinator, the self-titled Social Dominator is yet another automation platform for social media growth. Not only can you automate original Pinterest content with this software, but you can also use their engagement tools to follow others, repin old content, and leave comments across the website – all without any work on your behalf.

10. Ninja Pinner (Not a Pinterest Partner)

Ninja Pinner Pinterest Tool for Business

Like Socinator, Ninja Pinner is a software that supports you in automating both content and engagement across the Pinterest platform. With Ninja Pinner, you can target your ideal demographic, set specific parameters and instructions for their automation intelligence, and easily track your usage and growth. If you are ever in need of software assistance, you can even contact their 24-hour customer service. 

C. Graphics Support

11. Canva (Pinterest Partner)

Canva Pinterest Tool for Business

Canva is a well-known and highly-regarded content creation tool used widely by those without any graphic design experience. In short, they make creating beautiful imagery simple and are an excellent tool for text overlays, collages, and more. Even if you need support in sizing pictures correctly for the Pinterest platform, Canva is a great place to use.

12. Adobe Illustrator (Not a Pinterest Partner)

This Adobe tool enables users to create and edit eye-catching vector-based illustrations, graphics, and logos for their social media content and business at large. Adobe Illustrator is excellent for those who want to artistically integrate their business’s branding into Pinterest and is especially beneficial for crafting a clear, visually pleasing brand identity on the platform.

13. Page2Images (Not a Pinterest Partner)

Page2Images Pinterest Tool for Business

If you’re looking to pull your Pinterest content directly from your business website, Page2Images allows you to screenshot and crop a webpage for easy transfer. Not only that but with their PinPage bookmarklet, you can upload the screenshotted content to Pinterest directly, without having to take any extra steps.

14. Colorcinch

Colorcinch is a simplified design platform that provides access to professional editing tools but constructs a process that makes it easier to achieve all the same stunning results, with a fraction of experience. Their all-in-one platform provides essential editing tools, effects, and cartoonizers, and you will also have access to free graphics and templates.

15. Crello (Not a Pinterest Partner)

Crello Pinterest Tool for Business

Crello is a visual content creator that helps businesses produce eye-catching and click-worthy content. And considering 85% of Pinterest users focus on visuals to determine whether or not to click through a Pin, it’s easy to understand why this high-quality content is so important. 

16. PinThemAll (Not a Pinterest Partner)

PinThemAll Pinterest Tool for Business

PinThemAll is a tool for businesses looking to diversify the content they post to the Pinterest platform. With this resource, you can easily create collages and even take compound screenshots from many websites across the internet. It is yet another way to make your Pinterest content more visually-interesting, to see a higher click-conversion rate.

17. Vidsy (Pinterest Partner)

Vidsy Pinterest Tool for Business

While Vidsy might not be the marketing tool for everyone, it is a platform for businesses looking to take their Pinterest presence to the next level. This company partners with large brand-names, such as TikTok and Google, to better and more beautifully advertise what they have to offer. With Vidsy, you can have beautiful visual ads made for you by a board of creative directors.

D. Miscellaneous 

18. MiloTree (Not a Pinterest Partner)

MiloTree Pinterest Tool for Business

MiloTree offers webpage pop-ups through a WordPress plugin for businesses wishing to market their Pinterest account from their main website. With a resource such as MiloTree, a marketer can easily convert their web traffic to Pinterest followers, with very minimal work. The platform even offers analytics to monitor how well each pop-up is performing.

19. Woobox (Not a Pinterest Partner)

Woobos Pinterest Tool for Business

Woobox is a multifunctional platform specializing in campaign support and management for businesses across several social media platforms. If you’re looking to run a contest or create otherwise interactive content, Woobox has everything you need. Not only that, but they also provide Pinterest feed integration with other social platform pages such as Facebook Pages, and they even offer website pop-ups. 

20. PinAlerts (Not a Pinterest Partner)

PinAlerts is a free service that notifies Pinterest users if their content is engaging across the platform. Receiving a live update every time a user comments on or Pins your content gives you an up-to-date idea of how your content is performing, as well as providing you an opportunity to engage back promptly.

21. PinGroupie (Not a Pinterest Partner)

PinGroupie allows users to locate specific Pinterest Boards, by searching their updated database through specific filters and keywords. This is excellent for businesses looking to market their brand by joining and contributing to Boards across the Pinterest platform. 

Final Thoughts

Pinterest marketing requires proper planning of strategy, and with the right tools that will help the business, it will surely bring success to managing your Pinterest growth. Which of these Pinterest tools are your favorites? Feel free to mention them in the comments below.

Picture of Andrea Naomi

Andrea Naomi

Andrea is a digital marketer with a passion for content and social. She loves deciphering puzzles, new tech, working with startups, #beachlife, and of course Ampfluence.

Andrea Naomi

Andrea is a digital marketer with a passion for content and social. She loves deciphering puzzles, new tech, working with startups, #beachlife, and of course Ampfluence.
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