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TikTok, the wildly popular social media platform, has kicked off 2023 with a stack of exciting news that is sure to delight its millions of users around the world. The platform is making a splash to enhance the user experience; from reminding their users to sleep enough to the partnership with IMDb. As TikTok continues to dominate the social media landscape, these updates can help businesses and creators optimize their content for success. Let’s dive in!

Sleep Reminder Feature

In January, TikTok was experimenting with a new sleep reminder feature that may help users limit their screen time and sleep better. The app has received criticism in the past for being a distracting platform, and some studies have suggested that TikTok addiction is a real issue. In response, TikTok has already implemented several screen time tools, including scheduled screen time breaks of 10, 20, or 30 minutes, as well as a custom time option. Additionally, users can view their daily and nightly screen time on TikTok through the screen time dashboard.


Now, TikTok is taking its screen time management a step further with the new sleep reminder feature. This feature will enable users to set an alert when it is time to go to bed and mute notifications during their recommended seven hours of sleep. If you are one of those people who end up scrolling on TikTok for hours before bed, this feature could be a game-changer for you. Watch how you can set up your sleep time!

Scrubbing Thumbnails

TikTok has rolled out scrubbing thumbnails on its videos, making it effortless to locate a particular section of the video. It might be your h/t for your younger kiddos as said by Matt Navara.


While TikTok had already provided the option to fast forward or rewind lengthy videos, this feature elevates the user experience even further. With the visual cues, you no longer need to guess where the desired segment of the video is; instead, you can skip straight to it.

Partnership with IMDb

This might be the most exciting TikTok update in 2023 for those who love watching TV shows and movies on TikTok!

The partnership between TikTok and IMDb has made it possible for users to easily access movie and TV show pages on the app. Users can tag movies and TV shows in videos, which will take them to an in-app page where they can find relevant information from IMDb, watch related TikToks, and even save them to their favorites tab.

Currently, the feature is only available to users in the US and the UK. However, we can expect to see it rolled out globally in the near future. So, stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new feature.

“For You Page” Curation Revealed

TikTok’s algorithm is impressive in suggesting videos that are tailored to users’ likes and preferences on their “For You Page”. Now, TikTok has introduced a new feature that allows users to learn why a specific video appeared on their feed.

Here’s how to use this new feature:

  • Go to your “For You Page” section.
  • Tap the “Share” icon.
  • Tap the “Why this video” icon.
  • This will show you the reason why TikTok recommended the video to you.

According to TikTok, their recommendations are based on a technical model. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Accounts you follow or suggested accounts.
  • Popular content in your region.
  • Recently posted content in your region.
  • User interactions such as watching, commenting, liking, sharing, and searching for content.

These new TikTok updates can help businesses, brands, and content creators understand why videos appear on people’s FYPs. For example, if a video appears on your FYP because it’s popular in your region, you can create similar content to increase the likelihood of it appearing on your target audience’s feeds.

Key Takeaways

TikTok is starting 2023 with a bang, introducing new updates and features to enhance the user experience. They are releasing a sleep reminder feature, as well as adding scrubbing thumbnails to make finding specific parts of a video easier. These updates can help businesses, brands, and content creators to better understand their target audience and enhance their content accordingly.

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Picture of Tirza N

Tirza N

Tirza is an advertiser, human rights advocate, and dancer. She is passionate about creating creative content and arts. She is a lifetime learner and always goes beyond her limit.

Tirza N

Tirza is an advertiser, human rights advocate, and dancer. She is passionate about creating creative content and arts. She is a lifetime learner and always goes beyond her limit.
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