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twitter optimization tips to boost brand

Twitter has many engaged audiences with more than 320 million monthly users, and it continues to fly high until today. If there are massively engaged audiences on Twitter, then surely your potential customers are also there. Not just customers, there are also bloggers, influencers, storytellers, business people who are looking for story ideas, opinions, and daily updates on Twitter. As a brand, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to get seen and known by many of the potential customers of your business. In this article, we will share with you tips on optimizing your Twitter brand profile so you can be seen and known by your audience.

Reasons for Advertising on Twitter

When we think of shopping, Twitter doesn’t always come to mind, but many brands advertise on Twitter. Shoppers turn to Twitter throughout the purchase cycle. They rely on Twitter content for information, updates, and advice which has influenced their purchase decisions. They’re 160% more likely to stay up-to-date on brand news and promotions, 120% more likely to search for deals and sales, and 240% more likely to converse with a brand than retail shoppers on the average social network.


It explains if brands are actively advertising on Twitter, there is a higher percentage that consumers will likely see them and will experience more sales than those who are not on the platform. To make the most out of Twitter, here are the optimization tips you can apply to boost your brand for more visibility on the platform itself and Google search results.

Effective Tips for Twitter Optimization To Boost your Brand

1.) Follow Twitter’s Algorithm

Twitter’s algorithm always shows personal recommendations from Trends to Topics to the Explore tab to recommended accounts to follow. It allows the users to see the most interesting topic and content that matches their interactions in using the platform. This means that, as a brand, it is important to optimize your tweets to be picked up by the algorithm making your content seen by the right people. Here are simple tips to leverage the use of Twitter’s algorithm:

  • Post Tweets at the right time
  • Updates on trends based on location
  • Use of relevant and trending hashtags
  • Purposeful tagging by mentioning someone on your tweets
  • Use of GIFs, Images, and videos in posting tweets
  • Engage audience through Twitter polls
  • Engage by asking a question or asking for feedback

The more interaction you can drum up, the more Twitter will favor your content.

2.)  Make Twitter DM Public 

If you want your Twitter account to be more accessible to the audience, make your account accessible to the public so they can communicate with you openly. Go to the Twitter Settings page and click on the Privacy and Safety tab. Then, scroll down the page and go to the Direct Message option, and check the box with “Receive Direct Message from anyone.”



3.) Tweet Photos and videos

Each profile has a Media timeline that shows the most recent GIFs, photos, and videos posted. Using creative visuals is the best way to stand out on the Twitter news feed. More visuals boost media relations optimization serving as bait to bloggers and journalists who use Twitter stories as ideas. The Twitter app allows you to post videos straight from the website, upload your videos, and do Video Live. Keep in mind that Twitter’s limit for live videos is around two minutes.


4.) Optimized Pinned Tweets 

Pinning tweets to the top of your profile is an often skipped yet valuable optimization feature. Think strategically when pinning tweets by including a strong visual, call to action, relevant keywords, and a link to back your website.


5.)  Use Customer Service Twitter Tools 

Since 80% of customer service requests happen on Twitter, brands were leaning towards optimizing their customer service requests with Twitter. A few customer service tools Twitter offers to include; direct message deep links, customer survey messaging, profile notifications signifying a company’s response time, and whether the Twitter account used is the correct username to provide support. Social media and customer service is such a huge trend that Twitter published a free 120-page customer service playbook on how and why to integrate Twitter into their customer service strategy.

6.) Relevant and Trending Hashtags 

Studies show that tweets with hashtags have twice as much engagement, but when it comes to the number of hashtags less is more.

7.)  Twitter Engagement 

Twitter Engagement refers to all the ways the audience engages with your brand and its posts on the platform. It doesn’t include only likes, retweets, and replies but expands to brand mentions (tagged or not), follows, embedded media, website links, cards, hashtags, username, profile photo, and Tweet expansion. In other words, engagement refers to how visible your brand is to the platform. Increase the engagement of your brand by maintaining an active presence on Twitter with all the features available.


8. Published Blogs and Website 

If you have published blogs and websites available, it is best to amplify your content using Twitter as a sharing platform. Make sure the technical aspects are set up properly on your website:

  • Do you have a Twitter Card set up on your blog?
  • Are share buttons programmed to tag your Twitter handle?
  • Do you have options such as “Tweet This” or “Click to Tweet” to encourage retweets and more shares?
  • Is it easy to find the share and follow button on your website?

A recipe from Cookie + Kate is easily shareable with different options available to share and get more reach from audiences on different platforms.


9.)  Create Twitter Lists   

Creating a Twitter list or being included can optimize your experience by saving time and exposure. For example, create a Twitter List of your competitors to keep you up to date with any new products or changes on their management, and allow you to observe what they share on social media and how they engage with their customer base. Of course, this list should be kept private. Another example is to create a Twitter List of users who often retweets your posts. This gives them acknowledgment as favorite customers or avid fans of your brand. At the same time, share from their posts, what you see as potentially useful for your brand.

10.) Include Website URL  

This is where you can move beyond the Twitter homepage, think of it as where you are sending your followers and audience to after they visit your profile. Make sure to include Tweets that drive traffic to your website for them to get to know more about what your brand offers.

Final Thoughts

These are basic yet effective strategies for optimizing your Twitter account and making the most out of your tweets. Be sure to understand what your brand needs because all optimization tactics may not work for all companies the same. Whether your budget is large or small, anyone can use Twitter for business to build and reach the targeted clientele.

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The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!

Ampfluence Team

The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!
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