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Twitter Videos

If you are still not using Twitter videos as your marketing strategy, you are indeed losing out on many potential benefits. Here is a complete guide on how to make buzz-worthy Twitter videos for your business and take your marketing strategy a level higher!

Why Use Twitter Videos?

twitter videos

According to Cisco Annual Report, at least 82% of the traffic will be attributed to videos. Hence, it is very evident why video content is so popular. Videos are visual content that can engage, entertain, inform, and persuade people in a much better manner than other mediums. Starting from how-to videos to live streaming and brand stories. You can easily create endless content and market your brand even further!

Thus, adding Twitter videos to your marketing strategy will significantly boost your ROI and bring you better conversions to your brand than ever before!

Types of Twitter Videos

There are different types of Twitter videos that you can share with your audience, such as:

Recorded Video: Here you use the Twitter app to record the videos through your phone camera. You can also edit and share with your followers right from the app itself.

Imported video: You can import the videos from your phone camera to the Twitter app and post them on your account.

Uploaded video: You can upload your videos to the official site of Twitter.

Live-streamed Twitter Video: Here you can broadcast a live video to your followers using the Twitter mobile application.

Promoted videos: The Twitter business offers a wide range of video advertising options to promote your company or organization and engage with your targeted customers on Twitter. Prompted videos usually show up on your targeted user’s feeds and are also labeled as “Promoted.” You can choose different formats and placement options as per your interests:

First view: Your promoted video stays at the top of the timeline for 24 hours, which is the best way to maximize your Twitter videos.

Conversational video: You can add your campaign hashtags and call-to-action buttons to promote videos to engage in conversation with your viewers and encourage sharing.

Instant Unlock Card: You can combine your conversational videos with a persuasive call to action that invites viewers to tweet with your promotional hashtag and unlock an exclusive gift or video content!

Video Website Card: You can create a promoted video featuring an auto-playing video, a compelling headline, and a link to your website, which your Twitter users can click and directly go to our website.

In-stream video ads: You can show a video ad of your brand or company either before, after, or during the other videos to target more people.

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Ideas to Make Buzz-worthy Twitter Videos

When you finally know why you should add Twitter videos to your marketing strategy, let’s check out how to create buzz-worthy Twitter videos that will take the Internet by storm!

Host Q&A Sessions

When you host Q&A sessions, you offer an opportunity for our audience to ask you questions directly via a video which will help in a much better engagement compared to the regular textual Q&A sessions. It will give a more personal touch and will help your brand connect better with your targeted customers.

Reply to Tweets

Your viewers might have a myriad of questions that they tweet by tagging your brand. However, replying to them by retweeting is an outdated method. The better alternative is to reply to tweets via videos!

This way, your followers will get to know the real people behind the brand and connect to them personally. Even though this trick is simple, yet by far the most engaging method to answer questions about your brand and simultaneously promote it.

Share Real-time Updates and Events

If you have any future physical events or webinars coming up, make the most out of his event by covering it using Twitter videos. This way, you can give better exposure to your events through your video and promote your brand even better!

Also, if you don’t feel like covering the entire event, capture a small snippet video and share it with your followers to keep them posted regarding everything happening in the event!

Educate and Inform!

Even if you create promotional videos, you can always choose to educate them with the videos. Try opting for fun and interactive videos by subtly making your viewers aware of your brand and promoting them. This will significantly improve your follower count and retweets in no time!

Promote, Advertise, and Share Teasers

As we said, you can easily use your Promoted videos to target a specific set of customers. The auto-play feature of Twitter ensures that the video automatically starts playing as the user scrolls down their timeline.

They can interact with the video with just a tap or click, making it even more convenient to promote your brand! If you have a video event coming up soon, use these video teasers to promote the event before the d-day!

Offer Exclusive Content and Behind-the-scenes Peeks

If you want to create a buzz of excitement for your brand, you can offer quick sneak peeks regarding your brand or products. Most viewers engage best with behind-the-scenes since they are fun and enthralling! Create exclusive content for your audience, which will prompt them to click on the Follow button to demand more such videos from your end!

Collect and Share User-generated Content (UGC)

After you are done with all the points mentioned above, it is finally time to let your followers contribute to your brand. You can easily arrange a contest or a giveaway that encourages users to post user-generated content for your brand. You can either ask your viewers to portray your product in the video or just a sweet and simple interactive one!

In addition to that, make sure to give them a unique hashtag that they can use while posting their videos for your brand contest on Twitter! The higher the number of user-generated content, the more your brand awareness!

Use Captions to Reinforce Your Messages

You can also add patients to your videos and convert your regular textual tweets into visuals. This is great if you are not comfortable showing your face in the videos or looking for a change. This is most popular amongst news organizations who usually focus on telling the complete story within a quick video with captions and no music!

Go Live!

Even if you post millions of Twitter videos and promote your brand, nothing beats going Live on Twitter! It is an excellent method to improve brand affinity and interact better with your viewers. You can either choose to demonstrate your products while talking to your viewers or even have a random heart-to-heart conversation to add a personal touch!

Final Thoughts

Twitter videos are a terrific way to increase your follower count and promote your brand substantially. However, apart from posting regular Twitter video content on your profile, you must measure the response rate and view the number of impressions or engagements on your Twitter video. This will help in analyzing which Twitter video strategy works best for your brand. Thus, gear up, create your first buzz-worthy Twitter video, and witness the engagement metrics going higher real quick!

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Ampfluence Team

The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!

Ampfluence Team

The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!
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