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Facebook (also owns Instagram) is unveiling a new feature that should make it accessible for businesses owners and managers to stay on top of the conversations across all social networks such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. Facebook unveiled a unique feature, which is called as the “Universal Inbox” to handle all messages for the three channels via the Facebook Pages app.

Facebook believes that company will be more effective and productive with this feature. The well-known platform is also launching a unified Pages Manager inbox that lets everyone see and reply to their Facebook, FB Messenger, as well as Instagram interactions in one app. If you complain about a faulty product in an Instagram comment, you’re just as likely to be answered as if you’d sent a scathing Facebook message.

“Some people have been flipping through different apps to manage their various presences,” said Benji Shomair, Head of Global Business Operations — Direct Sales and Partner Channels. “And other people would actually have multiple phones open. It’s a relatively simple story where we are trying to save businesses time,” Shomair added.

According to a report, the universal inbox will let marketers more easily take note of comments, reviews and direct messages by the consumers from Facebook, FB Messenger, and Instagram. In addition, page managers can use their cursor to tap a user’s profile and see his or her publicly available information, possibly giving businesses more insights on how to interact with the potential customers.

Social media supervisors can also get a genuine sense of anyone’s history. For example, they’ll see your publicly available Facebook and Instagram profile and will know whether or not you’ve spoken before. They can even apply labels on each conversation. This makes for them easy to know if your concerns are particularly urgent or if you’re a regular speaker.

This news is a really big news for all the business owners, social media managers, company liaison, and even entrepreneurs that use Facebook and Instagram very often. It is really an awesome combination of Facebook and Instagram companies.

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