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How to Use Twitter Spaces to Grow your Business

Twitter recently came up with a new feature called Twitter spaces which allows users to go live and host audio-only broadcasts wherein both the hosts and the audience can interact and discuss across the platform. Twitter spaces are a game-changer if your Twitter marketing goal is to increase the engagement rates with your audiences and attract new followers.

So what do Twitter spaces have in store for you? Is it even worth the hype? How to get audiences hooked to your Twitter space? How do you even host a Twitter space? Keep reading to know everything about and around Twitter spaces in detail. Let’s get rolling.

What are Twitter Spaces

Social audio chats are one of the biggest social media trends you cannot afford to miss out. Twitter has been on the same game lately and is testing its new beta feature Twitter Spaces with the same social audio phenomenon. Twitter Space is simply a live audio chat broadcast streamed through the Twitter application by users with more than 600 followers in their accounts. In this feature, you can have live interaction with like-minded audiences that join your space. It’s almost a live gathering wherein people can discuss issues, brainstorm innovative solutions to worldly distress, exchange words, and do more together. 

How Twitter Spaces Invitations and Rooms Work

Twitter Spaces are public, just like tweets. Your Twitter Space will be accessible for anyone to join as a listener, even those who do not follow your Twitter account. Each Twitter space has a unique link that can be shared via DMs, tweeting links, sharing it across other social media platforms, and encouraging more users to join the space and be a part of the conversation. 

Recently, the participant list is limited to just 11 people, including the session host. But, the number of people who can join the space and listen to the conversation is unlimited. As a host, when you start a Twitter Space, you can choose who will participate in the conversation within:

  • All users
  • People you Follow
  • People you Invite to Speak

Once the Twitter space is created, you can also moderate who is allowed to speak within the conversation in case you’d like to give other people a chance to share their insights too. Listeners can request permission to speak by clicking on the “Request” icon below the microphone and clicking on the “Start Spaces” button. They can choose whether they would like to display descriptions if you have previously activated them. 

How to Get Started with Twitter Spaces

Now that you know the benefits of hosting a Twitter space for your business and how it works, let’s walk you through the steps to start your first Twitter Space.

Start a Twitter Space

The Twitter Space feature is available for accounts with over 600 followers. Only then can you host a Twitter space. Simply, long-press the compose button on your Home timeline, then select the cluster of dots icon. Your mic will be off when you first create your Space. Then, tap Start your Space once you’re ready to begin speaking.

Share your Space on Twitter and Other Platforms

After creating your first Twitter space, you can invite users to join your space and be a part of the conversation. You can share your Space on Twitter and other platforms by clicking the share menu to either a direct message to the users, tweet about it, or copy the space link to paste it on the other platforms.

Talk to and Engage with People in your Space

If you would like to see the members of the space, click on the member icon or even use the search bar to find a particular listener or speaker. Listeners can listen to the conversation happening in the space, and react with an emoji to share their views. On the other hand, a speaker can interact with you and keep the discussion running. You can find the role of each member beneath their profile picture. You can also see if their microphone is muted or not. And if they are speaking, a little audiogram representation will be shown next to their label.

Share a Video or Resource in your Twitter Space

A great way to use the Twitter Space for your business is to discuss the articles, videos, and other resources you have already shared over Twitter. You can again share the same tweets in your ongoing Twitter space for reference.

Close your Twitter Space

After you are done with your session, you cannot just leave right away. You need to close the Twitter space as you are the host here. Hit the End button at the top right corner of the screen and approve the confirmation by Twitter. Once you have ended your space, any links you have shared from Twitter will still be present, but the preview will show that the Twitter space has ended. If anyone tries to join the space by tapping on it, they can see a notice stating that the space has ended. 

How Can Your Business Benefit from Twitter Spaces

If you are still wondering how your brand can benefit from hosting a Twitter space, here is a list of ideas for your subsequent Twitter space discussion and how it can grow your audience quickly.

Coaching and Teaching Session with your Audience 

The first and easiest thing to do on Twitter space is to teach people something you are proficient at. For example, you have a fashion business and want to boost your audience through Twitter spaces. You can interact with your audiences on how they can style certain jewelry with any outfit and offer them some unique tips and tricks to make them look even more outstanding. Similarly, if you are a social media marketer, you can teach people how to create a solid social presence with different strategies and tactics.

Remember, since there are no visual elements here, you need to be good at communicating your thoughts and ideas through the microphone. There is so much more you can interact with your audiences. The best part is anybody can request permission to participate in the conversation and can address the queries which you can solve and provide more value to your audiences.

Twitter Space Teach Audience

Get Feedback From your Audience

As a business owner, getting insights from the audience is way more valuable than any other social media marketing strategy. Good social listening skills paired with this exceptional platform allow you to learn more about your consumers and serve them well. For example, suppose your audiences are sharing about inefficient customer services from your business or your competitor’s brands. In that case, you already get a hint to optimize your customer service facilities for your followers. You can ask them about their opinions on your brand or the common problems they face with other brands. This will help you gain some real-time feedback and new ideas to optimize your brand and strategies accordingly.

Twitter Space Get Feedback

Hold a Q&A Session

As a business owner, you need to ensure that your audiences are hooked to your brand and relate to you well. Allow them to address their queries, and you can answer them all with no hesitations. This is a great marketing strategy that can yield incredible results in your engagement rates over time. Encourage users to request permission to be a speaker and share their questions with you. If many of them are shy to speak up, you can always ask your users to submit questions they would like you to answer in the upcoming Twitter Space session.

Twitter Space Q&A

Talk About Trending Topics in your Industry

Positioning yourself as an authentic thought leader is a requirement to make your business stand out on Twitter. To create more brand awareness and recognize yourself as an authority in the industry, you can use Twitter Space to talk about the hot topics in your industry and share your valuable opinion on the same.

Hosting discussions on the buzzing headlines can educate the audience and encourage more users to join the session. Use Twitter Space to talk about the trends, breaking news, and so much more. For example, you can also host a session talking about the new launch of Twitter – Twitter Space and share your thoughts on the pros and cons of this feature and so much more!

How to Utilize Twitter Spaces for Brand-Building Feedback Session Talk

Have an Exclusive Interview with Experts 

Apart from your regular Twitter Space sessions, you can also choose to invite an industry leader to your upcoming session to spice up the sessions. Like an interview podcast, you can bring one or more experts into the conversation and get the discussion even more interactive. With more people in the interview comes more opinions which can even be contrasting at times. However, ensure to include people who are knowledgeable enough on the specific topic you are going to discuss. It is recommended to discuss beforehand the topic with other experts before going live. This will keep them prepared and bring some of the most striking insights to make your Twitter space session more valuable and fun!

Twitter Space Experts

Twitter Space Best Practices

Having a Twitter space can give your business a greater edge over others. Simply interacting with your audiences can cover more than half of your social media marketing requirements and boost your engagement rates in no time. To make the most of Twitter spaces, there are certain best practices that you should be mindful of, such as:

  1. You can not simply drag your Twitter space sessions to endless hours. Keeping a limit of about 60 to 90 minutes can be more than enough to keep audiences engaged in the conversation.
  2. Have a clear-cut format on how you are going to approach the session. Also, share the format with the other experts if you are hosting a live interview with them. 
  3. Don’t just speak for too long and not give chances to other speakers to share their opinions in the conversation.
  4. Consistency is key. In the initial days, you may not witness a big participant list for your Twitter space, but with consistent practice of hosting Twitter spaces regularly, you can gradually see the number growing with time. Hold your spaces at the same time every week to welcome more auditions in the upcoming sessions. 
  5. You can promote your products and services live but do not be too salesy to turn your Twitter space into an advertisement session.
  6. Be very mindful about what you speak, as every word coming out of your mouth represents your brand. You can be candid in your space but don’t share any explicit content that can go against your brand.
  7. Be authentic and do not imitate someone during your live broadcast. 
  8. Explore different topics every week as there is no full-proof rule on which topics work best for Twitter spaces and which ones don’t!

Final Thoughts

With these best practices and the unique functionalities of Twitter spaces, you are all set to ultimately take your Twitter marketing strategy to the next level. Create your first Twitter space today and hook your audiences with some of the most interactive topics of your brand!

Picture of Aivhen Remo

Aivhen Remo

Aivhen is a self-taught portrait artist and social media guru. She has a strong desire to organize and oversee complicated things and has the enthusiasm to quickly learn and explore new things.

Aivhen Remo

Aivhen is a self-taught portrait artist and social media guru. She has a strong desire to organize and oversee complicated things and has the enthusiasm to quickly learn and explore new things.
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