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Consider hiring a Pinterest manager?

Pinterest Manager is the person who specializes in planning content and increasing traffic and revenue through the companies’ Pinterest business profile. Making Pins for a business strategy is a necessity for all businesses but it takes a lot of time and effort.

If the stuff of Pinterest gets frustrating like a hurricane in the middle of a sunny day, hiring a Pinterest Manager can be a great option. Getting a professional Pinterest Manager to take care of Pinterest pieces would not only get you efficient advertisement but also a good night’s sleep!

In this article, we will discuss why hiring a Pinterest Manager should be an important consideration.


What’s a Pinterest Manager

A Pinterest Manager is a professional specialized in social media marketing on Pinterest, offering services to businesses and owners, to help them plan and promote their content, or products through Pinterest. They are there to free up some time for the owner to get back to doing what they do good, but still have additional benefits for being present on this social media platform. 

What Pinterest Managers Must Do

In a nutshell, Pinterest Managers should be experts in their field. They should know how and what to do whenever you need some help or planning. Pinterest Management Services can be divided into a few sections whether it comes as separate or complete service features. These services are including account setup, audit, clean up, growth, and maintenance or design.

1. Understanding The Marketing Objectives

A Pinterest Manager understands how things work on Pinterest and what is the purpose of each segment and Pin on a business profile. They will know how the marketing objectives can include awareness, traffic, lead management, sales page, or product.

A great Pinterest Manager should know how to collaborate with the business owner or other team members to make sure that the visitors get exactly what they are looking for on your Pinterest.

2. Correctly Setting Up Pinterest Account

A good Pinterest Manager will start and guide the client through each process on how to set up the account correctly. A Pinterest business account and website need to be coherent to increase traffic and on-site performance. It also includes the right installation of Pinterest Tag and enabling Rich Pins. Keep in mind that it is not recommended to provide access to the website to a Pinterest Manager, but they should be able to help the client to run everything smoothly.

3. Understanding Pinterest Insights and Analytics

Every brands and business want to have a successful organic Pinterest strategy. A good Pinterest Manager should be able to floor a clear picture of the business’ insight and analytics.

Pinterest Managers should dive deep into the client’s Google Analytics and Pinterest Insight to gather as much information such as clicks, engagement rate, Pins and repins that performed well.

4. Research Target Market

Research is the most time-consuming part of defining a marketing strategy. Pinterest Managers should have unique perspective of any brands they are working with and collaborate well to define the brand look and voice to create personalized content that would work.

It is also great if a Pinterest Manager has sufficient experience with some different brands or industries. It will be a good source of inspiration and references for the client.

5. Curate Pinterest Content

Pinterest is not just another portfolio or catalog for business. Pinterest users go on Pinterest to get ideas and inspiration. It means that your Pins should be curated as best as they could be to inspires the audience and bring values for them. This is your goal when you use Pinterest for business and a good Pinterest Manager should know how to achieve this goal.

6. Designs for Pins

Pin graphics are crucial for Pinterest’s marketing strategy. A Pinterest Manager may provide a design service but it is always better to have your own graphic designer. If you have an in-house graphic designer, it will be easier to create a customized design according to the brands’ needs while the Pinterest Manager can provide feedback that aligns with the marketing strategy.

7. Content Calendars & Scheduling

A good Pinterest Manager should be able to guide the client to plan and schedule their content accordingly. Invest in a scheduling tool would be a great decision since the Pinterest Manager can arrange, view, and edit before posting anything in advance. A scheduling tool is also safe because you don’t have to share your website (or other platforms) credentials with the Pinterest Manager but they still can get their job done.

8. Reporting Skill

A professional Pinterest Manager will be able to give you updates on what’s happening on Pinterest using words all humans can understand. Nobody likes long reports with numbers but zero success points. Reporting skill is essential so you will get to know the growth of your Pinterest account without having a headache trying to read a billion sentences.

9. Proper Pinterest Knowledge

A great Pinterest Manager will know about the latest changes, events, and trends on the market so you will get a worry-free life when you leave all the Pinterest planning to the pros.

An organic Pinterest marketing strategy is possible with time and commitment. If you lack the time or knowledge, hiring a professional Pinterest Manager would be the best choice!

Reasons to Hire a Pinterest Manager


Running a new business can sometimes be overwhelming and marketing is just a part of the big picture. If you are somewhere near the level of constant stress it is time to consider getting help. 

1. Not Enough Time

So many things to do so little time you have… isn’t it?

Hiring a Pinterest Manager will save time and energy by doing all extensive research, reading, and planning! Posting up an account and bulk content is not ‘hard-work’ per se, but it does chunk a huge amount of daily time. Having a professional alleviates the pressure off of the deadlines, and curating and scheduling content is boring for someone else. 

2. Pinning Without a Strategy

Creating a good social media marketing strategy is hard on its own. Implementation on different social networks, adapting it to each platform is equally as hard. This can take a creative toll, but a professional knows how to balance it all out, and gets paid to do specifically that.

3. Creating Pin Graphics takes away time and energy

The composition of Pinterest Graphic Design includes quite a few elements that require proficiency, which include images, text overlay, pin size, and branding consistency. Unless you are some type of designer and know how to use those programs, you need a professional. Many Pinterest Managers include a graphic design service you can access in case you don’t have your own graphic designer.

4. Hard to Keep Up with Latest Updates

Since 2019 Pinterest started changing big time. Only during 2020, the algorithm Pinterest uses change towards the quality and type of content. By hiring Pinterest marketing managers, brands are lending their knowledge and experience. Pinterest manager services change according to the trends that are changing on all social media platforms. 

5. Not Enjoying Pinterest Marketing Activities

There is not much left to say. Business owners need to be aware of the marketing necessities, but they don’t necessarily have to perform all of the activities themselves. Leaving room for professionals in budget planning can get either extra help or extra money. 

Hiring a Pinterest ads manager or similar virtual specialist requires a keen eye of the business owner to assess their expertise. 

How a Pinterest Manager Can Help With Your Business


Pinterest managers aim to implement Pinterest marketing strategies for companies and helping them reach their business goals. When looking for candidates, they can be also listed as Pinterest virtual assistants or Pinterest Specialists. There are quite a few ways they can do that.

1. Develop A Customized Strategy for Business

Despite the misconceptions of a simple search & pin process, managing a Pinterest account includes a variety of activities that require extensive research. Pinterest managers will do the keyword research, content maintenance, planning new boards, optimization of your pins, etc. A good manager will communicate the entire process with the owner and will attempt to implement business goals in the Pinterest marketing strategy. 

2. Help to Create Pins and Boards

The purpose of hiring a Pinterest Manager is to increase traffic through Pins and Boards. Before hiring check the portfolio and managers’ references, and make sure they know what they are doing. Additionally, ask if they offer pin design services as well. Creating custom graphics is one of the ways to stand out from generic content. 

3. Grow the Account by Optimizing Pins and Boards

Optimization is important, beneficial, and a lot easier if someone knows how to do it. This will increase brand presence and secure traffic growth over time. Pins have a longer presence on the platform than any other social media and with it exposure to a larger number of users. 

4. More Time in the Day

This is the greatest perk when someone else takes a portion off of that long to-do list. You can commit to the actual business, clients, or have some time for yourself or family and friends. In today’s world, personal time is the most expensive commodity as it is priceless. 

5. Experience Faster Growth

An increase in activities on your Pinterest profile will lead to faster growth. It is important to keep in mind that speed on Pinterest does not come overnight, but it takes a gradual advancement and significant improvement. 

Final Thoughts

Understanding the basic concept of how Pinterest marketing works and admitting that you are not as efficient in achieving results in this field is nothing to be ashamed of. A professional Pinterest manager will help improve your online presence. Determine the budget before discussing any details of the project so you can choose the pro that fits your brand.

Picture of Andrea Naomi

Andrea Naomi

Andrea is a digital marketer with a passion for content and social. She loves deciphering puzzles, new tech, working with startups, #beachlife, and of course Ampfluence.

Andrea Naomi

Andrea is a digital marketer with a passion for content and social. She loves deciphering puzzles, new tech, working with startups, #beachlife, and of course Ampfluence.
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