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Apart from content creation and optimization, you need to monitor and take inventory of your current standing by doing a Pinterest Audit. There are Pinterest owners who missed this vital step thinking creating boards that correspond to their business is already enough. However, a Pinterest audit is essential because it helps content creators find areas for improvement.

Let’s look at the vital steps on how to do a Pinterest audit of your account.

What is a Pinterest Audit?

A Pinterest audit is a strategy that can help brand owners determine the current status of their business on the platform. It helps to determine which of your pins are performing well and what needs to be improved and optimized. A Pinterest audit will help you to see where you can improve your Pinterest presence and start to develop or adjust a strategy that’s tailored to your business objective.

There are 4 parts that need to be included when you are auditing your Pinterest: your Pinterest profile, your Pinterest account, Pinterest boards, and Pinterest pins.

So now, the question will be how often should I do the Pinterest Audit?

Doing the Pinterest audit can be done once a year or even twice. There’s no required number of audits as long as you make sure you are updating, improving, and optimizing your account from time to time that you feel like you need to.

How To Do The Pinterest Audit?

It is important for your account to do a Pinterest audit correctly, so here’s the guide on how to do it: 

Pinterest Profile Audit


First and foremost, you need to make sure that your profile is working for your brand. You need to take a glance at your profile and conduct an inventory or review if you are setting it right. The things that should be considered when taking an audit on your profile are as follows:

  1. Profile Image
    Make sure you are using an actual photo of a person or present the logo for your brand to make the profile more reliable. Change your profile picture and be consistent with the images you use on other social platforms for better brand identification.
  2. Pinterest Business Name
    Your business name on Pinterest is one of the most important assets in your marketing. Brand name should always appear first and followed by a relevant keyword if possible.
  3. The “About You” Profile Description
    Same as your business name, the words you put into your “About You” profile description should best reflect your business. Make sure to write a clear and understandable profile description, with relevant keywords inserted in the best and most natural way possible.
  4. Website Link
    Don’t forget to include links to your store or blog site. This will direct viewers to the linked content thus increasing traffic. 

Pinterest Account Audit

  • Know your Pinterest Account type

Make sure that your account is converted to a Pinterest Business account.  Just log into your Pinterest account and then visit the Pinterest for the Business section. There, you will see a big red button to convert your existing personal account to a business account.


Having a business account can increase your brand authority, drive traffic, and allows you to see and access your analytics. You can run ads and promote pins, and on top of it, you will be able to spot emerging trends.

  • Enable Rich Pins

You will know that your rich pins are activated and turned on when you see extra information and details above and below the image on closeup and the bold title in your feed. Rich Pins help increase traffic and impression, as well as engagement. Unlike normal pins, they look more detailed, so they’re eye-catching, inviting more people to click.


  •  Verified Website

Getting verified on Pinterest is very important as it not only helps Pinterest recognize you as the website owner but also helps build trust. This will help your profile look official, drive more traffic to your site, and make your profile more visible.


To be verified, go to your profile settings, then under Edit Profile, go to Claim, then “Websites.

  • Business Location

Putting on a location on your Profile description will make it easier for your customers to locate and know where your business is situated, especially for local businesses. 

Pinterest Boards Audit


Pinterest boards are the highlight of your profile, and consider pins as the soul of it. Review and clean your boards one by one and try to figure out what pins are working for your brand and what’s not. 

  • Review Board’s Details
    Make sure that all the Board Titles, Descriptions, and Categories are relevant to your brand and to your audience. Optimize your Board Titles and Description using well-researched keywords that are curated for your niche.
  • Organize Boards
    Your Pinterest boards are things your visitors see when they visit your account, which reflects your business and has a direct impact on your marketing strategy. So to make them as attractive as possible, organize your boards by following these tips:

    1. Position all of your popular boards in the top row of your profile to increase overall profile engagement, followers, and traffic.
    2. Customize your Board cover mage to get lots of attention. While uploading nice Pinterest covers would not impact the algorithm, it can however improve user experience, traffic, and engagement.
    3. For boards with lower engagement, you can turn it into a group board and invite collaborators to increase the number of Pins.
    4. Systematically pin more quality images to your top boards to increase following, increase repins and traffic.
  • Create Featured Boards
    Featured boards should be interesting, useful, relevant, and eye-catching, especially for first-time visitors, to help create a positive impression of your brand. What they should see in your Featured Boards are your best Pins and the best content.

Pinterest Pins Audit

Being the soul of your Pinterest account, your pins need to be well-planned and organized. Here are key points that you need to consider in doing Pin audits:

  1. Optimize Pin Titles and Descriptions
    In order for a certain Pin to reach a relevant audience, it needs to be properly optimized with relevant keywords. Adding relevant keywords to content should be done in a clear and understandable way. Keyword stuffing is a big no-no, so you might as well make it as clear, simple, and natural as possible. See a good example below of a properly optimized Pin.
  2. Use High-Quality Pins
    Make sure to remove any horizontal type of pins inside your Boards and prioritize in placing vertical Pins with compelling headlines.
  3. Destination Links
    If you want to increase traffic to your website, make sure each Pin has a destination link. Especially with compelling descriptions and engaging images, the possibility of high clicks is great! So don’t forget to add a link in your description.
  4. Placement of Pins to the Right Boards
    The placement of each pin also matters, make sure that your pins are pinned to their designated boards or to the boards where they most likely belong. Get rid of irrelevant pins, so that you can organize everything relatively.
  5. Archive Poor Performing Pins
    Find poorly performing Pins and Boards through Pinterest Analytics. If no one saves or clicks them, you can delete or archive them. But before you remove or hide these underperforming pins, make sure you have already analyzed these Pins to better understand the factors that led to their poor performance. You can also compare them to your high-performance pins to understand the difference.

Final Thoughts

We have handled Pinterest Audit to our clients and this has helped them to adjust their content strategy especially on what attracts best to their audience. Pinterest Audit will not guarantee a 100% successful rate, but this action plan helps you to know your current standing and monitor the progress of your account in a given year. It is most important to take inventory of your business to achieve your business goals.  


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The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!

Ampfluence Team

The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!
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