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If you want to see the growth of your Pinterest account, one of the strategies you can focus on is writing the best descriptions for your Pins and Boards. Without minimizing other things that are important for higher rankings, such as quality images and text layout, the Pinterest descriptions may offer a greater chance for your Pins to perform well. As much as making it compelling to your target audience, applying the best SEO strategy for better rankings and wider reach is equally important!

In this article, we will share some great tips on how to write the best Pinterest descriptions, here are some valuable times to get your started.

What are Pinterest Descriptions?

Pinterest descriptions are the written texts that you can find on your Pins and Boards that provide more context for better clarity and understanding of the content. There are two types of Pinterest descriptions: Pin descriptions and Board descriptions.

1. Pinterest Pin Description

Pin descriptions can be displayed in different places on Pinterest, depending on the type of device you’re using – mobile app or desktop. They can be found just below the image and the pin title. For more clarity, take a look at the example below.


They play an important role in getting more traffic and engagement for your Pin. Depending on the relevance and clarity of the Pin description, you may attract more users by clicking on the link. Pin titles can be up to 100 characters long, while for descriptions, a maximum of 500 characters is allowed.

2. Pinterest Board Description

Much like the pin description, board descriptions also provide more context about your board’s content. Descriptions for Pinterest boards appear at the top of your Pinterest board and below your profile picture. See the example of a board description below:


You can optimize your boards for more follow-up and engagement by writing clear and engaging descriptions. Board Titles can also have up to 100 characters while up to 500 characters for the descriptions.

Why Pinterest Descriptions are Important?

Pinterest descriptions will not only increase engagement and traffic but can also increase email signups and online sales. Here are some of the important benefits of perfectly written Pinterest descriptions.

1. Increases Traffic, Reach, and Engagement

A well-written Pinterest description will help the Pinterest algorithm better understand the context of your Pin and board. The clearer the description or content, the more they can appear in the right search feeds and have a broader reach.

If they’re clear, understandable, interesting, and have a call to action at the end, they’re more likely to gain a lot of engagement and traffic.

2. Importance of Keywords on Pinterest Descriptions

Keywords serve as the backbone of your Pinterest descriptions. Without keywords, it would be more difficult for your Pin to be recognized and rank higher.


Keywords are inserted in the title and description, which will help Pinterest’s algorithm bring you to the right search results and the right target audience.

Best Tips to Write Best Pinterest Descriptions

If that sounds too overwhelming, don’t worry! There are some best practices you can follow to be able to write the best Pinterest descriptions. Here are a few tips:

1. Perfect Length of Pinterest Descriptions

Pinterest only allows a maximum of 500 characters for your Pin description, and that’s perfectly fine. This number is good enough to write an engaging and understandable description with relevant keywords inserted in a natural way and a CTA or Call To Action at the end.

The most important thing is to be simple with your description, with all the important details that you want to highlight. Also, don’t forget to add the link to your content. See the photo below:


Note that only 30 to 60 characters of your Pin description will appear in the feed. To make sure you get more clicks, get the most out of the first 30-60 characters. In addition to SEO, links, and compelling texts, another important consideration is the length of your Pin description. A study shows that the longer the Pin description, the more likely it gets repinned. 

2. The Right Structure of Pinterest Description

The length of your pin descriptions is as important as its structure. Having a structure for your descriptions means having a format to follow, which becomes clearer and easier to understand. Avoid random texts or jargon that you only understand. Instead, consider a proven format that will make your Pinterest description compelling enough for more engagement and clicks.

Here’s a simple way to create your Pin description:

[Address Search Intent with Keywords] + [Brand Name] + [What You Offer] + [Relevant Details] + [CTA]

What should be on Pinterest Pin Descriptions?

In your structure, include these important elements:

1. Relevant keywords

Keywords should be inserted in the most natural way possible towards the beginning of the description. Make sure to avoid stuffing them, otherwise, Pinterest’s algorithm might recognize your Pin as spam. Learn How to Find Relevant Keywords for Pinterest Profile here.

2. Brand / Business Name

The brand name inserted in a pin description can help increase brand recognition and awareness. They can be placed in the first line of your description. 

3. Essential Statements that Describes the Pin

Since you’re going to include anything that might help convince users and make your content more understandable, be sure to avoid unclear words, phrases, or jargon that some people might have a hard time understanding. Whenever possible, use only simple sentences that are common and understandable, essential and relevant.

4. Link to Blog or Website

If you want to increase traffic to your site, this is one of the best ways. Especially with compelling descriptions and engaging images, the possibility of high clicks is great! Do not ever forget to add a link to your description since it is very essential. 

5. Call to Action (CTA)


Guide visitors on what to do after seeing your Pin and reading the description via a CTA at the end. Some commonly used CTAs are “Click here” and “Learn more by clicking here”.

6. Price – If you are selling on your Website


Adding a price to a Pin that displays or promotes a product is also another method to help your Pins gain more attention and sales. Remember to display an attractive price with the currency sign before the number.

7. Pin Hashtags


Pinterest also places value and importance on hashtags. Just like keywords, they help Pins become more relevant and understandable to the Pinterest algorithm. So by adding hashtags at the end of your description, you help your Pin rank higher.

What should be on Pinterest Board Descriptions?

To rank your Pinterest boards better, it’s important to write compelling and engaging board descriptions. Here are some best practices you can apply when writing your Pinterest board descriptions.

1. Relevant keywords


Pinterest ranks the performance of the board, which is why the inclusion of relevant keywords in titles and descriptions is necessary. These keywords must be relevant and must be inserted in a natural way. Take a look at How to Optimize Pinterest SEO for your Pinterest Boards for a deeper understanding of the importance of optimized boards.

2. Topic explanation


Because board descriptions are important, they should be written in a concise and clear manner that is good enough to appeal to your target audience. Write a brief explanation of the purpose of the board, remembering to highlight the benefits and value it can bring to your target audience.

3. Board Pain Point 

A pain point is a specific problem that your target audience or customers are having, and each problem varies from person to person. In fact, some may not even be completely aware that they are experiencing it. Here’s where you need to be wise and strategic, making sure your target audience understands the problem and convinces them that your product or service is the solution they’re looking for. Make sure to have the structure of your board description formatted this way.

4. Your Niche and Boards Variations 


If your Pinterest account is niche-specific, a Pinterest best practice is to have all boards relevant to your target audience. Whenever they visit your account, they can see a variety of boards with various content under the same niche.


You can also insert keywords and long-tail phrases, like “How to do XXXX” in your board descriptions to optimize them. You can find some of these popular and relevant long-tail keywords from Pinterest Guided Search.

Brief Summary as a Reminder

Before you start creating your Pin and writing the description, keep these important things in mind:

  • Keywords

Keywords help your Pins rank higher. They help to stay relevant to your niche, for the Pinterest algorithm to understand its context better, and for a wider reach. With a robust SEO strategy, your Pins are more likely to perform better than others. 

  • Specific and Relevant Sentences

With the number of characters allowed for Pinterest descriptions, make the most of the requirement by only using specific and relevant phrases following a tried and tested structure. Do not use sentences that are irrelevant and difficult to understand. By being specific and direct with the highlights of your description, your Pins and boards will be more likely to rank higher.

  • Hashtags

Pinterest hashtags play an important role in ranking your Pin. They act like keywords that will help your Pins show up higher in search results. When people click on a hashtag, it automatically searches for it. This is why they must be relevant just like the keywords.

  • Mention Other Accounts

Since Pinterest allows other accounts to be mentioned in your descriptions, take this opportunity to increase followings and build or strengthen a relationship with other people in the same niche. You can also be strategic in how you do it, for example praising them for their great work to grab attention..

A good example is Coree Cartwright-Silvera, who makes a habit of mentioning creators of the infographics on her board.


Now that you know the tips for writing better Pinterest descriptions for your Pins and Boards, it would be easier for them to rank higher on the search results page. But keep in mind that this is just one important thing you need to consider in order to improve the performance of your Pin and board. Combine it with a good SEO strategy, valuable content, and quality images, your marketing strategy will likely be successful!

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Ampfluence Team

The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!
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