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Have your pins get seen enough on Pinterest? Pinterest is a giant visual search engine where people find inspiration and ideas. Businesses and brands can take advantage of various features that Pinterest offers. As a growing platform that consistently updates its features to match the needs of its users, being visible on Pinterest has become essential. It is important to take extra measures and ensure the content gets seen on the platform.

Let’s see how to get your Pinterest Pins seen by your target audience on Pinterest.

The Benefits of Getting Seen on Pinterest

To get your pins seen on Pinterest – which means you are searchable and easily seen in the search results so that everyone will notice and view your pins. There are two key benefits on what it means to be visible on Pinterest:

  1. Increase the exposure of the brand to the digital target market resulting in more potential customers.
  2. Able to effectively promote your brand and drive more sales. 

5 Proven Ways to Make Pins Searchable On Pinterest

As mentioned above, it is significant for the Pins to be searchable and visible to drive more traffic from the target audience. Listed below are the effective ways to make your pins more searchable on Pinterest.

1. Pinterest Keywording

Keywords matter on Pinterest, just like adding higher-visibility hashtags to your Instagram posts so they will show up more in the Pinterest search results. 

What is Pinterest Keywording

Pinterest Keywording is the process of adding specific words from your niche for Pinterest users to find the content they are looking into. Adding a keyword is like adding a word hint that can make your pins more searchable. It is a strategy where you can get qualified leads and people to your tribe. The photos below are examples of keywords found on Pinterest when someone from the dog lover niche looks into the inspirations related to dogs. 


Remember that a good keyword will have at least a dozen additional recommended keywords on the keyword tile. See the photo below for reference.


The keywording process is a part of optimization, where it’s an integral part of doing business in the digital market. You have to set up your account at an optimum level to increase your page visibility. During this process, you have to figure out the usual terms that your target audience usually searches on Pinterest so that you will be able to rank higher on Pinterest search results.

Keyword Optimization

Keywords are basically in every area of our Pinterest account. 

  • Profile Name and Bio description
  • Pin Title and Description
  • Board Name and Description
  • The Names of objects tagged in the image

Choosing the right keywords for your Pinterest content is not that easy. You need to pick and choose simple words and words that would fit your niche. You also have to be specific, accurate, and strategic in choosing your keywords. The best tool you can use for finding the right keyword is the Pinterest platform itself. 

How to Use Pinterest for Keyword Research

  • When you search for something on Pinterest, you will see automatic word suggestions, and these are the words that most people use in searching for a particular topic. 


  • After running a search, a set of suggested keywords will appear beneath the search bar for you to add to your search to narrow it down even further. 


  • After seeing the possible keywords for you and getting some great keyword ideas, you can use Pinterest Trends to give you an idea of the popularity of search terms over time. Pinterest Trends is a new feature similar to Google Trends and can help you decide the best keywords to use. The result from these tools will show you the keywords people have been actively searching for on Pinterest within the past 12 months.


Important Section for Keywording

The next step to do is to apply SEO to your Pinterest profile, which means add the keywords from your research in the following areas.

  • Profile Name
    Your Pinterest Title will include a username and a brief phrase on what sets you apart from your niche. Sprinkle your top and branded keywords on your profile name. 


  • Profile Bio Description
    Your Bio can be creative or straightforward, as long as you’re using strategic keywords. Just like the example, Healthy Ambitions explains what her profile is about, while also including several keywords that any healthy-seeking lifestyle person searching on Pinterest.


  • Pinterest Boards
    Boards can also show up on Pinterest search results, so you’ll want to make your board title and description SEO-friendly as possible. See how the Board titles below are categorized according to the usual terms people will search in the platform.


  • Pinterest Pins
    The keywords in this section can cover as many relevant bases as possible. Your Pin Title should be simple, compelling, and relevant. For Pin descriptions, always share the most important and relevant information first. While you can use up to 500 characters, the first 50-60 characters are what Pinners will see on their feed first.

2. Consistent Pinning

Being consistent is the key. Pinterest’s algorithm sees if you are consistent in sharing high-quality content, informative blog articles, or appealing pin images that send visitors to your product listings, your impressions will increase and be more visible to the searches.


You can be strategic when you schedule your pins with the help of a scheduling tool, such as using the Pinterest platform itself or Tailwind.  We recommend posting and repinning manually every day and schedule pins and repins to distribute in a week. We have observed that manual pinning contributes to more visibility and engagement of the Pinterest pins.

3. Create Appealing and Original Pins

Pinterest users grow in numbers every day, this means that the number of people looking for inspiration and ideas is increasing. Create attention-getting pins that pinners want to view, save, and engage with. To capture their attention, create Pin ideas that aren’t just relevant and useful, but also visually appealing to the audience. A high-quality pin will lead to more visibility of your Pinterest account and traffic to your website. 

4. Repinning your Pins

Repinning your best-performing pins from weeks or months ago is also a way to keep your page alive. It can also drive more people to your profile. If you have new followers, this strategy will help them discover great content from your Pinterest page while gaining visibility on what you offer. 

5. Publish Video Pins


The Pinterest algorithm is loving video pins. They are videos containing high-quality content posted to Pinterest. As a visual discovery platform, content with movement is potentially easy to grab people’s attention and reach new audiences. However, you need to make sure that the first few seconds of your video pins should be super interesting to trigger engagements.

Final Thoughts

With the rapid growth of businesses acknowledging social media marketing, it is essential to take extra measures in making your brand stand out more. Visit your Pinterest profile and apply the strategies we have mentioned above.

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Ampfluence Team

The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!

Ampfluence Team

The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!
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