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Did you know that promote your Etsy shop on Pinterest could drive more traffic to your store? There are lots of eCommerce brands doing that these days as Pinterest has undoubtedly grown into the most popular visual discovery platform. Over millions of visitors go to Pinterest every day and most of them are consumers. It makes Pinterest a great platform to advertise, build a solid marketing strategy, and influence your audience’s buying decision.

In addition, Pinterest has also made its platform easy for eCommerce businesses to meet their marketing goals, adding special features and tools to help them. If you want to promote your Etsy shop on Pinterest, then this is the perfect guide for you to get started.

Reasons to Promote Your Etsy Shop on Pinterest

Before you jump into promoting your Etsy shop on Pinterest, first know and understand some of the reasons why it might work.

1. Increase Traffic to your Etsy Store

Studies have shown that over 80% of buyers on Etsy are female, which is also similar to Pinterest, with female users making up around 60% of the population. This is an indication that promoting your Etsy shop on Pinterest can attract more targeted and organic traffic.

2. Pinterest Audiences Love to Shop

If you think Pinterest users are only there for inspiration and popularity, you have to think twice. In fact, a large chunk of its population is made up of consumers who trust Pinterest for their buying decision. As a visual search engine with a huge database of valuable information, these consumers want to be influenced by experts, influencers, and celebrities!

3. Pinterest Audiences are Very Fond of Arts and Crafts

Just like on Etsy, you can find many artists showcasing their artistic creations on Pinterest. From unique furniture to elegant home decorations, you can find all kinds of collections. So while Etsy and Pinterest both have passionate arts and crafts users, there’s even more reason to promote your Etsy store on Pinterest.

4. Pinterest is Free, Easy to Use, and Reliable

Creating a Pinterest business account is free, and sharing the link to your Etsy store on every Pin you create is easy! All you need to do is click on Create Pin → and Add a Destination Link (which is your Etsy store) at the bottom. 


Every time a user clicks on your Pin, it brings them to your Etsy store and this is where you can gain more traffic!


You can also get an overview and insight into your Pin’s performance through Pinterest Analytics. This allows you to identify whether the pin you created requires adjustment or not.

5. Male & Female Audience on Pinterest

While a large portion of the population on Pinterest is female, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any men on this platform. In fact, 40% of its users are men primarily interested in the food, health, and fitness niche. With both men and women using Pinterest, this is a good opportunity to drive more male traffic to your Etsy store.

How to Promote your Etsy Shop on Pinterest?

Consider how Pinterest can be a game-changer for your Etsy business. However, keep in mind that success doesn’t happen overnight! Here are some tips to get started promoting your Etsy store on Pinterest.

1. Pinterest Business Account is Mandatory

To get a complete overview and insight into your Pin’s performance, it’s recommended that you upgrade to a business account. Once you have access to analytics, you can easily identify which of your Pins are performing well and which need to be adjusted. 

In addition, having a business account will provide you with many benefits, such as running ads and promotions, increasing brand authority, generating website traffic, and detecting emerging trends.

2. Create Specific Pinterest Boards for Etsy

Creating specific Pinterest boards for Etsy will help you categorize your Pins correctly. When you personalize your Pinterest Etsy Board, you can present it in a unique way, adding distinct colors and style, an excellent sounding name, and a clear description. See the example below of an Etsy store promoting on Pinterest.


By having specific Pinterest boards for Etsy, you can create diversity on your boards. Especially for Etsy stores with a wide range of products, you can divide your boards into sections for good organization. For example, if you have an Etsy board for clothing, you can divide the sections into hoodies, dresses, pants, etc. The more organized your Etsy boards are, the more they’ll become relevant.

3. Claim your Etsy Shop on Pinterest

Claiming your Etsy shop on Pinterest is vital to help the Pinterest algorithm better get you to the right pages, extend your reach, and gain momentum for your referral traffic. To claim your Etsy Shop on Pinterest, follow these steps:

  • Go into your Pinterest settings.



  • Click the Claim tab on the left side of the screen.



  • You will see Etsy under Claim other accounts.


Lastly, you just need to follow the instructions to claim your Etsy shop account.

4. Apply the ‘Pin It’ Button

With a “Pin It” button, you invite users to share your content all over the web. It serves as a call-to-action which has the potential to increase traffic to your Etsy store or Pinterest account. Besides traffic, the Pin It button also paves the way for your content to gain more engagement, popularity, and sharing.

5. Optimizing the Pinterest Account

If you want your promotion on Pinterest to be successful, start by optimizing your Pinterest account to strengthen your brand identity. Here are the sections you need to optimize.

Pinterest Business Profile

Make your business profile stand out! Setting up your business profile doesn’t have to be complicated, as long as your name resembles your Etsy store and your profile description is clear, relevant, and engaging, with relevant keywords added naturally. 


Make sure to include your Etsy store information on your profile so the audience will notice that when they are visiting your profile.

Pinterest Boards Title & Description

Properly categorize your Etsy Boards to make them more relevant and make your profile more appealing to your audience. Separate the different product categories into sections and be specific about this in your description. For example, create a separate board for shoes and another for jewelry.


In addition, Pinterest board titles should be relevant to your content, should be clear and eye-catching. You can also add relevant keywords to the title and description of your board so that the Pinterest algorithm can recognize them correctly.

High-Quality Pinterest Pins

The quality of your Pins could have a huge impact on your promotion’s success, therefore apply Pinterest best practices when it comes to creating Pins. Here are some important points:

  • Make it a Habit to Pin Regularly

The Pinterest algorithm favors profiles that continue to deliver valuable content to their audience. So if you do that, you have a better chance of ranking higher. A good practice is to pin at least twice a day. You can repin other people’s content as long as it’s relevant to your niche. But avoid overdoing it otherwise it will be considered spam.

  • Catchy Captions

Catchy captions help you stand out, so make sure they are well thought out to draw attention! Don’t forget to add relevant keywords in order for your post to land on the right pages!

  • Repinning

Find popular Pins that are relevant to your niche, re-pin them, and follow the pinner! This will help you maintain relevant traffic to your Etsy store.

  • Create Fresh Pins

Pinterest loves fresh pins and they are likely to rank higher! Fresh Pins are Pins with images or videos that haven’t been viewed before, but link to old popular content. They help increase traffic to your site, increase engagement, shares, and following! You can create as many fresh Pins as you want, schedule them using a scheduler, and check their performance using analytics.

  • Use the Recommended Pin Size

Note that product images on Etsy are not sized for Pinterest. Therefore, it is best to create new Product Pins for Pinterest using their official recommendation of 600px X 900px.


Now that you know the tips for promoting your Etsy on Pinterest, you can start setting up your business account and link your profile to your Etsy store. When done correctly, there’s a good chance you’ll get more referral traffic and convert it into sales.

Ampfluence Team

Ampfluence Team

The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!

Ampfluence Team

The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!
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