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tiiktok video ideas

Ran out of new content ideas or just hit a creative rut? We’ve got you covered with some trending TikTok video ideas.

Tiktok is famous for the most innovative and engaging short-form videos. Only the most authentic, funny, and innovative have the chance to get viral on TikTok. However, it is also a result of sheer consistency of posting new content regularly for months or even years.

You need to consistently generate quality content ideas. Else, you may lose out on the competitive platform. To give you a helping hand for your content creation journey on TikTok, we will discuss the top trending TikTok video ideas you can add to your TikTok content calendar today and start shooting the videos. Let’s get you inspired today!

Benefits of Having Different Video Ideas

Isn’t this obvious enough that your followers will unfollow your TikTok account after a specific interval of watching the same TikTok videos every week? Why would they even spend their valuable time viewing your videos when they are of the same type and the same idea?

To make your brand big on TikTok, you need to have a very creative and innovative mindset. Everybody can shoot a video with some gear, but to make your content stand out, you need to create new and unique content ideas regularly.

New video ideas can be a fresh wave of content for your followers after a week of the same old content. It will keep your audience engaged and wait for your next upload as they already know you are going to deliver some of your most innovative video ideas soon.

Also, getting new content ideas and posting a variety on your TikTok account will help you analyze what type of content eventually works best for your TikTok account and redirect your efforts accordingly.

This gives you a better chance to outshine your industry leaders on the platform and score more followers with these new video ideas.

Video Ideas To Gain More Engagement

No need to worry anymore if you just hit the creative block for your content this week. Don’t just skip on posting content this week. Instead, keep this post handy as we share some full-proof video ideas that are bound to bring maximum engagement to your TikTok account.

Participate in Trending Challenges

tiktok video ideas

Remember the time when the Ice Bucket Challenge went viral on TikTok? There were more than a billion views on the original video and millions of users participating in the trend.

It’s safe to assume that you can find a new trending challenge right now in your TikTok feed too. These challenges have an evergreen tendency to span across platforms and go viral.

You need to keep a look at some of the trending video ideas that are the craze on the platform right now.

Every time you find a new trend emerging or gradually growing, try to be among the first people to try out the challenge with your personal twist, and the audiences are bound to follow your TikTok account.

Create Videos on Trending Topics


Celebrating ALL baddies 👯‍♀️ #shecandoit #doctor #womenempowerment #nationaldoctorsday #tiktokdoc

♬ Own brand freestyle transition – Nijah

There are certain trending topics or occasions in the world that are well celebrated on the platform. For example, International Women’s Day on March 8 is a great topic to create content about.

Tiktok introduced the hashtag #SheCanDoIt during this time to celebrate all the female creators on the platform. You can also use this hashtag and create content until the topic is trending.

So many TikTok accounts took advantage of this trending topic, like UN Women, and gained more than 400K views on their #GenericEquality campaign.

There were so many videos on the hashtag #StandWithUkraine during the Russian Ukraine war in 2022.

This is why, as a TikTok content creator, you need to keep track of the upcoming events, holidays, topics, and occasions, especially the ones that are particularly relevant to your industry, and never miss out on an opportunity to attract the attention of your audience.

Daily Routine Videos

Did you know your audiences are also interested in your daily routines, especially when you are a business owner?

Many TikTok accounts share their daily routines, starting from the first thing in the morning to when they hit their bed and score millions of views in them.

Your everyday routine videos could be as simple as your morning coffee routine to your shower or self-care routine. You can also bring them a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes of manufacturing or packaging your customers’ products.

You can also share your to-do list and create content on how you plan on achieving them.

For example, suppose you are a fashion influencer. In that case, you can share videos related to everything you need to do while prepping for a photoshoot or a similar one if you share cooking videos on your TikTok account.

The potential of creating content around daily route videos is endless. The video needs to be short, simple, crisp, yet engaging.

Share Inspirational Content


Do you agree? #steveharvey #motivation #motivationalvideo #inspiration #fyp

♬ original sound – STAY STRONG MOTIVATED

The next on the list is inspirational content which is the best way to share your brand’s values and essence while converting your viewers into loyal followers.

For example, Steve Harvey’s videos are often shared to motivate and inspire the audience. You can create similar content too!

Audiences love to consume content that is motivating and inspiring. Some people even visit TikTok only for their daily dose of motivation.

Inspirational content is the ideal video idea for every industry as it gives the opportunity to uplift and give something in return to the audiences in exchange for engagement.

Dance Videos


dc @𝐇 𝐈 𝐌

♬ seeing triple edit – kendall <3

Even if somebody is not an avid TikTok user, they can still claim how popular dancing videos are on TikTok. Tiktok is filled with users flaunting their moves on the trending beats.

Charlie D’amelio, the most followed person on TikTok used her spectacular dance skills to win the heart of her viewers. Which tells that dance videos can be used to attract audience.

If you have a dancing talent you can use to promote your videos, all you need is creativity to create the blend and attract all the followers to your TikTok account.

However, if you are not the best at choreographing your own moves, you can also use the trending moves on different videos and create them with your personal style.

Lip-Syncing Videos

Another very common and the most evident video idea on TikTok has to be lip-syncing videos. Popularised by TikTok, you can recreate a scene from different original videos and give your own twist to it.

Lip syncing videos is the sure-shot way to gain the maximum viewers on your TikTok content and convert them into your followers.

Famous Movie Dialogues Reenactments

Apart from lip-syncing videos to famous songs and tracks on the platform, you can also reenact the trending movie dialogues as your content. Check out the famous movies and turn them into either not a serious or a comedic take while enacting the dialogue.

Give the dialogues your own personal touch, and you are bound to gain the traction you deserve. You can even ask your friends to join you and make the video more interesting for your viewers!

Pet Videos


Very impawtant message! #dog #samoyed #puppy #top10things #fypシ

♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

Who doesn’t like staring at cute animals taking a stroll at the park or having their petty naps? Need we say more? Pet videos are another trending video idea that can bring you amazing views and traffic to your videos.

The above-given video example is from Maya Polar Bear’s TikTok page, a famous Russian Summoyed whose videos are loved by a multitude of viewers.

If you have an adorable pet who likes to get recorded, you have a hidden gem that can last you for months. There are plenty of TikTok accounts of animals with millions of followers and views until now. It’s time for your pet to shine!

New Product Teasers

If you are a business owner, sharing product teasers for your upcoming launches is a great way to promote your product beforehand. You can add certain snippets of the product without revealing the final picture.

This will build suspense within the audience and market your brand in a more profound way. You can also gain some precious feedback and opinions on your products, resulting in good customer service.

Thus, during your next product release, don’t forget to create content of your product teasers with the launch date, and you can expect your sales to blow up in no time!

Q&A Feature


Q&A! #riceart #ricetoss #friedriceart

♬ The Magic Bomb (Questions I Get Asked) [Extended Mix] – Hoàng Read

Another interesting video idea for your TikTok account has to be Q&As. Suppose your goal is to engage the maximum audience and interact more with them.

In that case, you can simply drop a post with the Q&A feature on your TikTok account and encourage them to shoot the spiciest or the most informative questions they would like to know about you or your brand.

Next, create multiple videos answering each of the questions, and you have a week’s worth of content ready at your disposal!

You can try out this idea at least once a week or month to boost the engagement rates of your TikTok account.

Story-Based Content

Did you know the hashtag #StoryTime has over 65B views? Audiences love listening to stories., TikTok is currently shifting to content with a series of episodes or stories of creators.

Start with sharing an experience you had with a customer recently in your business and narrate it to your audiences. Or you can also share the story of your brand launched and the vision behind it.

However, not every story can drive the views you want. The goal is to share stories that are captivating and entertaining enough. You need not create very complicated videos, but the simplest yet the most interactive win the battle.

Simple Hacks Videos


#lifehack #egg #garlic

♬ Originalton – Hakim

Hacks are no longer limited to the beauty accounts on TikTok. Starting from DIYs to cooking hacks and iPhone hacks.

If you have a profound knowledge base, use it to share some really resourceful and informative hacks for your TikTok audiences and witness the surge of views incoming to your videos!

Ensure that the hacks are helpful enough for your viewers and not just any random video that is of no use and wastes your viewers’ time. Chances are they won’t come back to your account even if they have a bitter experience from the hacks you shared in your TikTok profile.

Collaborations with Influencers

Collaborating with an influencer has to be another prevalent content idea that has a really high potential to bring you a massive chunk of new audiences in no time.

Try collaborating with your industry leaders or lookout for the trending influencer in your industry. Either way, the goal is to create fun content for your audiences while promoting your business to their followers.

The result?

If your content gets viral enough, you can expect their followers to take a look at your website and even make purchases after following your TikTok account for more such content.

Some tips that can be helpful in creating the most share-worthy creator collaborations are:

  • Find the perfect match that is relevant to your business and your products. If you are a SaaS company, you can’t collaborate with any beauty content creator out there.
  • You need to be authentic. Encourage the collaborator to have a genuine voice that their audience loves! Give them the creative freedom to tailor the content well enough to attract the audience.
  • Measure the performance of your influencer campaigns regularly as it will help you understand whether you are in the right direction with your collaborator or not.

Tutorial Videos


Reply to @shauniel92 ask and you shall receive!!! #valentinesdaymakeup #redlipstick #makeuptutorial

♬ Feels Like We Only Go Backwards – Tame Impala

Do you have a skincare or cosmetics brand? Or do you have a SaaS company working to improve the productivity of companies with different tools and software?

Be it any industry. You always have something to teach others.

If you are knowledgeable enough, share your knowledge with your audiences and inculcate them more about your products, services, or the industry in general.

You can create tutorial videos on how your audiences can access a particular website or create a unique glam look with the right products. The opportunities are endless here. Just dive in!

Don’t forget to cross-promote your tutorial videos, as not only do these video ideas work well for TikTok, but it does great enough for your other social media platforms too!

Live Videos

Tiktok live videos are another great way to interact with your audience and create the buzz around your brand on the platform. Try to host a TikTok live at least once or twice a month and interact more with your audience.

Live videos have an incredible potential to connect with your audiences in real-time and make them purchase your brand!

You can also invite other creators into your live session and make the experience more conversational and fun for your audiences.

Organize Contest Through Hashtag


#duet with @jayo Everyone keeps saying I’m this guy named Jayo? This is him right? @thekatcurtis #guacdance #indoorworkout #fyu #foryoupage #dance

♬ Guacamole – JAYO

Like every other social media platform, hashtags play a massive role in attracting the audiences you want for your social media venture.

Hosting branded hashtag challenges and contests is the ideal way to create a buzz around your brand and encourage other users to participate in the challenges. Not only does this bring a really fun experience for the users, but it also boosts your brand visibility big time!

Chipotle is one such brand that has benefitted largely since the past year just by hosting multiple branded hashtag challenges. The #GuacDance hashtag blew on TikTok, which is still used every year during National Avocado Day.

Chipotle witnessed a spike in sales and has served more than 800,000 sides of guacamole on a single day which only forms the result of the hashtag challenges!

Here are some tips that can help you create the most engaging TikTok hashtag challenges:

  1. Don’t make the hashtag challenge too complicated. Make the challenge simple yet fun. Don’t include any serious dance skills.
    Make it fun enough to compel other creators to participate in it.
  2. Have a certain goal in mind when hosting the challenge. Is it boosting your sales or growing your follower list? When you are entirely clear on what you want to achieve, you can create more effective hashtag challenges for your brand.
  3. Keep the hashtag term simple and easy to type and pronounce. Don’t include any technical jargon that your audience may not be familiar with.

Before and After Videos

Last but not least, before and after videos have also gained great traction in recent years. Be it any industry. You can create splendid before and after videos demonstrating how your product has helped in achieving the final outcome of the video.

The spectacular results at the end of the video are a treat to the eyes, which brings such great views to the videos.

However, ensure that the aftereffect of the video is share-worthy enough to persuade your viewers into sharing your content with their loved ones, contributing to the engagement rates!


If you want to get successful in your TikTok marketing venture, you cannot afford to miss out on any posting date as per your schedule. If you are really running out of content ideas, use any of the above-mentioned TikTok video ideas, add your personal twist to it and create winning content for the platform!

We strongly recommend that you explore the different types of video ideas and give your audiences a fresh set of videos every week without a miss. Rest assured, you have all it takes to get viral on the platform and grow your sales this year with TikTok.

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Ampfluence Team

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