Top 5 Instagram Giveaway or Contest Software

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List of the best instagram giveaway or contest software

The best software for Instagram contests and giveaways will help you easily start, organize, and perfect your IG promotions. There’s nothing more disheartening than running a contest or giveaway that’s completely disorganized and more important leaves room for data loss e.g. loss of leads or missing contest entries.

But don’t worry there are some exceptional tools you can use today to help you run a successful campaign. Below we are sharing our list of 5 Best Instagram Contest Software Apps. 

What are Contests or Giveaways on Instagram?

Contests and giveaways on Instagram are events where people are given a chance to win if they follow the person who started the contest. Contests or Giveaway terms will vary across different hosts. However, the general concept is as follows:

Step 1 – A person will enter a giveaway using the host’s instructions.

Step 2 – The person will fulfill entry requirements (e.g. follow on Facebook and other platforms, share content tagged with a specific hashtag on their Instagram profile or promote their content within their network, etc.).

Step 3 – Select a winner. The host will select a winner using a random generator or based on the requirements of the content.

For example, Aussie is running a sweep (e.g. sweepstakes, giveaway, contest). Below is an example of how the contest is promoted on the gram.

aussie hair sweepstakes

Below is another example of a giveaway by which is Ellen DeGeneres’s lifestyle brand.

edbyellen Instagram sweepstakes examples

Contest or Giveaway Instagram Software

Now that you understand what an Instagram giveaway or contest is, let’s explore the different types of software or platforms you can use to run a successful promotional campaign.


easypromos instagram giveaway software

Free plan available. Paid plans start at $29/mo

EasyPromos is built for Giveaways. The platforms slew of features is pretty exceptional. Take a look for yourself

  • Easy and rapidly accessed configuration
  • Import of all the comments on an Instagram post
  • Automatic selection of winners and alternates
  • Management of the blacklist of users
  • Filter to exclude by the minimum number of mentions
  • Filter users by the use of hashtags in comments
  • Filter comments by date
  • Exclusion filters for previous winners
  • Manual exclusion of winners
  • Issue of a certificate of validity
  • Carry out a giveaway in test mode
  • Perform multiple giveaways from the same post
  • Customizable page to publish the winners
  • Publication of winners in Facebook and Twitter and URL to share
  • Broadcast Mode – get a video of the moment winners are selected What’s this?
  • System to notify winners
  • ‘Claim your prize’ system to confirm the contact details of the winners What is it?
  • Manage the replacement of winners for alternates
  • A tool to create and host the terms and conditions What is it?
  • Export a list of users and their comments to an Excel file
  • Export the list of winners and all their contact details to an Excel file



Free plan available. Paid plans start at $13/mo 

Rafflecopter is one of the simplest platforms on the web. The platform’s major claim to fame is software without the need for I.T. Rafflecopter boasts interesting from downloadable .csv entries, custom themes, and email list integration. Below is a list of Rafflecopter features. 

  • Unlimited giveaways
  • Unlimited entries
  • Instant random winners
  • Interactive entries table
  • Downloadable entry CSVs
  • 1-click Facebook page tab
  • Facebook flash app
  • Internationalization
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Facebook entry options
  • Twitter entry options
  • Free-form entry options
  • Pinterest entry options
  • Poll/survey entry options
  • Terms & conditions template
  • Standard entry form design
  • Design your own entry form
  • Add prize images
  • Number of custom themes
  • White-label your entry form
  • 1-click email list integration
  • Viral refer-a-friend option
  • Real-time analytics suite
  • Remove our branding
  • World-class support


Woobox Instagram Giveaway software

Free plan available. Paid plans start $37/mo

Woobox is a go-to giveaway platform. In includes powerful features like templates, customizations, participant management and much more. See a list of Woobox’s features below.

Woobox Features

  • Giveaways
  • Forms
  • Contests
  • Coupons
  • Brackets
  • Polls
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Instant Wins
  • Facebook Tabs
  • Winner Picker
  • Landing Pages
  • Website Popups
  • Website Embeds
  • Entry Methods
    • Instagram Hashtag
    • Instagram Comments
    • Twitter Hashtag
    • Facebook Tabs
    • Facebook Hashtag
    • Facebook Likes
    • Facebook Comments
  • Submission Types
    • Form Data
    • File Uploads
    • Photo Uploads
    • Instagram Videos
    • Instagram Photos
    • Facebook Videos
    • Facebook Photos
    • Vimeo Videos
    • Twitch Videos
    • YouTube Videos
    • Text/Essay
  • Customization
    • Visual Builder
    • Remove Branded Footer
    • HTML Customization
    • CSS Customization
    • Javascript Customization
  • Capabilities
    • Exports
    • Integrations & Webhooks
    • Referral Bonus Entries
    • Password Protected Experiences
    • Age Gating
    • Submission Approval Dashboard
    • Team Access Permissions


shortstack instagram giveaway software

Cost $29/mo

Shortstack is another go-to platform with interesting campaign features. Several unique features include the powerful form builder, email autoresponders, hashtag tracker, and built-in analytics tools. The platform has a slew of features to review. Visit their website to learn more.

gleam instagram giveaway features

Starts at $10/mo

Gleam’s interesting features incorporate cross-platform promotions. They also include some of the standard features you’d expect across giveaway platforms. Below is a list of available features in Gleam’s free plan. Note more robust features are included for paid plans.

Gleam Features

  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • There’s no limit on the number of campaigns you can create
  • Up to 25 Winners
  • The number of winners each Competition can have
  • Repeat Action Limit of 3
  • You can use the same Action up to 3 times in Competitions
  • Unlocked Entry Data
  • Get access to data collected from campaigns via the Actions tab
  • Feature Images
  • Feature Videos
  • Landing Page Backgrounds
  • Custom Actions
  • Hobby Actions
  • Loyalty Bonuses
  • Goodreads Actions
  • Extra Twitch Actions
  • Extra YouTube Actions
  • SoundCloud Actions
  • Steam Actions
  • Tumblr Actions


wishpond instagram contest apps

Starts at $49 per/mo

Wishpond is actually a lead generation service that is much easier to use than most because it will let you collect data from your applicants as they join your Instagram contests or giveaways. We’ve outlined some of Wishpond’s notable features below.

Wishpond Features

  • Landing Pages Unlimited
  • Social Contests Unlimited
  • Popups Unlimited
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  • Marketing Automation
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Maximum 1,000 Leads

Final Thoughts on Instagram Contest Software

Using software to manage your contests makes sense for most companies. As you can see above there are many different options to choose from. The important thing to remember when taking on new software or apps is to ensure these systems add value to your process. Essentially, find an option that works best for you. Have you run contests before? Feel free to share what worked best for you. 


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