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Top 10 Twitter Analytics Tools to Amplify Your Marketing Campaign

Marketing on Twitter is more than growing your followers, but at the same time, making sure your tweets are visible to your target market. To amplify marketing on Twitter, there is a need to be familiar with and understand the basics of Twitter Analytics to make sure your tweets are received by your target audience. Twitter Analytics tools provide you with the much-needed data insights to earn high ROIs from Twitter marketing efforts. Helping you know the hacks in your Twitter strategy, these tools put your brand on the right track to acquire more followers with every tweet.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the essential Twitter metrics, and we have curated top-performing Twitter Analytics tools you can use for your business.

Metrics to Track in Twitter Analytics


There are a million different Twitter Metrics out there, but only a few can provide what you need to track your progress against your goals. Let’s go ahead and look at the Twitter Analytics metrics that you can use to determine how well your Twitter account is performing.

Engagement Rate

Analyze this metric to see if people are interacting with your posts, retweeting your posts, following you back, replying, or using your brand’s hashtag.

Twitter Sentiments

Performing on Twitter gets trickier at times. On some days, your tweets’ performance might explode over the roof while other days, it miserably shows you the backdoor. So stick to average tweet performance rather than focusing on individual tweets. Or else, it would get more complicated than you can handle.

Social Media Reach

Whichever strategy you put to place in amplifying your follower base on Twitter, should bring high ROIs to your brand. Or else, you need to change the strategy. But the decision to re-align the marketing strategy is based on data from the Analytics. With Twitter Analytics tools in your hand, you get that useful insight to make your marketing efforts work for you in achieving your business goals.


Analyze if your tweets are getting the attention they deserve. If they are how many impressions are your tweets getting over some time?

Twitter Hashtag Performances

Hashtags are not there just for show. They can provide a real game changer if you keep Twitter hashtag performance metrics on your top priority list. With the data on the performance of your post hashtags, you could create a booming marketing campaign on Twitter.

10 Twitter Analytics Tools to Amplify Your Marketing Campaign

Analyzing all these aspects of your Twitter performance is essential to measure your social ROI, so you know you’re not just wasting your time on tweets that don’t deliver. That’s why it’s worth investing in the best Twitter analytics tools to keep track of how your posts are performing. Hence we’ve put together ten of the best tools to analyze your Twitter efforts.

Analytics by Twitter

Twitter Analytics Tool

It’s where the Twitter Analytics tool serves your interests. It’s a perfect solution for your businesses that don’t want to invest right away into a premium solution yet. Wondering how Twitter analytics works? It is fairly easy as most of the performance metrics are right on the dashboard for you to access and make the right choices to grow your fan base.

Union Metrics

Twitter Union Metrics

In most cases, this is used to track your Twitter accounts activity and performance most easily. Union Metrics come in clutch! It can be described as an analytics tool for social media that provides you the overall performance of your Twitter activity in real-time through easy-to-understand colorful graphics. You can see quickly reported audits to guide your Twitter follower base growth in the right direction.


Twitter Klear

Klear is an influencer marketing solution that lets you find the most suitable social media influencers for promoting your messages or brands. All that’s required is entering the category or keyword to find a list of the most suitable influencers in the field.


Twitter Tweepsmap

You can use Tweepsmap to boost your Twitter follower count. You need to dig deeper into your audiences’ demographics purchasing behavior, topics, interests, and beyond. It is a freemium tool to get you started with all these insights.


Twitter Keyhole

Keyhole is an intuitive analytics tool for Twitter. It helps you in measuring, boosting, and reporting the impact of your activities based on real-time data, insights, and actionable metrics. It also has a unique hashtag tracking feature that gives you complete analytics on a certain hashtag or keyword across Twitter.


Twitter Brand24

A simple yet powerful social media monitoring solution, Brand24 helps in tracking any mention of your brand across social media, blogs, news, forums, podcasts, etc. This way you can follow up on the positive comments and brand mentions and respond to the negative ones before it’s too late.


Twitter Buffer

Buffer is already a popular platform for analyzing and managing a powerful social media presence. It gives you in-depth social analytics, audience insights, and scheduling techniques to maximize your influence on social media. Apart from other platforms, Buffer offers reliable analytics for Twitter profiles.

Sprout Social

Twitter Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a versatile tool that helps you manage your social media presence and establish a more powerful connection with your audience through better engagement. It can also give you some of the most advanced tools to analyze your social media presence, including Twitter.

Follower Wonk

Twitter Follower Wonk

Interested in creating a bigger follower base? Followerwonk brings you the best of Twitter analytics to grow your network and your business. From finding the right influencers by locating keywords in Twitter bios or optimizing your social profile. This Twitter tool works wonders. Segment your followers by the demographics or monitor the brand’s performance on Twitter. Look at everything the tool has to guide you to build your followers.


Twitter Tweepi

An AI-powered analytics tool for Twitter, Tweepi helps you in engaging current followers and getting more followers through data-driven strategies. The tool enables you to follow and unfollow people in bulk.


Twitter Analytics tools are for those who want to defy all odds and escape blind guesses by following a data-driven approach. Following metrics is pure bliss that ensures that your ROI decisions are always based on data you get from metrics. With a clear progress picture in your hand on performance metrics, it gets a lot easier to gain followers on Twitter rather than making wrong guesses that eventually hurt your business marketing goals. We hope that this article provided the guidance you were looking for. We recommend visiting our blog on Top Twitter Hacks to step up your Twitter game, even more, this 2022.  

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Ampfluence Team

The team behind the best Instagram Growth service on the web. Ask us how we can grow your account, or just send us love letters. Amplify Your Influence today!
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