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Twitter has grown in importance as a tool for social media marketing. Twitter Influencer marketing is also an effective technique to advertise your business on Twitter. However, influencer marketing on Twitter can be quite challenging especially if it’s your first time. You also want to ensure that your campaign is a success from the very start.

Not sure how to begin? In this article, we will elaborate on how to find the right Twitter influencers and the best ways to collaborate with them.

Twitter Influencers: Why Do They Still Matter

Twitter allows a brand to reach a different audience than other social media platforms, without entirely neglecting the young and trendy users. Twitter influencers still matter since they give a genuine recommendation for your company. Their word is credible, and they can reach out directly to your target audience. Their ideas and suggestions are trusted more by the public because of their reputation. Therefore, influencer marketing on Twitter is still a viable option for promoting companies and services.

How to Find Twitter Influencers

Identifying and cultivating connections with influencers has multiple advantages which include getting your content spread, reaching new audiences, developing alliances, and increasing sales. But before you go off and start building those relationships, you’ll need to do some legwork to figure out who the influencers are. How can you find the right Twitter influencers for your brand? Take a look at some of the tools available to you.

Use Google and Twitter search

The most apparent technique to research anything is to enter it into Google and see what results come up. Another option is to use Google and search for the topic with the keyword – Twitter. Here will bring up a list of Tweets on a specific topic. You’ll ultimately locate the Twitter influencers you’re looking for if you find individuals talking about that topic regularly. This is a great approach to figure out what an influencer’s voice is like and whether it fits with your brand.

Another technique to find Twitter influencers is to search on the platform itself with the use of hashtags. The hashtag search is the simplest approach to identifying Twitter influencers using the local search. You may choose the most popular hashtags in your niche and search for them in the Twitter search field. The ones that show up are the ones that have received the most attention on Twitter. People who regularly talked about the relevant topics and services you search for might be the influencers you are looking for.

Find Twitter Lists of Influencers

Twitter Lists are built into the platform itself. You may use public Twitter lists to locate people that are of interest to you, such as thought leaders, industry leaders, and influencers. Many individuals make Twitter lists and add influencers to them, that include bloggers, journalists, industry thought leaders, CEOs, and so on.

On Twitter, choose a notable influencer in your field and follow the Lists they have on their profile that fits according to your niche. One of the quickest methods to find new influencers to follow and interact with is to go through the Twitter lists your preferred influencers are a part of.

Use a Social Listening Tool

You may use social listening tools to keep track of many social media channels in one spot. You may monitor brand mentions, relevant keywords, and direct feedback via tags and DMs. By evaluating what consumers and potential customers say on social media platforms, social media listening technologies enable you to have a thorough picture of how they feel about you. You may also find out what they think about the competition by asking them. Aside from this, social listening displays the entirety of a niche’s discussion. Therefore, you will be able to access incredible market research for your brand.

How to Make the Most of Twitter Influencers

While most marketers and companies recognize the value of influencer marketing, others are still finding out how to utilize it effectively. Now, let’s take a look at some best practices on how to effectively use Twitter influencers.

1. Amplify Existing Content

Having a Twitter influencer can make any existing material you have more effective. All you have to do now is to fine-tune what you currently have to capture your reader’s attention. If your content is boring or dragging on, re-read it or listen to it again to spice it up. Then, provide your influencer with these visual assets to use for each of their tweets.


2. Boost Social Engagement

Targeting for engagement is more concentrated than basic social sharing because the most important engagement will come from people who the target audience respects. Twitter Influencers’ participation on a topic can not only boost visibility to a targeted audience, but it can also offer an aura of legitimacy by functioning as social proof by including authorities and industry peers.


3. Social Review

The influencer you need for a Twitter product or service review should be completely focused on what you’re selling. Start with the experts you’d want to reach for your social media engagement strategy. Allow these industry professionals to serve as proxies for your product as well as social peers to your target market.


4. Video Review

Another way is by creating video reviews through Twitter Live. Live video is one of the engaging content ideas for teaching complicated topics as well as delivering time-sensitive offers to encourage people to take action. Doing Live indicates a time limit, the scheduling of your influencers’ material should be coordinated with the period when a brand’s target audience is most likely to be on Twitter.

If a Twitter influencer likes your brand, their promotion will be well-received by their followers. Gaining industry authority by earning a positive review from a trusted influencer in your field is an excellent way to start.


5. Contest and Giveaway for Account Growth

Run competitions and giveaways related to the primary product or service regularly. A giveaway is a fantastic method to expand your following, and contests are a great way to get new people to visit your page. 

Benefits of doing Twitter Giveaways:

  • It allows your audience to connect with your brand and content. 
  • It can generate algorithm-friendly interaction through likes and comments. 
  • It gets people talking about what your brand is doing on and off social media. 
  • It may raise overall brand recognition for both online and offline shopping. 


6. Exceptional Customer Service

When a potential customer is complaining on Twitter, it’s a great chance for you to jump in and direct the conversation. Engaged influencers working on your behalf via active listening may usher the frustration into your solution.



Twitter is a platform that can help you capture your audience’s attention with only a few words. An influencer on Twitter can boost the growth of your brand. You must choose which type of influencers and content you require based on your brand’s personality and campaign goals. Using Twitter influencers to market your brand is a low-cost way to gain customers’ confidence and to raise brand exposure when properly managed. Now, are you ready to maximize the influencers around your brand’s niche?

Picture of Aivhen Remo

Aivhen Remo

Aivhen is a self-taught portrait artist and social media guru. She has a strong desire to organize and oversee complicated things and has the enthusiasm to quickly learn and explore new things.

Aivhen Remo

Aivhen is a self-taught portrait artist and social media guru. She has a strong desire to organize and oversee complicated things and has the enthusiasm to quickly learn and explore new things.
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